Hollywood Studios Concept Contest!

Can you vote in the poll so I can keep track? If a few more people say they need more time I will give an extra week or so.

I still haven’t finished both of my submissions yet. :cold_sweat:

There is a good amount of people who need more time so I will give another week. Things will be due on the 27th.


My Likely submission.

This is my likely submission. Gale - Likely Concept

Got it done, finally!

Voyd Likely Submission


One down, one to go

As Jones would say, Master Turner is on board!

So…is this still a thing?

It is. I have been forgetting about it.

So, submissions till tomorrow?

Yes! Due at 12:00 EST NEXT WEEK. I gave an extension.


Okay. Great!

Question: Do Dumbo characters qualify for this contest?

Good, I’m gonna release my likely submission this weekend

Fine by me @Imagineer_V . I’ll wait for you. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Has Dumbo won any awards or made a lot of money at the box office?

I don’t know that’s why I’m asking

It won an Academy Award/Oscar for Best Scoring of a Musical Picture. That qualifies it

Thanks for reminding me :sweat_smile:

Here is my unlikely entry

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