Basil of Trash Bin

Refresh for Basil!

Just as a lot of people know, Basil received really hard hits right after his release, his own skillset plays against him, no negation, no tenacity/evasion, unstoppable and endless targeting Brutes and invincible enemies like Hades and the owner of the worst disk in-game. Even the better disk, Mushu disk, reduce reality something useless for himself and the fact it’s incredibly hard for him to use his green and red skill. The blue skill has really dumb long cooldown, despite the fact his dodge doesn’t deal any damage and only studies a single enemy.
He is also a control hero but doesn’t apply any type of disable and debuff but study, which is far from something, is Barbossa a control hero because of his studies? No.

Poor Mouse doesn’t have much of chance against meta where most have both negation and evasion and applies a lot of disables.
Now PB is releasing a lot of anti-study effects to newer heroes making the situation even worse, thanks.

Base stats

  • Basic damage increased by 100%
  • Skill power increased by 100%
  • HP increased by 100%
  • Base attack speed increased by 20%

On The Mark

  • Increased damage by 50%
  • Increased study duration to 6 seconds
  • New: Darts now bypass berserk, reflect and invincible buffs
  • New: Each dart now removes X armor for 10 seconds, stacking with each dart

Clever Concoction

  • Increased damage by 100%
  • New: This skill now applies three stacks of fatigue to damaged enemies.
    • When Fatigue stacks applied by Basil are removed the enemies get stunned for 7 seconds, stun is doubled on studied enemies

Good Deduction

  • Reduce the cooldown of this skill to 6 seconds
  • New: This skill now studies all enemies for 12 seconds
  • New: Basil removes all his active debuffs and applies to the target
  • New: Basil gains 1 stack of Hardy per each debuff removed (thanks @Phal)

Closer Inspection

  • Reduce energy gain to 30
  • New: This skill now grants Basil tenacity
    • 110 tenacity from beginning and increases by 1 per each skill level

Wise Observation

  • Now every 3rd dart from basic attacks and ‘‘On The Mark’’ applies DoT damage
  • New: This skill now reduces armor from studied enemies, scaling by skill level
  • New: Basil heals X HP and gains a stack of Hardy for every 5 Studies applied to enemies
  • Increased by 50% skill power and basic damage from additional stat boosts
  • Removed bonus damage to Clever Concoction
    • Replaced with Armor Negation; starting from 180 and increasing by 1 per skill level

Randall disk

  • Reduce healing to 1% per star
    • Basil is now also included to the heal
  • The heal now activates under all types of disables
  • Remove increased basic damage while silenced
  • This disk now increases armor and reality on disabled allies; scaled by disk level
  • Increased Max HP by 50%

Mushu disk

  • This disk also removes armor from enemies while they have damage over time effects (the same amount as reality lose), increased amount of reduced reality by 100%
  • Increased basic damage by 100%
  • Basil now use ‘‘Clever Concoction’’ at the beginning of each wave
  • This use only of ‘‘Clever Concoction’’ applies 3 stacks of Weakness to enemies for 6 seconds (+1s per star)

“Basil of Trash Bin”


This should also target enemy with the most remaining HP, and remove armor from enemies between Basil and the targeted enemy.

Good Deduction right now is anything BUT good lol. Maybe this can also reflect debuffs if Basil dodges a debuff?

Shouldn’t this be 25 energy? Maybe he steals it from…actually never mind. It would be out of character.

This is a bad thing, it’ll make disabled enemies with low tenacity harder to take down.

Good refresh! Jolly good refresh!

Maybe refresh Mickey next?


Agreed to everything. Basil need this refresh badly. :pensive:


It will bring a little more balance between enemies with low and high tenacity/evasion.

Then shouldn’t it be disabled allies?


Didn’t notice that errror, yes.

Basil needs this so badly. I mean, he’s Disney’s Sherlock Holmes. We can’t have him be this weak


Amen to that!

Same applies with Kim Possible!


I think his white skill is fine, the rest I 100% AGREE

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Not really.
The suggestion fix his two major problems, invincible enemies and lack of negation.

You could easily refresh her in a update with Drakken or Shego or whoever. Give the Kim Possible fans what they want

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@Musketeer wanna do the honors of making concepts for em?

We don’t need to wait 2 years for that–
Kim’s refresh is more urge, she has lower damage potential.

Here’s my take on your refresh, Musketeer.

Lol no. Someone needs to be the tank against him.

It’s the target that should change.

Wouldn’t this be too OP, though? 20x armor removed is kinda broken if it only hits one target :thinking:

Not to mention that it’d remove 40 stacks of Hardy than the 20 it already removes :no_mouth:

So basically stun on Fatigue? Okay. It adds something to the reason he is a control hero.


Funny thing about this is that the reason he has no Evasion or Tenacity is because of Randall disk. So… you’re also making the disk more useless than it already is :grimacing:


Which skill?

Neither of these are necessary.

You know, you could have proposed a reduction of time the amount of time the DOT lasts (in green skill and red skill) :neutral_face:

Yes. Nerf the most useless disk by more than a third :neutral_face:

You know, allies could use this when they are actually silenced. They can take advantage of silences and deal more damage with their basic attacks.

Naw. Just remove the chance all together.

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I agree. She even falls flat in comparison to Scrooge, who has been aging these days. (In game, that is)

Was this really necessary?


No, few heroes can already reduce armor to 0.

Who in normal battle has 40 stacks? Pointless point.

It’s better to not have any disable and do what hero can, instead standing and being permanently frozen by Kristoff or stunned by EQ or Syndrome.

It’s under red skill??

It is, refreshes always come towards one aim, more damage. A bit more won’t hurt.

Then Mushu disk will be worse, no.

Read all.

Leaving healing as it is to work on all disables will be broken.

Not sure, too much for a single disk.

Thought about it, but—

Yes, there’s a big paragraph explaining… again…


Doesn’t mean it isn’t valid :neutral_face:

You’re not really addressing the fact that it makes Randall disk more useless

But more DOT with red skill. I’d say it’s worth it.

Then remove the armor on disable

If I’ll be honest, the idea of a chance to perform a skill because of a disk is ridiculous. I don’t wanna max a disk just for the relief to know that Basil will perform the green skill. And look at Woody (Je) and Jafar (Sc). Neither of them have a 20-80% chance to use their skills at the start of the wave. They have a 100% chance.

It does :wink:

Any disable which lasts at least for 1s will heal him, that’s definitely great. Heal also works on allies.

Removing it will make everything useless. Tenacity and not having long disables is more important.

Bo, Honey, Yzma, Mr. Inc (close), and some more

No, it should make allies well protected while disabled.
And silences are barely applied.

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