Invasion Coming to Server 3!


The robot invasion is expanding - Mama Bot has landed on server 3! We will be starting Invasion on Server 3 on Monday, March 18!

You can read the Invasion Overview here, and be sure to read the changes we made in the 1.8 update here.

On Server 3, Mods will be limited to phase 1. This means Heroes can only equip one Mod, Mods can’t be advanced, and they are limited to basic and +1. To learn about phase 1 Mods, be sure to read the overview post here.

Server 3 players, we’ll be looking for your feedback in this thread next week.

Everyone else, thanks for being patient. We’re getting closer to unleashing Invasion on the rest of the servers!


Boss invasion to other servers
Invasion feedback server 3

Server 3 is not near death, they chose probably because the amount of top tier players that do provide quality feedback



Yea, server 3 is very far from dead. Sounds like someone is salty they aren’t getting to test it



I really wish it was server 8, or at least two so my friend could tell me about it. But I guess it will come eventually.



Haha server 3 is well n kicking thanx for checking up tho! Elder_Pan



Ok. I understand that you need more feedback but… Server 3? Thats a surprise. @Giraffeyjosh don’t miss the news!



Wait, server 3? But it isn’t coming on 2? There must be a good explanation for this, right Polaris? :triumph:



So Server 2 is being skipped over why exactly? @Polaris



@Polaris I’d like to hear more on why Server 2 was skipped as well. Do we really need more servers at different content levels so the user base can feel left out?

We haven’t had real new content in how long now? And before you say it, raising the level cap isn’t actually new content.



Who told you it was dead? Jealous much?

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Why does he have to explain why he is testing it on one server but not another? They do this often? Remember the diamond investment thing, they did that on server 6 I think. Also those air drops were tested on another random server too



New content like the characters they released last week? People never happy



Calm down. I am assuming you are in server 2 that is why you are complaining.

Did you forget about Alice and Wonderland characters? Not to mention the QoL improvements?

Maybe they thought it was interesting to make it random. I personally want my experience with Invasion to be the best possible. If that means waiting a few more weeks, then…

:musical_note: I’m willing to wait for it :musical_note:



I dunno I always thought server 3 was dead. I’m there and VIP and global are filled with tumbleweeds most of the time. Even still I am excited this is coming out. Cant wait!



New characters aren’t new content; they’re new characters. New contest is what Heist, Guild War, Invasion is.

And he’s asking why is all of 2-8 being skipped and just 3 is getting it.

@Meatsqueezer …Invasion is not the experiment the diamond investment thing was; it’s happening. Anyone not getting it has EVERY right to ask why, especially in a P2W game where our money is going to content that is now skipping servers over…



Mwahahaha… We at server three are far from dead. Sure a lot of players quit, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us have stopped.



I’ll wait here and see which way the wind will blow…

But I personally think ot makes no difference to anybody who isnt getting Invasion.

See they want feedback from server 3.

Also, since some people seem to think it is dead, this may be their way of trying to revive it.

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So can other servers expect a update next week as well? Maybe a cap increase?..pls :grin:

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What about server 2 for invasion? You know

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I’m entirely naive here so excuse my assumption, but could server 3 be getting it first due to it having the most spenders or top players? Or is it just entirely random. Who knows.
As I said before I was surprised we are the only ones getting it as I’ve watched the server just dwindle to the same 15 people talking in either chat. (Of course people hide in guild chat so there is that).
Theorizing aside, hopefully itll be successful and released for everyone else without bugs.