"Brotherly Love" - Kenai & Koda Likely Concept

"BROTHERLY LOVE" - Kenai & Koda Likely Concept

Name: Kenai & Koda
Description: Kenai and Koda may be bears, but their bond is beyond any creep to stand their way.

Quote: “I’m not a beaver. I’m a bea… No, I mean, I’m not a bear. I’m a man!”

Trial Team: Yellow

Role: Tank

Position: Front

Stars: :star:

Entrance: Kenai and Koda walk on position.

Basic Attack: See Passive

Victory: Kenai and Koda hug each other.

Defeat: Kenai looks worried and Koda rolls his eyes.


White Skill: Trap Away
✊Normal Damage
Passive: Every time Kenai and Koda get hit by an enemy, the skill power of an ally is increased by X.

Active: Koda takes a big brunch and hits the closest enemy, dealing X damage and decreasing its armor by X for 5.0 seconds.

The skill has a reduced effect against enemies above level X.

Green Skill: Face On Iceberg
✨Fantastic Damage
Koda makes a funny face, dealing X damage to an enemy and stunning or silencing the enemy for 8.0 seconds.

Stun and silence have a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Blue Skill: River Catch
A salmon flies and Kenai catches it, healing all the team by X HP and granting to everyone 2 stacks of hardy.

Purple Skill: On My Way
Whenever Kenai and Koda fall behind the 50% of their max health, they gain an X HP shield for 6.0 seconds.

Red Skill: Brotherly Love
Every team member gains 10 tenacity, for the first 10.0 seconds of each wave.

‘Trap Away’ deals X extra instant damage and Y damage per second for 9.0 seconds.

‘River Catch’ increases the team’s reality by X for 7.0 seconds.


  • Kenai & Koda/Winnie The Pooh

    Allies: Sulley & Boo, Timon and Pumbaa, Merida
    "Honey Adventure"
    ‘Trap Away’ deals fantastic damage to enemies under the 50% of their max HP.
    +‘Face On Iceberg’ deals X extra damage.
    +‘River Catch’ grants an X HP shield to the whole team for 5.0 seconds.

  • Kenai & Koda/Baloo

    Allies: Simba & Nala, Rex, Rafiki
    "Bear The Groove"
    ‘River Catch’ increases the team’s attack and movement speed by X for 8.0 seconds.
    +X extra HP in healing
    +‘Face On Iceberg’ saps an enemy for 5.0 seconds.



Hero Mastery Collections

  • Healers
  • Shields
  • Stun
  • Tank

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Really hope they will become playable characters really soon (or at any point).


Thanks @Musketeer. I hope that too.

Amazing Concept! I don’t even know the movie…

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It’s “Brother Bear”. Amazing movie. Watch it… I fully recommend it. :wink:

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I’ll look for it at Disney+

You and @Slinky-Dog are the best concept makers here IMO


Well, I bet there are more people who are better at making concepts. And I always ask advice from people on forum about my concepts, so this is not totally me. But thank you.


awww so cute!!

I love Brother Bear!

There’s more than that

cough @LetsGetDangerousBro and @Filadae_Djaq cough

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There is a lot. I forgot them. They are amazing too.

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What about me… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Yeah, i’m not good at them lol.

I like it to!

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