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Once again it’s December 1st, and time for another secret santa thread!

Here’s the rules from last time.

How it works is I’ll make a wiki below this post, where anyone can enter their name. After a few days, I’ll close it and PM each participant who they’ll be gifting.

As for the gifts themselves, giving each other your addresses wouldn’t be wise, so the gifts must be over the forum. But they can be anything- a poem, short story, concept, whatever you can make. It’s the thought that counts, but the more creativity, the better.

About a week before Christmas, I’ll post another topic for everyone to share their gifts.


“I’ll be away from the forums and won’t be able to post my gift on time. What do I do?”

PM someone you know will be around and share the gift with them early, so they can post it on your behalf.

“I don’t know enough about the person I was assigned, how can I make a gift for them?”

Go to their profile, and look through their posts and/or topics. If that’s still not enough, you can PM someone you trust who knows them well. I would advise strict caution to hide your identity, but you can also make an alt to PM them directly.

“Am I allowed to ask others who they have?”

No, you are not. You can ask someone else for help via PM if you need, just as long as they aren’t the person you’ll be giving to. If you spoil the surprise for anyone, your Secret Santa is allowed to give you a picture of coal instead of your gift.

“Can I enter?”/“I live outside the US”

The event is open to everyone.

The Christmas Spirit is giving toys magic! Quick, use them before the holidays are over!

Following the popularity of Forum Trick-or-Treating, the game is back by popular demand. This time with some fun new spins on it. :grin:


The goal of the game is to get the most Christmas cookies before it ends. The main way to get them is through toys or gifts.

In addition, special events will appear at regular intervals.

  • Every 250 posts, a Forumer Gift will appear. Which forumer is randomly selected from the leaderboard.
  • Every 750 posts, a special game will appear! :gift:

Toys: Toys are single-use collectables. Their effects usually involve gaining cookies. They can alternatively be used to gain a flat amount of cookies based on rarity.

Gifts: Gifts can be considered a lockbox full of goodies. Only certain people can pick them up, and they have a special requirement to open after that. Which people and what requirement differ with each gift. Gift rewards are based on rarity.

Rarities: Standard Rare Special Super Special
Toy color: Red with grey trim Green with red trim Gold with silver star You’ll know it when you see it
Toy conversion: 1 cookie 2 cookies 4 cookies 8 cookies
Gift rewards: Standard toy, 1-2 cookies Rare toy, 1-3 cookies Special toy or two rare toys, 2-3 cookies Super special toy or two special toys, 3-4 cookies

Cookie Shop

The cookie shop has limited stock and will refill occasionally.

Wrapping Paper (Standard): 2 cookies (1 left)
Nutcracker (Rare): 3 cookies (1 left)
Gingerbrave Cookie (Super Special): 9 cookies (0 left, no restock)



  • ColdMore6
  • Myeong
  • C-train
  • Giosphere
  • TotallyNotDash
  • MissingLure
  • Lovely :revolving_hearts:
  • KayIa
  • TherMasterStitch
  • LetsGetDangerousBro
  • Djaq
  • Legocardan
  • Tragic-Magic
  • TheCannonCart
  • Heros_Porcinet_XCIX
  • Cold_Damon
  • Lucas1999
  • Disney_Hope
  • Rex
  • Kawaii
  • Spicyboi
  • Lucky-Oswald (Jolly-Go-Lucky-Oswald)

To help your santa make a gift for you, here’s a few questions about yourself to answer.

  • What’s your favorite series/show?
  • What’s your favorite movie or video game?
  • Do you have a favorite genre or aesthetic? (Horror, pastel, retro, sci-fi, etc.)
  • What’s something that’s caught your attention recently?
  • What’s your favorite art medium/style? (Watercolor, cartoony, 3D modeling, etc)
  • What’s your favorite music genre?

Please answer at least 3 out of 6. :slight_smile:



User Cookies Toys
Dash 11 1
Lucas 8 0
LGDB 8 0
Kayla 7 1
C-Train 3 2
Lovely 3 2
Tragic 3 1
Cannon 2 1
Gio 2 0
Musk 2 0
CodeMore 2 0
Stitch 1 2
Rex 1 0
Djaq 0 1


Unused toys: Socks
All toys: Socks


Unused toys: Top, Woody
All toys: Top, Woody


Unused toys: Aether
All toys: Aether


Unused toys: Top
All toys: Top


Special Gift
To: First reply
Don't open until you post a random creepy picture!
Unused toys:
All toys:


Unused toys: Train
All toys: Train


Unused toys: Train, Easy Bake Oven
All toys: Train, Easy Bake Oven


Unused toys: Easy bake oven, socks
All toys: Easy bake oven, socks


Unused toys: Gingerbrave Cookie
All toys: Kayla, Gingerbrave Cookie

Tragic Magic

Unused toys: Thanos
All toys: Thanos

Toy Dictionary

Standard Toys

Rare Toys

Special Toys

User Toys

Super Special

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can i get bonus points or something now? :smiley:

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(Any questions I don’t answer means I don’t know my favorite :P)

Anything to do with Pokémon.

I’ve been getting interested in mystery.

Friday Night Funkin’, but that was a few months ago. :sweat_smile:

Boss Music(idk what genre this would fit under).


Hiii I’m posting!! :D

Favorite series/show: Anything Marvel related, I particularly like Spider-Man, Black Widow, and Shang-Chi.
Favorite movie or video game: WELL, I THINK YOU KNOW… ahem Genshin Impact!
Favorite genre or aesthetic: I like action and comedy.
Something that caught my attention recently: Anime :woozy_face: I haven’t watched much shows yet, but I like it. (Also Genshin Impact)
(some I didn’t answer because I didn’t know lol)


Big Hero 6

This totally isn’t obvious.

On a serious note, I also love the Mario franchise, so I’d also enjoy anything from there.

Jacksfilms or Smosh.

Drawings, either digital or hand-drawn (and colored).


Yay the Secret Santa is here.
Time for the questions~

Favorite series… I really like The Amazing World of Gumball and Infinity Train.

My favorites games are Touhou, Danganronpa and Pokemon.

Hmm, I guess I like dark aesthetics? I like any aesthetic related to food as well.

Komi-san can’t communicate. It’s somehow relaxing to watch.

I like most styles. :sweat_smile:

Videogame MIDI music.


Here ya go

Either courage the cowardly dog or rocko’s modern life

Cuphead (because of it’s unique blend of hand-drawn animation mixed with difficult run and gun gameplay)

Hand-drawn/Watercolor (can’t beat the classics)

Disney songs (…what? :eyes:)

  • What’s your favorite series/show?
    Lilo & Stitch, Winnie [ther] Pooh, Kung Fu Panda, Calvin and Hobbes, Percy Jackson, We Bare Bears
  • What’s your favorite movie or video game?
    Lilo & Stitch movies, Winnie [ther] Pooh movies, Kung Fu Panda movies, Marvel movies, Home Alone; Animal Crossing, Mario Rabbids, Mario Odyssey, Luigi Mansion, Wii Sports Resort
  • Do you have a favorite genre or aesthetic? (Horror, pastel, retro, sci-fi, etc.)
    I really like comedy, romance, action, sci-fi, fantasy. Cute aesthetic
  • What’s something that’s caught your attention recently?
    New LEGO’s
  • What’s your favorite art medium/style? (Watercolor, cartoony, 3D modeling, etc)
    Watercolor is fun. I like cartoons.
  • What’s your favorite music genre?
    Basically anything as long as the song is good and catchy. My playlist has the Backstreet Boys, Beach Boys, Taylor Swift, Train, Disney songs, classical songs, Selena Gomez, Bruno Mars…anything really

I don’t watch much TV shows anymore. But I think my favorite is DuckTales reboot

Movies: Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, Avengers: Endgame, Big Hero 6, all Kung Fu Panda movies, and The Lego Movie 1 and 2

Games: Minecraft, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Mario Odyssey, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Sci-Fi and action

3D and cartoony

I like video game music


Currently it’s a show called “inside job” on Netflix :train2:. Another favorite of mine is “I’m not okay with this”

Favorite games are idv, DBD, roblox and recently I’ve been enjoying cookie run :open_mouth:

Horror 100%, also I guess retro futurism

Cartoony and water color :pouting_cat:

Currently hyperpop / r&b :space_invader:

The Walten files :jack_o_lantern:


Any of the Disney+ marvel shows.

Movie: Revenge of the Sith. Game: Kingdom Hearts.

Survivor, yeah…


If that’s not much help, I listen to mainly Olivia Rodrigo, AJR, The Wrecks and BlackPink.

@PawpsicleSticks, when will we know who we make a present for? I’d like as much time as possible.


I wanna participate, but I have no idea what I would gift :thinking:
All I can think about is a drawing, but I probably can’t draw very well


I don’t have an exact date, but either after a few days or after ~20 people have signed up.

If you want ideas, here’s last year’s gifting thread. :slight_smile:


Wild Kratts was a great show

Incredibles 2 was great, Zootopia was pretty good as well

I was having trouble remembering exactly what I should put but then Dash said mystery, and it made me remember I love mystery documentaries

Cartoony stuff is great lol



I’ve added the rules for the additional game event (separate to the secret santa gift exchange) to the main post, however it hasn’t started yet.

Amazing World of Gumball!


Movie? Lego movie 1 and 2 (and many others, but I’ll mention this for now)

Video Game?


but lemme elaborate on my other picks: Plants Vs Zombies, Bloons Tower Defence, and Minecraft (that ain’t all, but still)

Imma huge fantasy fan, so things that are non fic I guess (sci-fi mostly)

Final Fantasy Franchise (oh look, alliteration) because of the FF7 Remake

(and maybe genshin???)

3D Models, but I also like a “cartoony” vibe

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