Invasion Team Building 101: Team Red

This is a guide to helping players across all levels and all servers build teams to tackle the 5-day Invasion challenge. This guide will attempt to help players form the most optimal teams to slay Mama Bots, or at the very least, build teams that can do a good enough attempt for the entire 5-day period with the limitations of their current hero pool. This guide acknowledges that not all players would necessarily have every resource available to them to invest on the very best characters. Nonetheless, this guide will highlight a variety of notable heroes and why they might excel during Invasion. Ultimately, your minimum goal is simply to survive as you continue to contribute what you can for your guild. Even some amount of participation will be rewarded, and that will always be true.

Characters will be categorized in the following:

Frontliner: A hero that excels at being at the forefront and surviving devastating hits to protect their team.

Damage Dealer: A hero that excels at dealing as much damage as quickly and/or effectively as possible.

Utility: A hero that provides extremely valuable effects that help a team’s performance such healing, damage boost, etc.

Characters are categorized this way because these functions can be covered by Heroes that can come from any role that’s traditionally laid out by the game (Tank, Damage, Support, Control).

Team Red is arguably the most balanced team of any colour. As far as support goes, team Red specializes in SHIELDS as there are more heroes that use shields in this team by comparison. Team Red’s selection of heroes offers a bit of everything and as such, can cover different strategic preferences. Healing tends to come a bit slow and few characters can provide it in huge bursts, but the availability of shields compensates for this.


Notable Heroes

Baymax is widely available and offers great protection with his shields. He does well in higher level Breaker Quests as long as he’s being well supported. He’s not good at slaying Bots, but he can help stall it out. If your team is not well suited for actually slaying Bots, then his shields will help with staying long enough to apply some chip damage to a Bot. It’s better than nothing and you can reap some participation rewards later on.

Gerald, Marlin, & Nemo:
Gerald, Marlin, & Nemo form an extremely tough defensive force. Their most notable attribute is their ability to heal everyone as long as they remain on that rock. It can occasionally be hard to keep them up there especially on tougher Breaker Quests, but they will have no such issue against Mama Bots. They can comfortably heal and sponge otherwise devastating hits while the rest of the team wail on the Mama Bot.

Goofy is Team Red’s only reliable source of speed. Yes, there’s Powerline’s Red Skill, but that is nothing in comparison to Goofy. As the premier speed booster, Goofy fills an incredibly important niche in Team Red by drastically raising a team’s DPS. Speed aside, Goofy takes hits quite well with his dodge and personal shield. He’s a tremendous help in all situations.

Launchpad McQuack:
Launchpad can provide burst healing and/or Energy and performs extremely well in high-level Breaker Quests. His HP is massive so he can comfortably soak enough damage from Mama Bots and activate Autopilot, which is a godsend. He synergizes well with healers but his biggest selling point is providing a massive team-wide HP boost with Smooth Landing.

Mr. Incredible:
Mr. Incredible is an extremely aggressive Hero and most players should be able to unlock him rather early on. Most of his real value comes from his Friendship Disk with Elastigirl. With it, he can shred Armor and this synergizes extremely well with many of team Red’s main damage dealers. Once he goes Super Duper, he will also gain self-healing on top of his power/speed boost. He can survive Bots in this state with the help of his healers.

Winnie the Pooh:
Pooh is like the polar opposite of Goofy and yet he fills an almost exclusive niche. He is arguably the best for slowing down Bots. This niche was previously fulfilled by Hiro’s Megabot, but Pooh Bear’s slows are much more severe. Slowing down Mama Bots prevents them from unleashing devastating attacks and Pooh can very easily maintain Bots in slow-mo as long as he doesn’t use Rumbly Tummy. His 4 other teammates must compensate for his lack of damage.


Notable Heroes

Dash is an early-game Hero and should be very easy to unlock. He does burst damage very quickly and he also gains Energy at an alarming rate. For Breaker Quests, he can usually wipe out most mobs all by himself unless there are Brutes. Dash’s explosive power can devastate even the toughest Mama Bots. Since he only does Normal Damage, he synergizes extremely well with team Red’s Armor shredders.

Donald Duck:
Before he was a Control Hero, Donald was originally a Damage Hero and that inherent design choice still lingers. Even if his White Skill is weak, he handles mobs very well because he’s a mixed attacker. His regular attacks hit with very heavy damage and scales dangerously well when combined with team Red’s Armor shredders and power boosters.

Elastigirl is one of the very first heroes given to players and should be available to everyone. She is one of the game’s only Reality shredders and she will have access to this extremely valuable trait through Jack-Jack’s Friendhip Disk. With this disk, she enables Fantastic Damage users to annihilate Mama Bots. Play her manually on regular speed to ensure she is landing her Iron Fist on the Mama Bot instead of lowly canon fodder.

Hiro Hamada:
While it’s true that Pooh Bear can use more potent slows, Hiro and his trusty Megabot are still top performers for Bot slaying. Hiro himself actually contributes meaningful damage and the Megabot tends to land itself right behind the Mama Bot. This forces the Bot to turn around and face away from the main team. In the mean time, the Megabot buys itself a lot of time by slowing down the Mama Bot as Hiro and the rest of the team safely gives the Mama Bot a good beating.

Merida holds a lot of power in her bow and her widespread availability and high-value skillset should make her a top choice for any variety team Red combinations. She excels against mobs and Mama Bots but does need help from a Fantastic Damage user to get rid of Brutes. She is at her very best when paired with heroes that also shred Armor. She cleaves through massive chunks of Bot HP if she unleashes all her arrows on a Bot at once.

Peter Pan:
Assuming he is aided by Elastigirl’s Reality shred, Mickey’s power boost, and Rafiki’s power boost, Peter Pan might just be the absolute greatest Bot slayer in all of team Red. Even when lacking some of those teammates, Peter still puts in a lot of work. Air Parry puts all the agrro on him, so that diverts damage away from his allies and Mama Bots are utterly helpless in the mean time.

Before there was Peter Pan, there was Quorra and she still holds up as a top-tier Bot slayer. With the help of Elastigirl, Quorra can do tremendous damage to Bots almost effortlessly. She tends to be more vulnerable to damage than Peter but in exchange, she deals with mobs significantly better while still maintaining high damage against bots. Her inherent weaknesses are easily covered by EVE’s disk and by healers.

Simba & Nala:
Simba & Nala are amazing at dealing with mobs. Since they are mixed attackers, there’s really nothing they can’t hurt. They contribute a lot of damage against Bots and their Armor shredding capabilities synergize extremely well with most of team Red’s attackers. Their mixed attacks are an easy fit for any team Red combos.

Much like Peter Pan, Tigger yields similarly destructive results when backed up by Elastigirl, Mickey, and Rafiki. He serves as an alternative to Peter and Quorra and the thing that sets him apart is that he excels in spatial control too. He’s better than Peter at dealing with mobs, but not nearly as good as Quorra.


Notable Heroes

Mickey Mouse:
Mickey just might be the most important Hero in all of team Red. He is widely available and his skillset is universally useful to everyone. 3 out of 4 of his skills might fail if his allies are at a higher level–this counts if his allies for some reason have more Power Ups than him. To prevent any of his skills from failing you must ensure that Mickey has more Power Ups than everybody else. If you power him up just once, he will gain 5 Power Ups all to himself and this should be enough.

Unlike Mickey, Rafiki doesn’t particularly suffer from level restrictions within his skillset. That said, Rafiki provides an insane Basic Damage buff, but only to a single ally. He picks the ally with the highest Basic Damage stat, and that ally usually becomes the star of the team. With Jack-Jack’s disk fully maxed out, he technically becomes team Red’s most potent healer.

Timon & Pumbaa:
Timon & Pumbaa enters battle protecting the team with Hakuna Matata, and it’s a godsend for the tougher Breaker Quests. Scar’s disk shines during Invasion, especially when they are paired with Merida. Their Bug Run is actually very good for clearing mobs that Bots like to summon since it hits everything. They bring balance to teams that rely on Normal damage while still being able to use Fantastic Damage to get rid of Brutes.

While Mickey and Launchpad can provide bursts of Energy, there’s really no one who can hold a candle to WALL-E. WALL-E’s almost excessive Energy boosting allows teams to abuse game-winning Active Skills over and over again. He does not contribute much damage against Bots, but any team can take advantage of the Energy he provides. His disk with Kevin really shines, as teams can hold up to 2000 Energy (max) and allies can enjoy the Basic Damage boost provided by this disk.


Thank you so much for this​:smile::blush:

I love this guide, absolutely brilliant!

Though, I did have a question:

do you know if blinds affect Mama Bot? Because I was wondering if her laser attacks (what I hope are basic attacks) can be negated by inflicting blinds.

Typo, should say “as” after shields instead of “are”.ui

I cannot like it right now, cuz I am out if likes, but here is one for you. :heart:


Mama bots usually are only affected by debuffs, not disables. So it’s unlikely

Oh, rats. There goes Goofy’s white skill being exceedingly useful. :grimacing:

It’s still really good for the speed buff alone. :man_shrugging:

I mean, my Peter Pan never managed to blind a Mama Bot, so I don’t think they can be blinded

Thank you @Champion_David, I fixed a few mistakes along the way too.

Generally speaking, you can’t really rely on disables during Invasion. The disable wards are annoying like that. And as previously stated by the other users, Bots can’t be disabled but they can be debuffed. It’s why I bring up the Armor/Reality shred so often.


Cool, and studies and scares work to, of course.

They certainly do. Team Red is not good as using scare/study—that’s more of a team Yellow thing (COMING SOON!)


As just a general hint to anyone listening, as far as the bot is concerned you can get away with using a support character whose skills are not level dependent.

A good example is Animal (Go), as basically every team makes good use of his speed up.

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Mr. Incredible is on this list as a choice for the people who cannot unlokc all the new and best of heroes, and if that is your only argument, then what about the others on this list. I for one, found it helpful.


Just awesome. Like always

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And as mentioned in Pooh’s section, slows affect bots which with a strong enough slow, (such as Pooh, Stitch(MA), and Barbossa(ST)) you can effectively stun the boss.

Or Stitch(Ma), who can effectively bring the bot to a standstill with a 5-star disk, regardless of team color.

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Very good guide, but I was hoping for a writeup on Gizmoduck; I’ve seen people say that he’s very good at shredding armor when he has Duke’s friendship disk.


Yo that actually sounds really cool. I’ll do some digging into it and see what’s good.

I’m glad this guide is sparking some neato discussions over Invasion tech.


@Aurora_Veil What are your thoughts on Gizmoduck for Invasion? Would the 50% armor removal work on the Mama Bots and if so does that take place before or after the armor reduction booster? If it takes place after, it may make a case for stealing half of Mama Bots armor unreduced from the armor shred booster thus not only boosting his own survivability but increasing his allies offensive capabilities by giving 75% of his armor in skill power.

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Great guide!
What I want to add though:
In my server (21), most of struggle clearing the fantastic mobs in Red invasion atm.
So they recommend Scrooge for the time being. What are your thoughts on this?
I’m going to attempt this invasion with scrooge because Peter didnt clear the fantastic mobs fast enough (in junction with Mr Incredi), for Merida to actually do hard damage.

Also leveled a Mickey this time around.
My previous red run was with Launchpad/Pan/MrIncredi/Merida/Goofy.
But I did allright then (I guess).
Hoping to get there with new changes.

On another note,

Are you going to be doing something similar for the other invasions? Would be great.

Someone else may have further thoughts on using Scrooge, but the one time I used him, his pogo-stick attack would inevitably knock the bot closer at some point during the attack. Unless you’re using someone to knock the bot back, or have Stitch(Ma) slowing the bot to a standstill, that’s probably going to be a problem.

(And yes, I know Stitch isn’t on the red team, but his slow works just as well on other teams.)

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