Dean Hardscrabble - Likely Contest Submission

Hello, this is my likely submission to @Scarlet_Captain’s Concept Contest, and also the creation of a new mechanic: Researched!. Feel Free to leave any feedback!

Hero Info

Hero Name: Dr. Abigail Hardscrabble
Source: Monsters University
Stars: :star:
Position And Role: Frontline Control Hero
Trial Team: Yellow
Collections: Control, Stun
Entrance: Flies into the battlefield
Victory: Opens her wings while looking down on the enemies.
Defeat: Yells at enemies.
Basic Attack: Swipes her claw at enemies.
Description: Dean Hardscrabble makes the enemies miss their attacks with her imponent presence and stunning scare technics.
Quote: “Scariness is the true measure of a monster. If you’re not scary, what kind of a monster are you?”


:white_circle: Slow Scare :stars: Fantastic Damage

Passive: While doing her basic attack, Hardscrabble beats her feet into the ground, granting all enemies 1 stack of “Anxious”. Enemies have a 5% chance of missing their attacks per stack of “Anxious” they have. Enemies can have a maximum of 10 of “Anxious”. When an enemy is scared while having stacks of “Anxious”, they are removed, and the enemies are stunned for 0.75 seconds per stack they had.

Active: Hardscrabble opens her wings, Scaring all enemies for 8 seconds, and if they had stacks of Anxious, she deals X damage per stack they had. Then, she flies above the battlefield and flaps her wings, knocking the enemies back.

:green_circle: Fear of the Dark
Hardscrabble flaps her wings, causing the lights on the battlefield to go out for 7 seconds, making all single-target attacks miss while the lights are off. Enemies gain 1 stack of Anxious for each attack they miss while the lights are out, and if they reach the maximum amount of stacks while the lights are out, they are scared for 7.5 seconds.
The Scare might fail in enemies that are above level X

:large_blue_circle: Untouchable Dean :stars: Fantastic Damage
Hardscrabble dodges an attack, then opens her wings, knocking back nearby enemies and dealing X damage to them. This skill has a cooldown of 8 seconds.

:purple_circle: “What Kind of Monster are you?”
Every time an enemy is knocked back, they receive 2 stacks of “Anxious”. The limit of stacks of Anxious is now 15.
The applying of “Anxious” might fail in enemies above level X

:red_circle: Legendary Scarer
Hardscrabble cannot be disabled by enemies that are either Scared or with stack(s) of “Anxious”. Enemies that have their disables blocked by this skill receive 1 stack of Fatigue.
The applying of Fatigue might fail in enemies above level W.
Other Stat Boosts:
+X Skill Power
+Y Reality
+Z Evasion

Battle Badge

Is Charged in Battle When: Scare is Applied to 3 enemies
Stats Bonuses:
+X Skill Power
+Y Reality per Yellow team Hero
Enhacement Bonus: +25% Attack Speed for 10 seconds


Hardscrabble + Mike Wazowski
Campaign: Comedic Scare: Mike Wazowski tells Dean Hardscrabble how they discovered that Laughter energy is more efficient than the Scare energy. However, she doesn’t understand it the proper way, and starts laughing when scares someone.
Allies: Sully & Boo, Jack Skellington, Goofy
Disk Name: Laughter Energy
+X Skill Power and +50 Crit Damage
Stars: Every time an enemy is Scared, Hardscrabble gains 30 energy(+5 per star)

Hardscrabble + Mr. Big & Koslov
Campaign: The Mafia of Scares: Hardscrabble, curious about the criminal use of scare, goes after Mr. Big for a research.
Allies: Randall, Oogie Boogie, Emperor Zurg
Disk Name: University Paper
Effects: +X Armor and Reality to Hardscrabble and her Allies if they Scare an enemy.
Stars: Slow Scare now applies “Researched” to all enemies for 2 seconds(+2 per star).
If a researched enemy is either Scared or Studied, there will be a 100% chance of super criting with the respectives types of damage.


Hardscrabble- mr wazowski your not scary
Waternose- pay attention everyone your about see a scarer who is confident

Baby mike- Roarrrrrrr

Waternose- well done well done

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