The henchmen vultures animal kingdom concept submission

Trigger and Nutsy from Robin Hood

Here is my submission for the (Animal Kingdom Concept Contest!) hosted by @Disney-Fan
1 star
Midline damage
Trial Team- Yellow
Quote- " uh does that mean addin’ or subtractin’ "
Description- They may be clumsy but this duo will prove themselves on the battlefield

Entrance- Nusty walks into battle and trigger falls down
Victory- Trigger and nutsy raise there arms in the air
Defeat- Nutsy drops the butt of his axe on his head and trigger actidently shoots ole Betsy

Basic attack- Nutsy yells the time dealing x damage

White skill- Ole Betsy
Trigger shoots ole Betsy and the arrow flies at enemies dealing x damage and hitting 3 enemies

Green skill-Pie Day
Nutsy and trigger throw pies at enemies dealing x damage and making enemies 2x slower

Blue skill- Nutsy
Nutsy drops the butt of his axe on enemies dealing x damage stuns for 3 seconds
Stun has chance to fail above level x

Purple skill- Picnic
The pies now heal allies x shield allies for 7 seconds

Red skill- Lackluster Lackies
Every time an ally is KO’d the duo does “Ole Betsy” which deals x more damage and now shields allies for 15 seconds
+x Basic Damage
+x tendency
+x damage to Ole Betsy


Lemon murang
Gizmoduck, Trigger and nutsy
Allies- Winnie the Pooh, hercules, scrooge mcduck
Disk- Shields now deal x damage

Loony lackies
Lock, shock, and barrel, trigger and nutsy
Allies- The manitcore, Sally, Robin Hood
Disk- for the 1st 15 seconds of each wave all tanks have a study block


You can post feedback but It can’t be taken into acount until after the contest

Thank you for submitting this

No problem I was looking forward to it

Maybe he just yells :man_shrugging:

Also if the name of a skill is used,but it in parenthesis

For example @Gonzo_da-great this would be duo does “Ole Betsy”

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