Invasion Preview


Disney Heroes: Invasion Preview

The new Invasion feature for 1.7 builds on the Mods update that was introduced in 1.6. Both are currently only on Server 1 for the time being as they are tested and refined.

Invasion is a periodic, week-long event where individual players and guilds can compete across two different modes, Breaker Quest and Boss Battles. Giant robots are invading the City! Fight through increasingly difficult battles across the City in Breaker Quest to collect Breakers. Use your Breakers to defeat robot bosses and earn big rewards.


Invasion is meant to be the main way players can acquire new mods and mod power. Each Invasion focuses on one of the 3 hero color Teams: Yellow, Blue and Red.

So in the screenshots above, for example, the Invasion is focusing on the Yellow Team. This means Mods available to be earned will be for Yellow heroes only. It also means that Yellow heroes and Mods can be Powered Up.

Each Invasion also features 3 specific heroes who start very powered-up for the Invasion. Mods attuned to those heroes can be found in Supply Crates. All heroes can be further Powered Up during the Invasion by earning Power Up items.

Powered Up heroes and Mods are more powerful for the current Invasion only. But they will help you earn more rewards by doing better in both the Breaker Quest and Boss Battles.

Breaker Quest

Breaker Fights

Use Invasion Stamina to win fights in the Breaker Quest to earn Breakers.

Ward Fights

Each individual breaker fight has 4 wards that make its enemies stronger. If you can’t defeat a breaker fight directly, destroy the wards around it to weaken it.

Hero Pool

Your heroes’ HP and energy persist between fights in the Breaker Quest (just like City Watch). Use Hero Revives (earned from winning Breaker Fights and defeating Bosses) to revive KO’ed heroes and continue the fight.

Boss Battles

Fighting Bosses

You need breakers to attack a boss. You can spend 3 breakers at once to make a strong attack which does 5 times as much damage.

Work as a Group

If you can’t defeat the boss you find in one attack, your guild can help you out by attacking the boss as well. You have to attack your boss once before your guild will see the boss.


Boss rewards are handed out only when the bosses is finally defeated. People who participated in attacking the boss earn rewards. Extra rewards are given out for doing large amounts of damage and other objectives. You can see all the possible rewards by pressing the view button next to the rewards.

Hero Pool

Your hero’s HP and energy persist between fights against bosses. This HP and energy is different from that in the breaker quest. You can use Hero Revives to prolong your fight against the bosses.

Invasion Shop

Boss Tech

Boss tech is awarded when you successfully defeat a boss. Spend it in the Invasion shop to buy more items to help with the current Invasion.


Boosts are one time use items that will help you in the breaker quest but can’t be used in the boss battle. Use them to defeat particularly nasty enemy combinations.

Use ’Em or Lose ’Em!

Your boss tech and boosts will expire at the end of the Invasion. So spend them liberally! They’re there to help you get as far as possible in the current Invasion.


At the start of each Invasion certain heroes are automatically powered up, making them stronger in all Invasion fights.

During the invasion you will earn hero Power-Up items that you can use to power-up your heroes further. Each power-up item will give you an option of 3 different heroes you can power up as well as the option to give a weaker power-up to a whole team of heroes. Power ups reset at the end of the Invasion.

Supply Crates

Players can buy supply crates to help them out in the Invasion. Supply Crates contain Mods, Mod Power, and other useful items. There are multiple supply crates available each Invasion, each with bigger and better rewards than the previous.

Points and Rewards

Invasion Points

Earn Invasion points by winning Breaker Fights and when a Boss you attacked is defeated.

Progress Rewards

Reach certain thresholds of Invasion Points to earn a Mod, Mod Power, Gold, Hero XP, Stamina, Disk Power, and more rewards.

Rank Rewards

Compete both against other players and other guilds to earn the most Invasion points. The higher ranked you get, the more mod power you will earn at the end of the Invasion.

Invasion Leagues

Top players and guilds will be promoted to a new league in the next Invasion, where they will be eligible for better rewards. You can also be demoted if you don’t do well enough!

Invasion feedback

Shop no. 11, here we go :expressionless:

All in all, doesn’t seem all that interesting to me, especially if it’s true that the Mods themselves are very minor things


This shop is different - it only sells boosts for the Invasion, and it’s only accessible when an Invasion is happening.


Yeah, I know, but the amount of shop tabs is getting ridiculous, I hope new players aren’t even able to see all of them? Because I’d be terrified if I saw the amount of currency flowing around the game, that’s not very new-player friendly


However, could you update shop UI, same as event board few weeks ago?
There are too much shops and finding a shop take some long time.

Invasion looks odd by now, guess I need to look at self after releasing.


It won’t show in the shops tab. Only accessible from the Invasion screens.


So you said that health an enrgy persist between fights. I assume that this includes Nick’s lemmings?


yes, that does include Nick’s lemmings



As well as nicks lemmings, does buzz’s extra attack buff from his zurg disk carry through as well?


0 diamonds, less than 6,000 gold, I see you’re broke like the rest of us.


4 a sec, I thought u could collect the creeps in dat photo. :joy:

State of The Game

XD same!!! I thought it was just me


How about putting Darkwing Duck in invasion shop?


Huh I do not gat it this invasion thing


I’m actually really enjoying Invasion! Thanks so much for introducing it to those of us in server 1!


I’m glad there is someone who enjoys 1.7. :grin:


I’ve had a little run of invasion so far, and no issues so far. It’s nice to see something different. :slight_smile:

It may become repetitive after a while though, maybe we need some different boss designs?


Seems like a great change of pace for guild and solo play. Looking forward to it.:grinning:


Invasion is really great feature to this game, its already amazing, no changes needed.
Thanks PB :slight_smile:


Why is the invasion stamina not shown on yormur main home screen? Like the campaign stamina and friendship stamina is there, but in order to see how much invasion stamina you have, you have to actually go into the invasion game mode