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This topic is used as the base for submitting entries for the Writing Contest! In this contest, people will write Halloween themed short stories that are set in the DHBM World. See the announcement posts for more details!

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Maleficent: Ha, Ha, Ha! Finally the month has come back to me. The day when I, Maleficent, takes over the city. But first, I need to plan on taking over the city. I know. Scar!

Scar: Yes, your majesty?

Maleficent: Go call all of the other villians, and tell them there’s a Villian meeting.

Scar: As you wish, your majesty.

(Later when all of the other villians arrived)

Maleficent: Thank you all for coming. You might wonder why I call all of you here, right?

All: No

Maleficent: October is here, and we need a plan for the city take over.

Madam Mim: Well, if ain’t for that dreadful Mickey mouse and his friends. If it was my house, I would keep it to myself.

Ursula: Your house? What about mines? Dreadfully, I haven’t ate anything what’s so ever.

( All the villians began to argue about October)

Jafar: Enough! You know, this year is going to be different this time. I got a plan for the October takeover. But we will have to wait until midnight.

Maleficent: Very well, Jafar. We’ll go with your plan.

Sorry if it’s bad to you, @The_Spooky_Vizier. I tried my best


Rex and Olaf’s Halloween Spectacular

“Aww, pretty please? I’d be so good at decorating!” Olaf pleaded. “Sorry Olaf, but I promised Anna we wouldn’t start without her.” Elsa explained. “Don’t worry! I won’t tell her! She’ll never know-“ “Olaf!” Elsa interrupted, laughing. “It’s our first big Halloween party. The castle will be flooded with guests tonight. We have to make sure everything goes perfectly. Why don’t you head out and pick some flowers for the table? We can decorate when Anna gets back.” Olaf sighed, then let out a hearty “Okay!” as he danced out through the gates.

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“You really like my costume, Woody?” Rex asked as he tried to clasp his little hands together. “Of course pal. Who doesn’t love Partysaurus Rex?” Woody smiled. “I have the perfect idea for your costume. Come with me, I saw this great hat at the market!” Rex said excitedly as he started marching away. He turned and noticed Woody wasn’t following him. “The thing is… I was kind of planning on meeting Bo for lunch.” Rex frowned. “Oh. Well that’s okay.” “Are you sure? Maybe you can come with us?” Woody suggested. “Oh no, I wouldn’t want to impose. Have fun. I’ll see you at the party tonight, right?” Rex asked, making sure to avoid eye contact. “You bet. Thanks Rex! I’ll see you then!” Woody waved as he made his way to the hill to set up his picnic. Rex wandered off until he found a rock to sit on. “Only… 6 more hours ‘till the party starts. It won’t be so bad.” Rex assured himself.

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Olaf skipped around the town in search of the prettiest fall flowers. He first started with a bushel of orange tulips. Then he found some beautiful purple flowers on Judy’s farm that he thought would compliment the tulips perfectly, but opted for daisies instead when Judy explained how toxic they were. Just as Olaf picked up the last daisy, he spotted Rex sitting alone on a stone nearby. He walked up to him, and shouted,” Hi! Whatcha doing?” “Oh, hi Olaf. Nothing really. Just sitting here.” Rex replied timidly. “Oh,” Olaf shrugged, “Okay. I’ll sit with you then.” Before Rex could reply, Olaf had plopped down next to him on the rock and tried to start a conversation with him. Olaf did most of the talking.

Just as Olaf was about to compliment Rex’s costume, he saw Elsa hurriedly walk by. He called out to her, “Hey Elsa! Where are you going?” Surprised, she turned and saw Olaf and Rex. She walked up to them and said, “Olaf! Anna said the market was sold out of candy. Do you believe that? I’m meeting her all the way at the Mega Mart now to find some. It looks like there won’t be time for decorations this year. Sorry Olaf.” “Oh no!” Olaf cried out, pacing back and forth. “Wait! I know,” Olaf shouted, “I can decorate for you!” “Hmm… I don’t know. All by yourself?” She asked, considering. “Of course not! Rex will help me!” He said proudly. “What?!? I don’t know… I’m not much of a decorator. But I do make a good fruit punch.” Rex explained nervously. “See? It’s perfect!” Olaf explained, begging Elsa for her blessing. “Well… Okay. I’ll let you decorate. It needs to be a really spooky haunted castle. You think you can do that?” Elsa asked. “Of course! We won’t let you down Elsa! Now go help Anna! We have everything under control.” Elsa smiled, then quickly made her way towards the Mega Mart. Olaf excitedly ran towards the castle while Rex trailed behind, trying to keep up.

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“This is going to be so much fun!” Olaf blurted out, overjoyed as he ran through the gates. “Uhh, yeah… where do you keep the decorations?” Questioned Rex. “The… decorations… I don’t know, why?” Olaf asked, puzzled. Rex stared at him blankly. “Well I don’t do this much, but how can we decorate without any decorations?” Olaf paused, then ran around the castle screaming. After a moment, he stopped and walked back up to Rex. “Wait! It’s okay! We can MAKE decorations! It’ll be so scary when we’re done.” Rex, unsure, simply said, “Well, alright…” and at that, Olaf ran inside to get some string, paper, scissors, and glue.

With an hour left before the big party, Olaf had begun putting up his homemade decorations with Rex. Ghosts made from tissues were strung along the walls, cotton-ball cobwebs laced the corners, and poles dressed as scarecrows were placed next to the pumpkins at the gates to greet the guests. “Everything looks perfect, don’t you think Rex?” Asked Olaf, beaming. “Well… to be honest… I don’t know if the guests will find it all that scary. Trust me, I know a thing or two about not being scary.” Rex tried to explain. Olaf worriedly looked around the gates, trying to find something he could do to make the castle look scarier. “I know!” He cried. “I’ll carve the pumpkins! I’ve never done it before, but how hard can it be?” “I know what I can do too! I think I’ll add some colouring to my punch. I’ll make it deep red, like blood! Spooky, right?” Rex asked. Olaf simply said, “I don’t have blood. Or veins,” which Rex accepted as the signal to make his way to the kitchen. Olaf followed, grabbed the biggest knife he could find (much to Rex’s dismay), and wandered back outside to carve the pumpkins.

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It was five minutes to the party. Olaf had just finished carving the last pumpkin. His designs looked a little bit deformed and mangled… but he figured it would add to the ambience. With his pumpkin and carving knife in hand, Olaf started making his way towards the gates when Rex walked out of the castle carrying his big bowl of punch. Unfortunately, his little arms were having a hard time balancing it. He hesitated to walk down the steps out front. Olaf turned to look at him, and just as he did, Rex missed a step and started screaming as he rolled down the stairs. In response, Olaf also screamed, dropped his pumpkin and ran up to Rex.

Rex was startled, and the impact caused his tail to pop off. He wasn’t really hurt, but the party sure was hit hard by the accident. Rex dropped the punch bowl and spilled it all over himself. Olaf’s pumpkin was smashed when he dropped it. Before either of them could move, they heard footsteps coming to the gate. The party was about to start - and it was good as ruined.

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It was 8:00 and Gaston, Moana, and Maui were arriving at the party. “How do I look?” Gaston asked as he walked towards the gates. “Um… you know this is supposed to be a costume party, right?” Moana questioned. “Yeah… I was going to wear one, but I figured, I’d better not mess with perfection, right?” Moana rolled her eyes as Maui pushed open the gates. They started to walk through, then froze in their tracks as soon as they saw what was in front of them.

There it was. They all stared forward in complete shock and horror at what they had seen. Rex, lying in a pool of what seemed to be his own blood, with his tail a few feet away from him. Olaf stood over him, holding a huge knife.

As soon as they could breathe again, they all screamed as loud as their lungs would allow. Maui turned to an eagle and flew off, while Moana and Gaston ran through the gates, pushing through the rest of the guests coming through the gates. Elsa and Anna, carrying bags of candy at the back of the line, moved forward to see what happened. By then, Rex had picked up his tail, and both he and Olaf ran up to Elsa to explain what happened.

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When the party was ending, everyone made their way out the gates, except for Rex, who stayed behind with Olaf. They both walked up to Elsa and Anna. “Elsa, Anna… I’m so sorry we ruined the party. I thought we could do it but we just weren’t scary. Instead, we ruined everything.” Olaf said sorrowfully. Rex lowered his head. “Are you kidding? You two did an amazing job!” Elsa exclaimed. “I don’t think anyone’s ever heard such a high-pitched scream.” Anna laughed. “Oh right, tell Moana we’re sorry about that.” Rex said. “No, I meant Gaston,” Anna said, giggling. At that, all four of them started to laugh. “I can count on you two to do the same next year, right?” Elsa asked. Olaf did nothing more than turn to Rex and say, “I told you we’d be great decorators!”


The terribly terrifying trick or treat tale

T’was a dark and stormy night regular night that just happened to be HALLOWEEN! Tricksters were tricking and treats were… Well being eaten obviously, but for one pair the night was going to take an unexpected turn…

Ducky: Yo bunny, don’t you just love Halloween!

Bunny: Sure do Ducky, scaring people and getting rewarded for it, who wouldn’t?

Ducky: Hey is that Alice and Miguel over there? Yeah that’s definitely them!

Bunny: Miguel! Alice! ( Bunny shouted )

Miguel and Alice turn around
They scream and run off

Bunny: Haha you scared them off!

Ducky: I scared them off? They were definitely looking at you!

Vannelope: HEY CHUMPS!

Ducky: Race girl, hey

Vannelope: I think your friends scaring people off

Bunny: Hey that’s rude Ducky’s not even in costume, haha
Ducky then kicks him

Vannelope: No not him, HIM ( pointing behind them )


Ducky: A GHOST!
( At the same time )

Bunny: A ghost? It has pointy teeth!

Ducky: A vampire? It’s white and has googly eyes!

The mysterious figure walks forward

Bunny: Stay back or I’ll… I’ll… Chuck Ducky at you!
( Ducky kicks him again )
Vannelope: Wait I know those eyes!

Mysterious figure: Hi, I’m Olaf and I have no nose! Have you seen it?

Bunny: Oh hi Olaf, I wasn’t scared I was just messing around, I wasn’t really going to Chuck Ducky at you
( Ducky kicks him again ) ( again )
Ducky: Yes you were!

Vannelope: Woah, they have serious anger issues! I’ll help you find it Olaf

Olaf: Thanks Vannelope! I think it fell in some sweets, sour sweets probably, as my nose is all tingly, haha



The Entry table

Syndrome: Oh, I need in this game you can’t be adding people like Madam Mim and not me I’m awesome and the best Villain here

NegaDuck: Im the evilest here I have a Chainsaw! I’ll destroy everyone here if it kills me! Hahaha

Leroy: I am better than Stitch I need in this game I must complete my mission of being Stitches Foe!

Randall: You’re a Duck, You’re a little red Fur Ball, And You’re a guy with Daddy Issues, I’m the one and only villain here that needs in this Game I scare children!

Perblue: You 3 Captain Hook, MegaVolt, And QuackerJack you have been chosen to be in Disney Heroes Battle Mode

MegaVolt: This is definitely Shocking the other villains that I am Coming before them HAHAHA

QuackerJack: It’s super hilarious my friend how bout a hand shake

QuackerJack shakes hands with MegaVolt shocking him

Captain Hook: It’s about time I come to this game I’ve been waiting since last October

Perblue: Wait News Update Randall you’re also coming

Randall: Haha Suckas


Inside the City Theatre, the villains sat around in a circle in a dusty room, with boxes.

It was Halloween Day, 5:30pm. Trick or Treating was about to start.

“We need to scare those uncool heroes,” Scar said.

“Yeah. It’s our day. We are scary. They aren’t scary,” Ursula said.

Everyone nodded.

“What can we do?” Gaston asked. “I want to scare them. And Beast. Stupid beast.”

Maleficent turned into a dragon. She said “We do what we do best.”

The villains cheered. Ursula turned bigger and uglier. Hades called on titans. Queen of Hearts held out severed heads. Scar got some hyenas. Zurg got his gun. Gaston took of his shirt. Jafar turned into sorcerer. Yzma turned into kitty. Madam mim pulled out her hair.

They all ran outside and for frightened by heroes who were in costume. The heroes smiled and said hi. The villains screamed and ran. The heroes laughed since they weren’t scared. Except for miss piggy and Rex. They went to the bathroom in their pants.


The Rise in the Cave of Wonders (Sneak Peek)

Aladdin: Genie, you know carpet has missing for 34 Minutes ago

Genie: Relax al. Do you remember you and Abu found a carpet for the first time before you found my lamp.

Aladdin: I know genie. But we gotta…

Cave: Invaders Alerts!!!

Aladdin: Genie. Did you hear that?

Genie as Darth Vader: You never invades the power of the…

Aladdin: No I said did you hear that?

Genie: I don’t think I know al.

Aladdin: Creeps. Thay coming after us, we got to go find carpet quick. And get out of here fast!

Genie: No problem al. Search. Find. And Found.

NOTE: this is a short one



Sad but true! :joy:


That’s probably the scariest out of the rest of the villains!


Jack’s tale of terror

Jack skellington was sitting in a chair, waiting for his friends to arrive so he can tell a Halloween story. Then the door opened up and two people came in…gonzo, dressed as a chicken and yzma, wearing a kusco like costume.

“Ahhhh my two dear friends, come on in and get comfortable” jack said with a smile.

Gonzo was sure that jack would tell a great story because after all…he was the pumpkin king.

“I could i been with my villain pals…scaring the locals…stealing candy…” Yzma ranted.

Both gonzo and yzma took seats by duke caboom and robin hood, jack decided to begin his story when everyone was settled down.

“This is a story i would like to call”

the werewolf of the tavern

“One stormy night, at a tavern in the city, gaston and his sidekick Lefou was having a great time”

Gaston and lefou was passing by the house where jack was telling his story and gaston stopped to listen to the story undetected.

“Gaston at the full moonlight, turned into a terrifying werewolf…with his same attitude as he scared all people in the city”

Gaston then thought up a brilliant idea for a Halloween prank “lefou…i just thought up something fun to do this Halloween” gaston said with a smirk

“Gaston, your always a genius” lefou said with excitement

“Now go get me a werewolf costume, this is gonna be good!”

Jack was still telling his story with everyone looking on.

“The werewolf took it upon himself to scare everyone in the village”

Gaston was in a werewolf costume and ready to scare “watch this Lefou”

Gaston suddenly bursted through the door and proceed to growl and howl, gonzo and robin hood got scared and hid, meanwhile yzma watched while eating popcorn “now this is entertaining” she said.

Jack was not scared though and just rolled his non-existent eyes as gaston tried to scare him.

This turns out to be a BIG mistake as then jack scared him with a horrifying face which made gaston jump and his mask came off.

“Oh hello gaston, nice of you to stop by and scare us” jack said

“I have to admit, i was frozen in fear,” duke said

“Ummm yeah that was my intentions…im just gonna go now” gaston said as he left

Gonzo and robin hood came back in and jack decided what to do next

“Let’s go to the arendelle castle, i heard their throwing a Halloween party” jack said

“Yeah!!!” Gonzo duke and robin hood said

Yzma however decided to go with gaston and lefou.

And so jack, gonzo, duke, and robin hood all went towards the castle for the party

The end


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Having so much fun reading these! Keep ‘me coming!

What did you think of mine?

Hope you enjoy this one :wink:
It was a dark an-no this is too cliche
It was a gloomy day in the world of Disney Heroes. The sky was crying down the water of rain and the lighting bolts shook the ground. Everybody was in their cabins. In one such cabin, all the villains were scheming. Well, the ones that want in the game anyways.
Randall:the scary monster of the shadows
Syndrome:the wannabe hero turned evil genius
Mother Gothel:the lady who wanted to be young and stole a magical girl to do so
Leroy:is here for no reason honestly
Oogie Boogie:the one who bugs everybody
Lotso:the toy bear with a troubled past and finally
Davy Jones:the devious lying pirate of the sea
Davy Jones:we need to get in this game! What does Madim Mim have that we don’t!
Mother Gothel:Maybe because almost all of us died or attempted murder?
Syndrome:definitely not! Malificent tried murder too!
Leroy:I got it!
All the villains turned to Leroy
Leroy:Let’s break into the game
To be continued


I feel like that Story is very similar to mine Syndrome almost says the exact same thing in each

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Is this a reference to @LilRubyKinz’s story?




Yes it is


I wouldn’t recommend intertwining stories with others’, especially when permission wasn’t granted. Just sayin’

That’s alright, I don’t mind. Just as long as nobody goes stealing my story! :slight_smile:


Why not? If they steal your story they get disqualified and you have less competition :rofl:


I didn’t know it was near your story! Sorry!

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