Mods Preview


Disney Heroes: Mod Preview

We are excited to share a bit about our upcoming feature, Mods, and give you a preview of this first stage. Mods are a new way to customize your heroes and make them stronger. Mods will only be on Server 1 while we test the feature and gather feedback.


Mods are upgrades you can equip to your heroes to increase their core stats. The shape of the mod determines which core stat the mod increases:

  • Circular mods increase a hero’s hit points
  • Square mods increase your hero’s basic damage
  • Diamond mods increase a hero’s skill power

The color of the mod determines which heroes it can be used to boost. Each mod can only be used with heroes from the same Team Color used in Team Trials. (Trials groups all heroes into three color-based teams: Red, Blue and Yellow.)

Upgrading Mods

Mods can be upgraded by using a new resource called Mod Power. Upgrading a mod increases the stat boost that it gives to a hero. A normal mod can be upgraded from Level 1 to Level 20.

Attuning Mods


Some mods you will get will be +1 “attuned” mods (other mods are effectively +0). These mods are stronger, but more limited:

  • They give a larger stat boost
  • They can be upgraded to level 30
  • But they can only be equipped to a specific hero

If you really want to use an attuned mod on a different hero, you can spend hero chips to re-attune it to a different hero.

Earning Mods and Mod Power

With this first release, there are limited ways to earn mods and mod power. We have plans for a new game mode called Invasion that will be the primary way to earn mods.

But for now everyone on Server 1 will get a mod for free in their mailbox. There will also be a contest this weekend where players can earn another mod and mod power. Lastly, attuned mods for a few select heroes will be available from Event bundles for diamonds.

More to Come

The version of mods releasing on server 1 is just the initial step. We have some fun plans for making mods more customizable over time. And we’re also working on the Invasion mode in parallel. Keep an eye out to see what’s coming next. And in the meantime, Server 1 players, please check out mods!

Update 1.6 Patch Notes
Mods - what's the plans here perBlue?
Invasion Coming to Server 3!
Best concepts

When is planned date of release?

Mods sounds really great but I hope it will be challenging but free way of unlocking this.


We’ll be releasing it on Server 1 with the 1.6 update, which is planned for tomorrow.


How many mods can be applied to a hero?


What are the requirements to apply a mod to a hero?


Are mods permanent to a hero, or can they be removed and placed on a different hero?


Right now only one at a time, but this is just the first phase of Mods, and that will be expanded in the future.

Heroes must be Purple +1 to equip a Mod.

Mods can be equipped and unequipped. As long as they are not attuned to a specific Hero, they can be used by any Hero of that color. The Hero they are attuned to can be changed by paying Hero Chips.

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If a hero with an equipped mod is set on an Arena or Coliseum defense team later has the mod unequipped, will the defense team be automatically updated to remove the mod?

(This auto-updating is extremely annoying for memory disks by the way, but seems to be essential for Mods)

What about a Guild War defense team after the Sabotage Phase starts?


@Polaris when Mods will be send to s1 players as you mentioned in review?


We’ll be sending them out shortly. We’re doing a bit of internal testing on the live server at the moment!


Well if you mean after all these changes we just got, of good will in this update doesn’t count as listening, I guess you absolutely right! I agree with you 0%.

Be pantient please, guild war is still fresh, not even 1 season we have done yet or complete.


@pepper - As a member from Server 1 where the “soft” rollout for Guild wars happened - for about 2 days - The guild wars had no time to give feedback before it was released to the other servers. So my valid question still stands.

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Hey polaris I’m wondering an we get mods today


Another way to generate revenue :sunglasses:.
Not excited about it at all. Will be same money grab as disc power.


Now mods are available in all servers, how do you get them?


Via Invasion… or Deals…


5 more team levels…
Thank you for sharing.

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