Animal Kingdom Concept Contest!

We’re not discussing your concept here. That’d be off-topic

Ohh yeah I forgot dumb me

I normally don’t do bio,but ok

If we already submitted should we take our heroes off the reserving section

No, please leave them up

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The Quiverwing Quack (Contest Submission) Here it is!

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Almost done with my submission!

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Heh. I’m not happy with my submission… it’s not the way I envisioned him to be… :sweat:

C’mon, you’re such a great Concept Maker! Your submission will be great. Just take your time!

Aw no previous concepts we did? I was gonna redo my Mulan panda one maybe.

I guess I can do a Winnie the[r] Pooh character.

Do a fish count maybe? I can do Pudge from Lilo & Stitch.

Pudge counts :slightly_smiling_face:

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Finished my submission!

Hook’s worst nightmare (tick tock probably likely concept)

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Here’s my submission!

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My submission:


Here’s my Concept: Pegasus

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Thank you for submitting Minnie, for some reason it won’t let me reply to your concept so I’ll just say it here

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Okay. Weird! :thinking:

So there is no deadline?:thinking: Must have missed it

The deadline is on the 28th (so fourteen days left)

Ok thanks… I’ll be working on one later… I’m so wheeking excited😂 Wish I could submit my concept of Rayond as it seems people really liked it

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