Dave (Unlikely Hero Concept)

Dave (from Madagascar)
Description: It’s Dave! Back for revenge after getting kicked out of the zoo and loosing the spotlight, he’ll make it his mission to make any creeps uglier than they already are.
Quote: “The humans know me as Doctor Octavius Brine, renowned geneticist, cheese enthusiast, and frequent donor to NPR pledge drives…. but you know me by a different, much older name. A name perhaps you hoped you’ve never hear again. A PHANTOM! A shadow of a former life! I AM… Dave!”
Stars: 2
Trial Team: Blue
Entrance: Dave will enter the battle field in his human disguise, Doctor Octavius Brine, before removing it revealing his true form. He’ll also roll in a smaller version of his Medusa Serum ray
Victory: Dave will grab one of his snow globes in his collection and hug it
Death: Dave’s Medusa Serum machine will zap him and turn him into a small, cute version of himself, then a snow globe will fall on top of him, incasing him inside
Role: Midline Control

Basic Attack: Dave throws a snow globe at the closest enemy

White skill: Medusa Ray Blast: Fantastic Damage
Dave will fire the Medusa Ray at the closest enemy with the most skill power, dealing X damage and applying Ugly to them for 20 seconds. Enemies with ugly applied will not gain any buffs for as long as it is applied.

Green skill: Octopi Spy: Fantastic Damage
A vending machine will fall on top of Dave incasing him in it, Dave will then throw three bags of Cheesy Dibbles at the furthest, closets, and middle most enemies. Dealing X damage and blinding the enemies for 10 seconds

Blue skill: Nicholas, Cage Them: Fantastic Damage
Dave will call in his octopi henchmen, Nicholas, to cage the enemy with the most basic attack power. Snaring that enemy for 15 seconds and dealing damage over time to that enemy for 15 seconds

Purple skill: Insatiable Revenge
Dave’s and Allie’s’ skill power will be increased by 10% for every ugly enemy on the battle field

Red skill: Forgotten and Revered
Ugly enemies will have the buffs they are given stolen by Dave, once Dave steals 5 buffs for himself he’ll give buffs to the weakest ally. The cap of buffs for Dave resets for each enemy


Dave and Hank and Dory
Disk: Octopi For Hire
Dave will enter each wave invisible for 5 seconds
Dave attempts to hire Hank as his right hand man, but Hank is not buying it.
Allies: Gerald, Marlin, and Nemo Davy Jones Merlin

Dave and Dr Draken
Disk: Evil Scientist Con
Dave will heal X health after KOing and ugly enemy
Dave and Dr Draken here about an Evil Scientist Convention and the two decide to have panels at the convention
Allies: Zurg Medic The Phantom Blot


This is pretty good. The movie was HILARIOUS! :+1:

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Wrong movie

What do you mean wrong movie, Dave is from the Madagascar franchise. And this is considered “unlikely” therefore it’ll never happen

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