AV's General Invasion Guide: Team Comps, Goals, and More

From Monday to Friday, players are given a weekly 5-day challenge that gives them the opportunity to earn rewards that contain extremely valuable resources. Invasion should ideally be treated as a team effort and players are encouraged to cooperate with fellow Guild members to help each other reap more rewards. This is a social game and players should take full advantage of camaraderie to get the most out of Invasion.



So the game already categorizes each character into specific roles: Tank, Damage, Support, Control. You can loosely follow those titles as simply “guidelines” and you should think more flexibly than that. For the purposes of this guide, we are going to split the roster into these 3 roles:

Frontliner: A hero that excels at being at the forefront and surviving devastating hits to protect their team.

Damage Dealer: A hero that excels at dealing as much damage as quickly and/or effectively as possible.

Utility: A hero that provides extremely valuable effects that help a team’s performance such healing, damage boost, etc.

If you start thinking of heroes this way, it becomes easier to intuitively build your teams based on who you have available. That’s really the minimum goal here. Yes, it’s true that some characters will fulfill a role better than others, but what you got is what you use and you can make it work!

Making a Team

Rather than searching for the “best” characters to make the “best” teams, you can break it down into “cores”. You make a “core” and that can be the foundation of your strategy. There are different ways to go about with this and sometimes a team that excels at fighting Bots might look differently from a team that excels in Breaker Quests.

For example:
It’s team Blue’s Invasion week and I want to make a team that can slay bots effectively. Stitch is great because he can slow down a Bot and gains Energy super quickly so he can spam Plasma Blast over and over. How do I make him better? Ah, Animal can give him a boost in speed and a massive boost in damage too! Let’s get him in here. Hm, Stitch’s disk with Maui is not maxed out, so the Bot can still summon mobs and the Brutes are gonna block Stitch’s Plasma Blast. I need someone who can get rid of mobs instantly. I know! Elsa can do that with her Snow Strike and she can also deal a ton of damage to the Bot because she will do bonus damage when it’s slowed down! Yeah, she’s in.

So now I have a “slayer core” and it has: Stitch, Animal, and Elsa

But the team is not complete yet! I still need two more members, but who? Ok, so I see my team is kind of exposed. I need someone at the front so the three of them can stay safely behind. I wanna use Bo Peep because her Deflection Spin is great. She can’t heal herself though and the other three can’t heal her either. Wait, Meg can link with her and she won’t have to go down!

And now I have a “protection core” and it has: Bo Peep and Megara

Let’s take a look at this team:
Frontliner: Bo Peep
Damage Dealers: Stitch and Elsa
Utilities: Animal and Meg

This team should do great when it comes to fighting Bots but it might not work as well in tougher Breaker Quests becauce this team is gonna suffer from AOE damage and I don’t have a healer. Maybe I can replace Stitch for Genie so I can get some healing. Elsa can still deal with mobs and Meg can just manually link with Genie so he won’t go down.

Another way of building a team is to make use of a specific mechanic and go off of that.

For example:
It’s team Yellow’s Invasion week and I want to use scares as my main strategy for Breaker Quests. I know Jack Skellington is great and he can also heal the team off of scaring. I think I should pair him up with Sulley because he can also use scares and he can keep my team healthy by healing everyone at the end of every fight. Scares cause Fantastic Damage to always crit so I should try to take advantage of that even more. I think Nick is great because he can stack Lemmings and will do a ton of work in the long run.

So now I’ve got my “scare core” and it has: Jack Skellington, Sulley & Boo, and Nick

Ok, I see that my team shouldn’t really have to worry about healing. Oh, but now I see that there’s too much Fantastic Damage being used and Skeletons are definitely gonna annoy my team. I think I can add Anger. His regular attacks can one-shot Skeletons and he can even use a speed boost to help out Jack tremendously. The last slot can honestly be filled by anyone, actually. I’m gonna use Linguini & Remy because I like the idea of protecting my team from negative status effects.

So now I add a “stability core” and it has: Anger, and Linguini & Remy

The Roles are now:
Frontliner: Sulley & Boo
Damage Dealers: Sulley & Boo, Nick, Anger, Jack Skellington
Utilities: Sulley & Boo, Anger, Linguini & Remy, Jack Skellington

That’s even more healing, but it’s fine. My team can now survive anything and between Sulley, Nick, and Anger, I have a lot of nuking power too. There’s a lot of role compression with multiple characters serving multiple functions. This can be a great team for taking on tough Breaker Quests.

And then there’s the “All-4-1”, where a team’s composition is entirely centered around the success of 1 character. Again, there are many ways to go about with this, but let’s take a look at Bot slaying again.

For example:
It’s team Red’s Invasion week, and I love Peter Pan so he’s gonna be my superstar. What can I do to squeeze the most value out of him? Ok, so his Air Parry does Fantastic Damage so I’m gonna pair him up with Elastigirl. With Jack-Jack’s disk, Elastigirl can shred Reality for Peter so he can do even more damage. Oh, hang on… Peter’s Air Parry damage is based on his Basic Damage stat? Then that means Rafiki can give him a boost! Peter has higher Basic Damage than everyone else, so Rafiki will always prefer to buff Peter. So Elastigirl weakens the Bot and Rafiki empowers Peter, but surely I can do more for Peter. Mickey Mouse, of course! Mickey will make Peter do more damage and we can even tack on more on top of that with Jack Skellington’s disk. Mickey is in! My team is not particularly fast, but Goofy can fix that and everyone can build their energy even faster. Alright, looks like I’m good to go!

The team has:
Frontliner: Goofy
Damage Dealers: PETER PAN and Elastigirl
Utilities: Mickey and Rafiki

It’s a literal “All-4-1” because 4/5th’s of the team is completely dedicated to enhancing 1 specific Hero’s combat performance to the point where it’s overkill. Works like miracle though.

These are all just examples, but these should give players an idea of how teams should be made. Sometimes, you may not have the luxury of being able to pick whoever you want. You can definitely improvise though and any effort you can make is better than nothing and you will be rewarded as long as you seize every opportunity to participate.

Team Colors

If now you know how to make a team, here are links to team-specific articles that highlight characters that prove to be excellent choices. These characters are highlighted due to a combination of their effectiveness and ease of accessibility.

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