Add more Atlantis characters, please

As we have Kida, Vinny and Helga, they should also add Milo and Audrey to the game.

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New movies would be better…

Add new IPs, that should be the focus.
So much movies and TV shows still missing any representation :frowning:


Did anyone also want to see Milo and Audrey in the game?

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I pretty much agree with Musketeer, actually, in that I think it’d be better for PerBlue to focus on bringing new IPs into the game (like a certain group of caroming ursines). Not that I would mind Milo or Audrey, as I think they would work nicely within the game, but they’re not a priority with me, especially since PerBlue has already added my favorite character from that movie, Vinny.

Although I would find it very amusing if they found a way to add my second-favorite character…


I definitely want Milo and for him to have a friendship with with Kida since they’re made for each other.

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l also want to see Audrey and it would be nice for her to be friends with Vinny Santorini.

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Milo and Audrey would be great additions.
Would this bring us to 5 and grant the minimum for a collection?

To be honest, I haven’t seen any newer movie IPs worth anything.
With the exception of Raya and the Last Dragon.
And they rarely add tv show characters.

So they may as well keep sourcing the older movies for new playable characters.

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Who is Milo and Audrey



Encanto, Soul, The Owl House, Amphibia, Turning Red (soon), DT17, and if counting anything in this century… there’s tons more.


ls it difficult for PerBlue to project Milo’s abilities?

It would be a challenge to rise to, since I am entirely uncertain what he could do in terms of combat skills.

I suppose he could use a Atlantean skimmer to shoot energy beams at his enemies for one skill.

I don’t support thread derailing, so will not discuss any non-Atlantis topics.

I’ve made concepts for these. :V

Dr. Sweet

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