Honey Lemon Concept (Requested by @RPH85)

This was another requested concept by @RPH85 (I am noticing a theme here lol). I did use stuff from the Big Hero 6 TV series in case anyone wanted to know. I know since she is also another popular hero to make, I am very sorry if this is copying anyone’s concepts, but just to be safe I did check over some concepts that were said to be “similar topics.” I love seeing the different creative directions everyone takes, which is part of the concept making fun and I encourage others to join in! I am also currently doing a concept contest (at the time this topic was created) and you can go to that here. Enjoy the concept!

Honey Lemon

Description: A smart and outgoing SFIT chemistry major and a member of Big Hero 6, who uses her chem-purse to disrupt the battlefield.

Quote: “Now that’s a chemical reaction!”

Stars: :star2: :star2:

Role: Control

Position: Backline

Trial Team: Red


Entrance: Honey Lemon jumps into the battlefield, creating a bouncy landing with one of her chem-balls, landing on it. The landing then disappears.

Victory: Honey Lemon takes a selfie.

Defeat: Honey Lemon’s chem-purse turns off and she walks away.

Basic attack: Honey Lemon throws one of her chem-balls.


White- Chemical Reactions
Normal Damage :fist:
The player chooses a different chem-ball to throw at the enemy with the most skill power. Every chem-ball does X damage. Each one has different effects. While on auto, it cycles through starting with blue.

Blue- Honey Lemon throws a blue chem-ball, freezing the enemy for 6 seconds.

Green- Honey Lemon throws a green chem-ball, stunning the enemy for 9 seconds.

Red- Honey Lemon throws a red chem-ball, blinding the enemy for 6 seconds.

Pink- Honey Lemon throws a pink chem-ball, slowing the enemy’s attack and movement speed by 40% for 7 seconds.

Green- Artistic Talent
Honey Lemon creates an amazing painting, healing herself X HP per second for 7 seconds. The weakest enemy is amazed by the painting that it cleanses all buffs from the enemy. Buff cleanse may fail against enemies over level X.

Blue- Chem-purse Explosion
Fantastic Damage :sparkles:
Honey Lemon takes her chem-purse and puts it in the center of the enemies. The purse then counts down and creates a big explosion of pink smoke, dealing X damage per second for 6 seconds. This also saps the two enemies with the most HP. Sap may fail if the enemy is over level X.

Purple- A True Artist
“Artistic Talent” cleanses buffs from all enemies. Buff cleanse may fail against enemies over level X.

Red- Purse Upgrades
All disables from “Chemical Reactions” now affect the two enemies with the most Skill Power. Disables also last an additional 3 seconds. Honey Lemon is immune to all disables during “Chemical Reactions.”

Additional Stat Boosts:
+X Max HP
+X Skill Power
+X Damage dealt in “Chemical Reactions”


Honey Lemon/Go Go Tomago
Campaign: Big Hero Roommates
Description: Honey Lemon and Go Go become roommates and have to live with their differences, while being students and maintaining their secret identities.
Allies: Hiro, Baymax, Darkwing Duck
Disk: “Secret Identities”
Damage in “Chem-purse Explosion” occurs for an additional 3 seconds. +2 seconds per star on disk
+X Basic Damage

Honey Lemon/Rapunzel

Campaign: Art Students
Description: Honey Lemon and Rapunzel take an art class together at SFAI, SFIT’s rival school.
Allies: Elsa, Miss Piggy, Colette
Disk: “Hidden Talents”
Heal during “Artistic Talent” lasts an additional 3 seconds. +1 second per star on disk
+X Skill Power


What does SFAI and SFIT stand for?

San Fransokyo Art Institute and San Fransokyo Institution of Technology, I think

Yes! Sorry I should have put some sort of key for those.

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