Animal Kingdom Concept Contest!

According to the rules the primary shape must be an animal. And shapeshifting is not allowed.

Here is my entry: You, me, and fifi (animal kingdom contest entry)
Hope it wasn’t to early lol

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Here is my entry

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Uhh. Did you read the guidelines?


Here’s…my submission!!

Self-proclaimed human expert (contest entry)

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Heres mine
The henchmen vultures animal kingdom concept submission

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Currently working on mine!

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@Wizard_Rider_08 I believe you have to make the concept the day you submit it

Hmmm, really?

It just said I can’t submit any concept before today. It said nothing about submitting a concept that I worked on before today. The one I submitted I worked on until last night, but I never submitted it to the contest before today.

It says that you released it 1 day ago




I didn’t submit it to the contest, I just published it for feedback from some people. I didn’t post anything about it on this wall until today to submit him to the contest and the day I chose the concept. So technically since I didn’t mention it here, does that still disqualify it? After all, the only messages he has on the thread are about feedback I worked on til this morning before I posted the link.

Even if that wasn’t the case, it disqualifies since you’ve made major changes to it


Not really, it still is the same as last night. The only changes I made were grammar and format, not content.

Mhmm… maybe I should read the comment section… oh wait…


Sure, the last comment says to switch up the red skill, but I didn’t do it since last night

D i s q u a l i f i c a t i o n

Sorry :man_shrugging:


Why exactly?


You got both reasons in the comments above. Deal with it.

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