Guild War Feedback Wanted!


Hey everyone!

If you have feedback about Guild War, please put it here.


Guild War Overview
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  1. A button to clear all teams off all cars would be great.

  2. If we had sort options like putting cars at the bottom of the list rather than at the top.

  3. A way to easily see if all guild members have set teams.

  4. We need another rank below officer please. Portal Quest had 6 ranks and it was perfect for fuild management. Or add a war chief type rank and remove the move people privilage from officers.

  5. Need a place to easily change our defense teams. Seems can only change it of theyre set on a car. This is really, really, really bad design and doesnt let people adjust easily as they upgrade.


Hi, as a leader of a casual guild S1 I need an explanation about participants on offense and defense.
Right now without any guild perks we have 27 slots for defense, right?
What about Guild mates who don’t have a spot in the roster? Can they participate in offense?

Second question. On S5 GW perks are visible. Are they available, too? Can I plan ahead and start to invest into this perks now or must I wait until this feature ist available?

Third question is if there’s any feature to opt out players or can players who don’t have time since starting times are server-based opt themselves out?

A feedback is much appreciated, ty


Yes, they can still participate on offense.

Yes they are. Feel free to purchase them to get ready for war.

There is no opt-out feature for two reasons:

  1. Guild Wars are not a race. Whichever guild has the most points by the end of the 2nd day wins. So players who are not online when wars start can still help.

  2. Matchmaking doesn’t depend on guild size. So having a player opt-out won’t change who you are matched against.


Sorry to ask. Are you an official with PerBlue? If not, where’s your information is coming from?

Opting someone out would give a leader more deliberate choices for attack strategy. If I know from a roster overview guild mates are opted out I don’t need to ask them to attack. People have lives, go on vacation, have heavy work load, family, other activities whatsoever. Most people who are playing and paying aren’t kids. A lot was mentioned about quality of life these days you know. I don’t expect to be matched on participation basis. This was never the intention of my question.


ScannerWhite is a game developer. I added a title to prevent future confusion. Thanks for asking!


Thx for the clarification :slight_smile:


What is the function of the “Target” button?


Just a way to know that’s where your target is. If you turn it on, it highlights that car


That’s a way for guild leadership to let players know which cars they want their guild members to attack.

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Guild War Overview

One suggestion or addition to the war would be to have a viewing option so we could watch our fellow guild mates attempt their attack or defense. Even if there is a limit on number of viewing slots it would enhance player enjoyment.

Second suggestion would be to be able to war across servers so that we could fight a variety of other guilds, (not sure if that’s possible). The player/guild pool may be small for high lvl MMR guilds. It would not be fun to battle the same people over and over. At least a month between warring the same guild again

Pretty good first impression though. Well done

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Server 1 people: y’all are quiet! Is this game mode fun?


Thank you Polaris.

Next question. What are these ?


As I understand it.
Clean sweep is when you win all 3 in an attack.
Clean defence is number of full teams left at end of war. Both should score 5, not sure why they’re are 0 for you.

Clean defence I think should be renamed so it’s more clear.

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  1. I was wondering if there was the ability for like commanders and leaders to be able to move their defenses around like y’all did in Portal Quest?

  2. I don’t think I’ve seen an answer yet but another person asked if a player can chose a different defensive spot once their war is over. I’m assuming that once the matchmaking starts that people won’t be able to move their defenses.

  3. Also, will another guild rank like a war chief be made? I know others have asked about that too.

  4. Are wars going to stay at 2 days?

  5. Max cars would have 54 spots for teams. Each guild starts out with 3 per car and can buy I assume 3 more. So 6 slots x 9 cars. So that leaves me with the next question…will there be a guild size increase? There’s no way a guild of 50 can fill 54 spots. Or will the coli format go away for war?

  6. For the extra attacks, is there a point bank that can let the guild leadership dole out the extra attacks as needed?


I love guild wars. I’ve been waiting forever for them to come out. Tbh perblue took a little while longer to release guild war here than on their other games.


I don’t like to be contrary, but it actually is a race. Guild wars always have been. The first guild to clear all of the cars before the other guild will certainly win since they’ll take down all of the buffs of the other guild. No buffs equals no point modifiers if I’m not mistaken. Correct me if I’m wrong though.

I know y’all won’t be able to disclose much behind the scenes but how many times did y’all run simulated guild wars to see that it wasn’t a race? If not, does Perblue have a guild on S1 like they did on Portal Quest?


That’s not good, especially if it means people with jobs can’t contribute.

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Yes, guild leadership can move defenses.

For the current war, that’s correct. Once matchmaking happens, defenses can’t be moved. The guild can start setting up defenses for the next war right away, using the next war garage.


The extra points aren’t controlled, so anyone can use them. Guilds need to work together to decide who uses the extra attacks.

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