Edwardo (Unlikely Hero Concept)

Edwardo (from Eddsworld)

Description: This legendary rival will prove to his opponents that he’s numero uno
Quote: “Well well well”
Trial Team: Blue
Stars: 2
Entrance: Edwardo will walk in with his arms crossed while his entrance theme plays
Victory: Edwardo will take a swig of diet cola and then laugh maniacally
Death: Edwardo will stand there, seething with anger
Role: Frontline Control

Basic attack: Edwardo will punch the enemy. Edwardo’s basic attack will have a 50% chance to silence enemies

White skill: I’M NUMERO UNO: True damage
Edwardo will transform into his super villain alter ego, Numero Uno, and fire a large green energy blast that stuns all enemies and deals X damage to all enemies.

Green skill: Morning Joe
Edwardo will take a swig of radioactive coffee, giving him X energy and silencing the closest enemy

Blue skill: What are you losers doing now: Normal damage
Edwardo will insult the enemy with the most skill power sapping them, silencing them, and dealing X damage

Purple skill: Coming in second place
Edwardo will silence all enemies at the beginning of each wave

Red skill: Not Just a Neigh-BORE
Edwardo and his allies will deal 30% more damage to silenced enemies, along with this “Morning Joe” will now also energize Edwardo and his allies


Edwardo and Edd
Disk: Hammer and Fail
Edwardo will now gain a shield with X health when “Morning Joe” is used
Edd and Edwardo are put on the same patrol team and are forced to put aside they’re differences aside
Allies: Tiger Baymax Mr. Incredible

Edwardo and Walugi
Disk: Edwardo Pachinko
Edwardo will gain attack up when “I’M NUMERO UNO” is used
Edwardo and Walugi come up with a plan to scam all of Edd and his friends
Allies: Matt Tom Edd

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