Invasion Team Building 101: Team Blue

This is a guide to helping players across all levels and all servers build teams to tackle the 5-day Invasion challenge. This guide will attempt to help players form the most optimal teams to slay Mama Bots, or at the very least, build teams that can do a good enough attempt for the entire 5-day period with the limitations of their current hero pool. This guide acknowledges that not all players would necessarily have every resource available to them to invest on the very best characters. Nonetheless, this guide will highlight a variety of notable heroes and why they might excel during Invasion. Ultimately, your minimum goal is simply to survive as you continue to contribute what you can for your guild. Even some amount of participation will be rewarded, and that will always be true.

Characters will be categorized in the following:

Frontliner: A hero that excels at being at the forefront and surviving devastating hits to protect their team.

Damage Dealer: A hero that excels at dealing as much damage as quickly and/or effectively as possible.

Utility: A hero that provides extremely valuable effects that help a team’s performance such healing, damage boost, etc.

Characters are categorized this way because these functions can be covered by Heroes that can come from any role that’s traditionally laid out by the game (Tank, Damage, Support, Control).

Team Blue just might be the most aggressive team when compared to the other colours. When it comes to support, team Blue specializes in SPEED and there is a greater abundance of speed boosting in this team in particular. As a result, most combinations of team Blue have exceptionally high DPS and a greater propensity to hyper-offense. Healing and recovery is technically the weakest and least accessible for team Blue, but many of it’s members are capable of some form of self-healing. The sheer speed of team Blue means they can quickly end things with killing blows faster than enemies may have the chance to turn things around.


Notable Heroes

Bo Peep:
Bo is an excellent Tank who can apply a ton of pressure with her relentless knock-backs. When she starts spinning her staff, very few things can stop her and even fewer that can cause harm to her allies behind her. Her disk with Woody is very valuable as it can shred Armor from Mama Bots, making them just a bit easier to deal with. Of course, her damage potential is certainly nothing to sneeze at either. With the help of Meg, she will never have to worry about getting KO’d.

Fix-It-Felix Jr.:
Contrary to what most of team Blue is capable of, Felix is quite passive and offers very little damage. However, he is a competent damage sponge in his own right. He can do some healing as an off-support character and his team-wide Skill Power bonus can actually provide certain teammates extra nuking power. He is widely available and easy to unlock; a decent alternative until something better comes along.

Gonzo makes for an interesting damage sponge who gains more durability the lower his HP. He is incredibly aggro and is really good at diverting damage away from his allies. He’s also good at clearing mobs and he’s a mixed attacker, so there’s really nothing he can’t handle. He’s not particularly competent at Bot slaying, but he can make a decent pick for a more defensive effort.

Hercules is the actual best damage sponge available. His ability to become invincible offers remarkable protection and it allows him to stand up against Mama Bots without much worry. While he’s not really much of a Bot slayer himself, he is a great obstacle that can stand between a tough Bot and the rest of his team. He can ensure his team can safely apply chip damage to a Bot so that you can collect some rewards later on.

Miss Piggy:
Miss Piggy has remarkable strength and does a ton of damage all by herself. She also has extremely useful Friendship Disks that easily cover her inherent weaknesses and turn them into a source of strength. These disks help her plow through most Breaker Quests very easily. She’s not great against Bots by herself, but with the help of Meg, she can put on tons of work.

The Queen of Hearts:
Before there was Miss Piggy, there was the Queen of Hearts. She is technically a lot more chaotic with her shuffling mechanics but this actually allows her to exert great control over tougher Breaker Quests. She benefits highly off of team Blue’s abundance of speed boosting and Basic Damage boosting. She is a fun, volatile alternative frontliner as long as she’s well supported.


Notable Heroes

As a jack-of-all trades, Alice can fulfill the roles of a damage dealer or that of a utility-based teammate. With Miguel’s disk, Alice can do an unprecedented amount of damage that can wipe off most enemy groups in a single stomp. Quorra’s disk gives shields once per wave and can do so in every Breaker Quest. She’s at her best when played manually so that she can more liberally provide some speed-based support before turning into an Enormous monster.

Buzz Lightyear:
While he may seem weak in competitive modes, Buzz actually finds a lot of success during Invasion. The key to his success is his Friendship Disk with Zurg. He becomes a terrifying DPS monster especially when Zurg’s disk is being stacked with other speed boosts and Basic Damage buffs. He is a very unlikely Bot slayer, but he is best played manually so he can stay grounded to spam his regular attacks, which is where most of his value comes from.

Ducky & Bunny:
Ducky & Bunny are some of the best Fantastic Damage users available to team Blue. They are great for handling mobs and they can do a ton of damage against Bots. Timon & Pumbaa’s disk is the better choice; the burning effect of Laser Eyes will give them a lot of self-healing. They don’t actually have a lot of ways to modify their damage output, but what they offer is very powerful in any case.

Elsa’s kit somewhat suffers when she’s unable to freeze things (like a Mama Bot), but that doesn’t actually stop her from still doing immense damage. Unlike Ducky & Bunny, Elsa’s damage can be amplified by slowing down enemies. The Mad Hatter, Stitch, Alice, and even Animal (with Red Skill) can help her bring forth catastrophe upon her enemies. She’s excellent for clearing mobs almost instantly with her signature Snow Strike.

Emperor Zurg:
Zurg isn’t particularly very useful without any Energy. Thankfully, that’s not at all an issue during Invasion. He’s a competent damage dealer when he starts channeling Ion Blaster and he can even quickly regain Energy with the help of Genie or Woody. He’s underrated most of the time, but because his weaknesses are easy to cover during Invasion and he’s easy to unlock, he can definitely pull some weight when it’s needed.

If you’re looking for an instant wipe out, Jafar is your main man. His Whirling Dervish still packs an insane punch and he can almost single-handedly breeze through most Breaker Quests all by himself. The rest of his kit actually has very little use, so his value really rides on one marvelous skill. His Whirling Dervish contributes good damage against Mama Bots, but make sure he’s played manually. He shouldn’t waste any time trying to charm a Bot.

Jasmine is an incredibly useful damage dealer in that her skillset offers great flexibility. She’s actually at her full potential during Invasion as players are allowed to manually choose which target Rajah should pounce on. This allows her to remove important targets, especially on tougher Breaker Quests. Against Bots, it’s actually possible for her to force a Bot to turn away when she re-summons Rajah, giving her an important niche in teams focused on Bot slaying.

As far as team Blue is concerned, Stitch just might be the most powerful Bot slayer available. Everything in his kit is useful for taking down bots, and he even has the unique distinction on being one of the only characters capable of using Normal, Fantastic, and True damage. His most powerful trait is slowing Bots rather severely, especially when he’s using Maui’s disk. The slow alone makes him valuable, but his insane ability to score crits and spam Plasma Blast over and over again cements his place as one of team Blue’s most important members.

No, this isn’t a mistake. Vanellope legitimately pulls her weight within team Blue! First of all, she is universally available to all players, so she’s always an option. As it turns out, her kit fits well with team Blue’s propensity to abuse speed control via speed boosting and causing slows. Her skillset makes her a natural for clearing mobs fast and efficiently. Her disks are also useful and takes full advantage of team Blue’s aforementioned speed control, even making her viable against Bots. If nothing else, she’s great to have until players unlock someone better.


Notable Heroes

Animal is one of team Blue’s main speed boosters. What sets him apart from the others is his heavy emphasis on spatial control. His knock backs are quite relentless and this is further supplemented by his immense Basic Damage boost. In particular, his damage boost is especially enjoyed by Stitch. He is an easy fit for any combination of team Blue.

Duke Caboom:
No, this isn’t a mistake. While most players know him for his ridiculous damage potential showcased in competitive game modes, Duke actually shines in Invasion for his utilities. Yes, he provides speed as well. Even though it’s technically not as potent as Animal’s or Woody’s, Duke’s speed boost actually lasts longer. More importantly, he can act as a main healer thanks to Woody’s disk (especially maxed out). This side of his play style is made possible to take full advantage of because players can play him manually.

When it comes to healing, Genie is one of team Blue’s absolute best options. While he can only heal 3 allies at a time, the other utilities he provides are too hard to pass up. He can provide a massive burst of Energy to one ally and can also grant invincibility to another ally. Additionally, his healing comes with a nifty speed boost too. These utilities are absolutely phenomenal to have around especially on tougher Breaker Quests and Mama Bots. His lack of self-preservation is easily covered by Meg, who can manually link with him.

Kristoff & Sven:
Kristoff actually fills the niche of being a full-fledged “main” healer for team Blue. Like Genie, Kristoff’s Troll Mend is not a cooldown skill, so he is indeed a reliable healer. They somewhat compete against Genie as a main healer; their Armor and Skill Power boosts are more subtle than Genie’s Energy, Invincibility, and speed tech, which are much more impactful. While they can’t make consistent use of freeze, they do synergize well with team Blue’s many slow abusers.

Meg is the one responsible for the success of many frontliners who became immortal walls when it’s otherwise not possible. The likes of Gonzo, Bo Peep, and Miss Piggy have her to thank. Meg’s Link ability is at it’s best use during Invasion because players can manually choose who to link her with. She can even link with healers, which still works well for frontliners as they can now have an immortal healer keeping them healthy.

Hex is Ursula’s claim to fame and that actually provides her a rather specific niche for Invasion. While it’s true that players can actually buy Hex spells that can be used immediately, sometimes there aren’t enough tokens for the shop or perhaps some battles warrant more than a few uses of Hex. This is where Ursula steps in. Thanks to the abundance of speed and Energy in team Blue, Ursula can Hex multiple times and keep the party safe by suppressing team-wiping skills, while also making a positive impact to the Invasion Shop’s economic system.

Woody has been one of team Blue’s top ranking Heroes since Invasion first came to Server 1, and with good reason. The key to his success is his Friendship Disk with Buzz. With it, Woody and his team can gain Energy in huge bursts to the point that it’s almost excessive. A team with Woody can spam active skills with extreme prejudice. On top of that, he is yet another speed abuser that can maintain the team’s exaggerated DPS.


As always, cool guide!
I’m especially looking forward to the Yellow Invasion guide, since it’s the one I struggle the most at.


I appreciate anyone who point out my mistakes so that I could correct them, I really do. But can you all do me a solid?

If you’re gonna point out my mistakes, can you guys maybe quote an entire sentence? I will know know exactly where to find it this way. It’s so frustrating when only a single word is isolated because now I have to scour the article just to find it.

I’m dyslexic. I know I don’t come across as dyslexic, but I am, and it’s why correcting these mistakes matter to me. @Phal I wrote Ursula’s name about 3 or 4 times and it took me a while to find my error because only one letter was off. Don’t take it personally because almost everyone who points out my mistakes does this.


Okay, sorry. No problem. If I find another typo in the future guides, I’ll quote the full sentence

Nice cool and helpful guide. Would kristoff be a good option to use in boss battles ?coz i recently builded em so i dunno he works well or not.

Not sure, but… I guess so. His freezes are useless against bots, but he could make Stitch’s slow longer. It pretty much wouldn’t end, between one slobber and another, keeping the bot constantly unable to attack. Ofc, for this to work best Stitch needs a 5 star Maui disk

I have 4 star stitch ma disk . My team Bopeep,Meg Duke,animal ,stitch

Kristoff is good, but he gains energy too slow :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: and for some reason, even with all extra armor his white skill offers, Invasion bosses always manage to heavily injure or even K.O my Meg, and then Bo Peep :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I need 1 more healer for Blue team, I really do. But with everything is so expensive, I just hope they will turn some already-in-game blue heroes into a healer…

Same goes wuth me . u can use duke(wo) for healing

All of this is in Duke’s part of the guide

I don’t know about you, but this kind of ruined how Duke was introduced, because this was how you introduced Vanellope. Is this (ironically) a mistake Aurora?

And this sentence has strange wording at the end. I just can’t figure out how to word it correctly.

And this is in Genie’s part

There should be a space after the period of the first sentence that is shown.

Yes! My top teams are there hehe

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So, now that Jessie has a refresh, is she better for Invasion or still not usable?

Exactly the same situation here. I only got Genie and unfortunately, I don’t have any resources left to do anything to make Kristoff even usable. Because I’m currently working on red skills and struggling to finish CW :man_shrugging:t2:

Yeah I mostly use Stitch, Ducky and Bunny, Meg, Bo, and Animal (with Duke sometimes replacing Meg or Ducky and Bunny).

So thanks for validating my team!

I can’t see any help on this guide… all what i see is posting blue color toons !!!
Especially after breaking bo’s red disk

wow i do quite similar.

Like how they broke Darkwing Duck’s Nick disk when they made it so he blocked shields part of the time, as it said in the disk’s description, instead of all of the time, which is what he did the first couple of weeks?

That was a bug, not intentional. Same for Bo (Wo).

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I think Calhoun deserves a mention under the damage section. Her laserblast hits the whole field, and when teamed with Animal(Go) she goes postal during boss fights.

Her Vi shield is nice during breaker fights, and helps the tank if they start the boss fight at less than full health.

Unless you are up against Shan Yu. You are as good as dead if you use her with him in the battlefield.

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