Behind the story, fan made

Hello, I made this so people could read what I think the story is like, of example how did Ralph find the key?
Or toy story ( also their is spoilers everywhere )

Have fun!

One day, Ralph and Vanellope find a beta key. Vanellope “Hey Ralph look at this!” “What is it?” Ralph asks “I don’t know, it looks like some random key. Hey, I wonder what it goes to” Vanellope responds. “Its probably something dangerous just leave it there.” Ralph says nervously Vanellope runs off “Kid wait!” Vanellope runs to what it looks to be a big door “uh wait stop running please!” Ralph says tired. “Sweet mother of monkey milk look at that!” Vanellope exclaims. “Uh yeah cool, maybe we should head home and come back tomorrow.” Ralph asks, “fine” Vanellope answers.

Toy story

“Too infinity and beyond” bonnie yells. “Come on bonnie its time for dinner!” Bonnie’s mom says. “Coming!” Bonnie says. “Woohoo that was fun!” Rex exclaims “it was quite a nice game” Trixie says 30 mins later “I’m back!” Bonnie says “YAWN I’m gonna go to bed” bonnie exclaims. “Everybody” buzz says “YeS buZZ” Forky asks “Jessie is stu-” buzz gets cut off “who’s Jessie again?” Forky asks “uh Jessie with the beautiful yarn of ha- I mean the cowgirl” buzz says “OH” forky says “Rex your with me, come on!” Buzz orders “coming!” Rex says. Buzz and rex jump out the window “JESSIE” buzz calls out “Buzz” Jessie replies buzz and Rex run to her. " are you OK?" Rex asks “yeah I’m fine, but look what I found” Jessie shows a key and door. “Let’s go!” Buzz says “OK” Jessie says. Buzz and Jessie open the door together " let’s go in" buzz says buzz Jessie and Rex walk into the door. And in the darkness a shadow walks in as well.

With woody and bo

“So woody what are you up too?” Bo peep asks. “Nothing” woody says hiding a picture behind his back. “What is that?” Oh just some random picture " bo peep uses her staff to grab the picture, “aw sheriff you miss them don’t you.” Bo peep says, “maybe, but don’t you?” Woody asks " moving place to place you meet lots of toys, ones you like ones you don’t you have to move on." Bo peep says. “Hey woody!” Bunny asks “yeah?” Woody says " I found this random key" ducky says " uh I found it" bunny says “excuse me?” Ducky exclaims “well anyway where did you find it?” Woody asks “we found while rideing with duke then we drove over it” ducky says “then it was all a blur for 5 seconds then we found out what we hit.” Bunny says. “Can you bring us their? Bo asks " sure but we need a ride” bunny says “DUKE!!!” Ducky yells “need a ride?” Duke asks “yeah we do can you bring us their and not crash?” Bo asks “no promises” duke replys “bo are you sure you wanna go?” Woody asks " yes and you can come if you want." they all ride their “we are here” duke says “and you didn’t crash” woody says “OK where was the key?” Bo asks “right here!” Bunny says. They all see a big door in the corner of their eye a little in the woods, the heroes open the door and all go in.

Inside out

“Good morning every one Riley needs to get ready for school.” Joy exclaims happily “she went to bed so late last night give us a couple more minutes” sadness asks “No time for sleep its a big day today its her birthday!” Joy says! “It is! Ahh everyone up! Run” fear says “Get a hold of your self!” Anger demands “like why do we need to be up for? Everything is under control by you.” Disgust says " I know I’m usually in control but, what happens if the school goes on fire?" Fear steps closer to joy "or… Someone says we can’t learn? Anger steps closer “or…
They they as that the funny movie where the dog dies isn’t funny” sadness steps closer “fine” disgust walks over “YAY! Today is gonna be Great!” “Have fun at school” Riley’s mom says. Riley opens the door “its raining? On are birthday that’s sad.” Sadness says “its fine it can be fun!” Joy says, they here thunder “AHHH” fear screams “its fine just some rain in thunder it won’t gets worse” joy says, as a car drives past driving on a puddle splashing Riley. “OK yeah maybe a bad start but it will get better.” Joy says “I don’t know joy it seems pretty bad” sadness Cry’s “let’s just head to school” anger says. Riley walks to school as she arrives somebody trips her, “Oh that is it!” Anger says raging “,just cool down! It could have not bin on purpose” joys says “maybe your right” anger stops “hey what’s that new personality island?” Joy asks "well here’s a great happy idea let’s go look at it. Anger says pretending “Great idea let’s go” joy says “you know I was kidding.” Anger says, as they go to the new island. “Woah this place is huge!” joy says “wow your right.” Anger says as the two heroes walk foword joy sees something. “What is that?” Joy asks the two heroes run towords a door with a key in it and open already “let’s see what’s inside.” Joy says. They walk in the door

Mickey and friends

“Hey goof wanna go fishing?” Mickey asks “sure mick are you ready?” Goofy says “not yet I need to get are food basket” mickey explains
The two heroes walk to the kitchen and make some sandwiches.
“Are we ready now mick?” Goofy asks “we sure are goof, let’s go fishing!” Mickey cheers the two heroes walk to a small river. “OK mick let’s go” goofy says “Hot dog” they get on the river. But then a big wave hits them onto land “how was there a wave that big in a river” mickey asks.
That try to flip their boat over but goofy spots a key, “look mick a key” goofy exclaims “hot dog your right and there is a door next to it!”
The two heroes open the door and walk in

the incredibles

“Hey Bob what’s the news like?” Helen asks “Uh I’m a little busy” Bob says as he pushing a a robot. “This thing is to strong for me!” Bob exclaims frozone jumps and freezes the bot to Bob can escape “HELEN you and the kids come and help us!” Bob yells “OK give us a minute.” Helen yells. “OK we are here!” Dash says “wow that bot is huge!” Violet exclaims. “Let’s take down this bot” frozone says
“Dash take this rope and run around the bot with it!” Mr incredible says
“OK!” Dash runs around the bot tripping it. Then frozone freezes the bot stunning it, after the bot thaws it runs at elasticgirl then Violet jumps in front of her shielding her. Then elasticgirl wraps around the bot holding it in place, then Mr incredible jumps and smashes it, in the all the scraps and pieces they see a key in the bot dash run and gets it. “Maybe it goes to that building” Mr incredible says they walk over and put in the keyhole it opens they walk in and in the building is more bots being made. They walk over and see a tag that says “Mama bot”
Next to it they see a key and a big keyhole next to it they put in and open in it and walk in.

monsters inc

“Hey mikey boo is already getting bigger” sully says “again? If she gets any bigger she won’t be able to be inner suit” mike explains “your right, stop growing boo” sully demands "kitty " boo Cry’s “yes boo?” Sully asks “she’s a kid she’s gonna do that.” Mike says “well I don’t want her to do that.” Sully exclaims “wah?” Boo asks “I dont know ask him” mike says. “Kitty?” “Well your eye keeps slapping me.” Sully explains “sorry” boo says “it’s fine.” Sully says “hey sully are shift is about to start” mike says “OK lets go mikey, hey boo we will bring you to your room.” The two walk to her door, “see ya kid” mike says “bye boo see you soon”
They walk and they do there work “hey sully I found this random key next to the door” mike says “well let me see, hmm this looks weird I wonder what is is from let’s look” sully says “No sully no last something big happened it did not turn out good” “your just scared” sully says “I am not!” Mike replys “let’s go get boo!” Sully says. They walk over and grab boo, then a big door appears “what is that?” Mike yells “I have no idea.” “THE KEY! Mike do you have it” sully asks “maybe but why should we go there?” “Come on mike” “fine” thy open the door and walk in.


“Hey Nick any news on the next case?” Judy asks “hm not yet carrots still waiting for bogo to tell us.” Nick says, a voice comes from over the phone “there are four ------- in --------- town get there soon also ---- in case” the voice says “what?” Judy asks “I guess we need to call back” nick says. They call back with no reply “darn, call bogo!” Judy says. They call bogo with no reply. “OK now this is weird, let’s call finnick.” Nick exclaims. They call once again no reply. The two heroes run to yax “Yax do you know where bogo or finnick are?” Judy asks panicked
“No, but I did see someone who told me they saw bogo, he was all weird and yelling “purge the errors“ weird.” Yax says nothing about finnick?" Nick asks “nah, it all happend so fast an—” yax gets cut off by a scream, the three run out the room and check they see bogo and finnick smashing everything, with something blue behind that they can’t see completely, the three creeps all walk past a corner, then the three heroes run after, they see a door with a key right next to it. “Let’s go inside” yax says, they all walk in

big hero 6

“Baymax any reports on Fred?” Hiro asks “no reports yet, would you like me to send a message?” Baymax asks “no its fine.” Hiro says. a couple minutes later hiro gets a message, “Fred is OK just got hit in the 4 times to many” honey lemon explains four hours later baymax gets out of his charger in the middle of the night, hiro wakes up. “Baymax what time is it?” Hiro asks “the time is, 3:41 am” baymax replys “what are you doing?” “There is a robbery in the bank” baymax says “OK then let’s suit up, tell the others” hiro says “messageing . . . messaged” "thank you baymax, let’s go " the two heroes suit up and fly to the bank and the others get there. “Let’s get them” gogo says gogo runs and throws a blade at the robber “they are every where!” Wasabi yells baymax shoots his fist at a enemy “hiro will one of your bots help with this?” Honey lemon asks “yeah one would, some bot fights have helped me make betters ones, but they are at the house.” Hiro explains “you guys go we will waste as much time as we can.” Gogo says “come on baymax let’s go!” Baymax and hiro fly to there house and hiro gets his bot and clothes, they fly back “why are you wearing that?” Honey lemon chuckles " these clothes are linked to the bot " hiro explains. Hiro uses his bot to defeat some enemies, then there was only one left a blue and silver looking figure that walks into the vault. Hiro and baymax walk into the vault, the only thing they see is a key. They pick up a key and open the door then walk in.

lion king

“Hey Sumba have you seen pumbaa?” Timon asks, “no timon” Simba replys “he’s bin trying to find those grubs for hours” timon Cry’s “its bin less then a hour, your being very dramatic. What’s wrong?” Simba says
“The place pumbaa wet to get the grubs is the pride lands, and scar has taken over! Heh” timon says as he wines. “Its OK timon let’s go find him.” Simba replys “fine only if we get him.” Timon Cry’s. Simba and timon walk to the pride lands 10 minutes later “we are here!” Timon yells “Wait? These pride lands? We need to go.” Simba says “but we walked here already let’s go save pumbaa” timon says “fine but be careful!” Simba and timon sneak around trying not to get caught. The two heroes see scar and a lion walk up to him. “WAIT! That’s nala” simba yells “Shhh, who’s nala?” Timon asks, simba doesn’t answer. “King scar I found this random gold thing wanna see it?” Nala asks “Give it now.” Nala throws the key at him “Good. Hmm what could it be?” “I don’t know, can I go now?” Nala asks “fine.” Nala walks over to simba and timon “SIMB-“ Yes now shh!” Scar walks off into the kingdom. “hey let’s get that old thing” simba says “sure, but is just junk” “Hey kid did you you forget about pumbaa?” Timon says “Oh yeah, I did let’s go!” Simba says. Thy walk off and try to find him simba and nala talk on the way there. Then they see pumbaa runing into the woods getting chased be scar. They run after scar. After a while of running scar caches pumbaa “Now this I’ll be a good dinner.” Scars laughs, at that moment timon jumps at scar knocking him back, behind scar a baboon hits him in the back of the head. “Who are you?” Simba asks “this is Rafiki he helps me out sometimes” nala says. “PUMBAA, I throught I’d never see you again” timon says as he hugs pumbaa.“wow so you guys see that doorway? There is a hole in it.” Simba says “wait the gold thing” nala says they put the key in and walk in. Scar looks at it and walks in as well.



So how’s the Arcade? Everything still going smooth?” Vanellope giggled in a sarcastic tone of voice, holding a dark pink cellphone in her hand, eyes glued to the sleek screen.

The internet was as crazy as ever. People zooming about in a technicolor rainbow of self-absorbed missions. Everyone out for themselves or at least lost in their own little world, Ralph sat upon the edge of a nearby fountain in his usual clothes.

Most of the time Vanellope was ecstatic to see him during these surprise visits to the internet. Yet he had a feeling that this time she was a bit distracted. His dark brown hues watching the little racer pacing about in front of him, her lips curled into a playful smile as she seemed to read something humorous on her phone.

“Things are fine I guess. Felix keeps inviting me to these Meet N Greets, says I need to work on finding myself someone to connect…” Ralph noticed the spunky girl giggling to herself off near the internet’s railing.

“In fact, I met someone, her name’s Lara Croft…” Ralph rolled his eyes slightly to his friend.

“That’s awesome Ralph!” Vanellope shot him a half-amused reply.

“I fought Bowser to death to date her…” Ralph narrowed his eyes.

“That’s my boy!” Vanellope began a new text.

“In fact, I found out I’m related to Frogger!” Ralph stood up with a bit of an annoyed look, placing his oversized hands on his hips sternly.

“Awesome Ral…HEY!” Vanellope squealed in a shocked tone, Ralph plucking the tiny phone out of her hands.

“You haven’t been listening to a word I’ve said, Kid!” Ralph held the phone up high above his head, Vanellope pouting as she made several feeble jumps at her phone.

“Totally not true, Stink Brain!” Vanellope huffed turning around cutely in an adorable pout.

“Ok, then what happened!?” Ralph raised a bushy brow.

“Uhhh, you’re dating Frogger? After Lara and Bowser fought to the …death?” Vanellope scrunched her nose in confusion, Ralph frowning before tossing the girl her phone.

“I’ll visit again later.” Ralph plunged both hands into his pockets, stomping off in a bit of a huff.

His massive footsteps echoing for miles in the confines of the open internet. Vanellope quickly stuffing her phone into her hoodie. Using a tiny hand to smooth out her messy brunette locks, glitching through the crowds at top speeds to catch her friend.

“Oh c’mon Ralph! Things are always moving online, if I’m not up to date then I might as well be obsolete!” Vanellope suddenly glitched in front of the large grumpy man, his annoyed frown turning a tad angry.

“So I’m obsolete now?” Ralph snorted like a warthog.

“Kinda?” Vanellope shrugged in a deadpan voice sheepishly.

Ralph never spoke a word before he pushed ahead into the crowd. Vanellope sighing in utter defeat as she fished out her cellphone. The little racer holding the electronic lifeline up high above her head, yelling after her friend in an apologetic voice.

“If it makes you feel better, I’ll delete my messages!” Vanellope felt her chipper grin fading into a saddened frown.

Ralph could hear the regret in her voice, his heart aching at the mere mention of her deleting her stuff over him. Turning around he gave a soft sigh and shuffled back to his friend, kneeling in front of her before lifting her chin with his behemoth of a finger.

“You don’t need to do anything like that. I just sometimes feel like you don’t need me anymore…” Ralph let his gaze fall towards his bare feet.

“Never say that! We might be on different racetracks, but I’ll always need my Big Doody friend!” Vanellope giggled joyously, leaning forward to embrace her friend in a tight hug.

The moment of warmth broken as a red flash of light struck down next to the duo. Vanellope letting a loud yelp of surprise escape her lips, Ralph shielding his eyes as the light dimmed and an odd creature came into focus.

It was glitching in and out similar to Vanellope. Wearing some kind of fighters garb that looked like a torn Karate Gi, clutched in a bulky fist was an odd-looking bat of sorts. This creature didn’t look quite right, wobbling side to side scrambling out of focus.

“Whose this Brute!?” Vanellope watched on in awe, whispering over to Ralph with a look of uncertainty.

The Brute quickly locking onto the little racer, zipping over in a series of glitches at a lightning pace.

“Hey, that’s my move!” Vanellope blew a loud raspberry to the creep.

“Purge… errors!” The Brute lifted his bat to strike the girl.

Vanellope gasped in horror as he struck at her with the force of a moving train. She could just wince in place, luckily being scooped up by Ralph who rolled them both out of harm’s way.

“PuRgE!” The Brute screamed towards the duo, pointing his weapon towards them in a fiery rage.

“Stay back buddy! I’m a professional wrecker!” Ralph held his hands up defensively, standing in front of his friend to protect her.

“ErRoR!” It hissed swinging the bat wildly, taking steps forward in anger.

“You’re pushing it…” Ralph warned.

The Brute suddenly rushed the duo in an attack stance, Ralph lifting both his hands above his head clutched into mighty oversized fists.

“I’M GONNA WRECK IT!” Ralph screamed, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

The creep slung his cricket bat at Ralph’s head, who easily dodged the lumbering slow attack. Two massive fists crashing down on the creature, the Brute exploding out into a cluster of red sparks before de-rezzing into nothing.

The soft clink of metal toppled to the floor, an odd golden key glittering into view. Vanellope, of course, spotting this rare drop in a matter of seconds, dashed over to pick it up.

“Kid, put that down!” Ralph gasped for air, that creature catching him entirely off guard.

“I think that thing was an enemy from a game?” Vanellope held up the key slyly, DHBM engraved on the side of its golden surface.

“What is that a Beta Key!?” Ralph felt a sinking feeling deep in his gut.

“Duh! For an awesome-sauce game I bet, and we can check it out first!” Vanellope giggled bouncing around her friend excitedly.

“You want to go towards the crazy glitched out weirdos?” Ralph shook his head in worry.

“Please!? You’re ten times scarier than whatever’s in there I bet!” Vanellope flashed her best big-eyed puppy dog pout.

“Gee thanks.” Ralph frowned

He knew he should draw the line he could feel something bad was on the horizon. Yet seeing his friend flashing him that adorable pout, weakened his resolve and forced his hand. Nodding he agreed to help her check it out.

After all, a peek wouldn’t hurt, right?

Ralph & toy story bonnie
Edit 1: toy story more characters
Edit 2: inside out & edit bored
Edit 3: mickey and friends & future board
Edit 4: the incredibles
Edit 5: bug fix
Edit 6: monsters inc
Edit 7: zootopia
Edit 8: big hero 6
Edit 9: bug fix
Edit 10: lion king
Edit 11: contest

Future board
Next: Aladdin
Next: wall-E


Thank you, although I’m still gonna make on the lion king its a cool idea if other people make them to.


Thanks. I’m not that good at dialogue. If I make one, it’ll probably makes no sense

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I got a zootopia BTS

Nick and Judy is solving a case

Nick: hey carrots look what I found nick holds up beta key

Judy: it some kind of key let’s go see yax


Yax: That my friend is a beta key a key to the digital world

Judy: Digital world? Where’s that?

Nick: Let’s go find out!

Judy: wait up! Sly fox!


How do they know what a beta key is?

I like it

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Scar: Your majesty. I have found this key on the ground,and I have no idea where it leads to.

Maleficent: Key you say? Let me see

(Scar handed Maleficent the key. Just then out of no where, Hades have come up from the underworld to see what’s going on.)

Hades: Gee la weez, what’s all this nonsense about?

Ursula: A key that Scar founds while prowling. It probably a lame key that he find.

(Just then, the key shake)

Ursula: The key shake! Make it stop.

Maleficent:Stop! This key may lead to somewhere were we can rule everything we want. Scar,lead the way along with the key.

Scar: Yes,your majesty.


Monsters Inc. Idea

Sulley: Hey Mike, I was checking work for weekly inspections and Boo found this key.

(Shows key)

Mike: Oh that? I’ve never seen that before…

(Mike takes out his car key and compares the two)

Mike: Definitely different than other keys.

(A door comes out of no where)

Sulley: What was that?

(They see the door)

Mike: A door? Maybe Randall left it out.

(They insert the key in the hole)

Sulley: I don’t think Randall or anyone left it out here…

Mike: Let’s go already!

Sulley: C’mon Boo…!

(Mike sand Sulley walk in the door.)


Mickey and Friends idea

Mickey: Go fetch Pluto!

(Throws bone)

(Pluto runs after it)

Goofy: Gawrsh! He sure is fast!

(Pluto comes back with something, but not a bone.)

Mickey: A key!

(Mickey takes it)

Mickey: Hey what’s this? Where’d you get this Pluto?

(Pluto takes them to where they got it.)

Goofy: Hey a door!

Mickey: Maybe this key go’s with the door!

(Mickey puts the key in the keyhole)

(Door unlocks)

Goofy: What’s this?

Mickey: Gee, I don’t know Goofy. Maybe we should go inside!

(Pluto follows them)

Mickey: Sorry Pluto but you can’t follow us.

(Mickey takes out his slingshot)

(Mickey and Goofy go inside)


Poor Pluto. Nice dialogue. Yours is better than mine.

Haha Thanks Momo! Appreciate it

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Can I do Toy Story? I know you guys did it I just want to…

Sure. @Kayl0 has already done it, but go for it

First edit!

Added more toy story with woody, bo peep ,duke caboom, ducky and bunny!


Toy Story idea (Placed after Toy Story 4; Very similar to Underthesea’s)

Bonnie: Buzz rescue’s Jessie! (She’s playing with them)

Bonnie’s mom: Bonnie, dinner is ready!

Bonnie: Ok!

(Bonnie throws her toys up in the air and dashes our of her room)

Jessie: Buzz!

(Jessie flies out the window XD)

(Buzz and the gang get up)

Slinky: Jessie fell out the window!

Mr. Potato Head: Thanks for putting it out there!

Buzz: Rex, Woody! Oh wait. Rex, Slinky with me!

Rex and Slinky: Ok.

(They walk to the window)

Buzz: Hey Slink, lower Rex and I.

Slinky: Got it!

(Buzz and Rex get lowered down to the grass)

Buzz: We found you!

Rex: Yay!

Jessie: Hey guys look who I found!

(Jessie shows Woody, Bo, and the others :-/)

Woody: Buzz!

Buzz: Woody!

(After rejoicing, Woody shows a key to Buzz, Rex, and Jessie.)

Bo Peep: We has no idea what it is. It was just on the floor.

(A door comes out of no where)

Rex: That wasn’t there!

(Woody and the gang investigate it)

Ducky and Bunny: We found the handle! Duke tell them we found the door handle!

Duke: On it!

(Duke drives to them and tells them they finally found the door handle)

(Woody and the gang walk toward the door)

Jessie: Maybe the key go’s in here!

(Woody puts the key inside the hole)

(The door opens)

(The window)

Forky: What’d you guys find?

Buzz: We found a door!

Forky: Oh ok.

Woody: Forky, Slink, your going have to say behind. Slinky, I place you in charge. Each over the place.

Slinky: I got it

Bo Peep: Ready?

Woody: Ready

(Woody and the gang walk inside)


Making the inside out world!

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Edit 2!

inside out

Edit bored!


Would you like me to make it? Cause I have an idea.

Make what? The edit board?

No never mind

Oh I like this! I may write a short fanfic!

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