THE PREDICTIONS RETURN! (1.16, March Updates and Beyond!)

Launchpad isn’t an event hero. Only Donald, R&L, Gizmo, and Powerline are

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oh!I see!Thx

I meant Gizmo.

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Cuanto falta

Sir, i take off my hat to say that most if not all your predictions of 1.16 were Right. Congratulations!!! You have my respect.


Mini Predictions update:
Before dataminers get there hands on 1.16 I want to do some revised March Predictions (Due to information obtained from the Dev Q&A) just in case some characters are found in the files this update.
Now skipping the incredibly obvious end of February March Shop Refresh Update, the first update of March should be 1.16.10 (See Source 1 and 2) I expect it to be small and aside from the 2 refreshes (See Source 1) and bug fix (See Source 3) to feature 1 maybe 2 heroes. Who? Well I would think Ian Lightfoot, and Barley Lightfoot, however none of the hints we received during the Q&A suggested this was so. Assuming those characters are added to the game I want to put out my Predictions for thier friendships.
Ian Lightfoot and Merlin
Ian Lightfoot and Maleficent
Barley Lightfoot and Flynn Rider
Barley Lightfoot and {Redacted Leaked Character}
It is now that I feel it is important to say that we have gotten to the point where any update now more heroes should start giving 4th disks. So Barley Lightfoot and Finnick is entirely possible.
After this the updates get a little more nebulous. Except that we know 1.17 should probably be the last update of March (See first post for sources).
But the other remaining heroes of March?
One that has been confirmed is Mulan (See Source 4). So naturally I want to give my Predictions for her friendships.
Mulan and Kida
Mulan and Calhoun (This Would be Calhoun’s fourth disc given)
I’m not sure there are going to be more than four heroes in March but currently there is nothing to go on for any more than this coming in March.

Source 1:

Source 2:

Source 3:

Source 4:

Wait what about syndrome? Could he be saved for appril or realeased in late march along with mulan? And who allready gave 4 discs so far? so we will know who cant give discs anymore

Heroes can give more than 4 disks

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I done research and found out who allready given 4 discs i searched any hero on wakataku and woody nick wild and merida allready given 4 discs i counted how many discs each hero gave allready from the lists off friends any hero can give 4 discs

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Well either way, I am super excited for Mulan!!!
Even Stitch is getting in the Mulan excitement mood!!!

Oh I’m counting on it they have a pattern/process of phasing in the new cap they did with 3rd disks that has already begun for 4th disks. It’s only a matter of time before the process hits: A small amount of heroes give the next number (Now 5th) while the number currently phasing in (4th) becomes increasingly more common.

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Well now we know Pooh is coming soon so hopefully it’s very soon like in March!

I will predict that Pooh has a friendship disc with Stitch!

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I second that! Not only does it make sense when thinking about the two characters, but it also makes sense because we are currently in the stage where the majority of characters are giving out 3rd disks, which Stitch hasn’t done yet!


Was it leaked that pooh would come?

It was leaked by PerBlue themselves @Poirot


Anna and Belle
At this point I realized everything is coonected😱

@MissingLure No Leaks. Not only is it part of Perblue’s policy for the forum as a whole, but because of getting in trouble with Perblue I’m cleaning up my Prediction posts and threads themselves.

I take this very seriously, as it has gotten my forum account suspended before. Please kindly delete your leak post.


Oh my, I’m so sorry i didn’t read that. I will erase my message immediately. I don’t want to cause you any trouble.

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It’s ok. Thanks for Understanding. :+1:

Wait i remember perblue leaked mulan will be added for march and either pluto or minnie mouse will be added for the second aniversty can it cause you troubles or it wont since they hinted about it 8 days ago?

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