Mal concept 2



“Rotten to the core “

Mal spreads mischief on the battle field using spells and potions

Basic move: Mal throws potions at enemies

Entering battle :Mal rides in on her motorcycle

Win pose : Mal creates fireworks and smiles

Defeat :the barrier surrounds Mal and she sulks and kicks the floor

White move : | soul of the dragon | Mal grabs the hades amber and becomes a dragon and burst blue flames and electricity dealing fantastic damage

Green move : | bust the move | Mal uses spells on her enemies choosing random heroes to be controlled and damaged slowly

Blue move : Wicked scheme | Mal pulls out a bottle of purple and red liquid throwing it down summoning smoke that stuns enemies and deals damage to the strongest opponent

Purple move : | the barrier | the first time Mal reaches 0 hp she drinks a potion putting her back to full health and summoning a Shield around her

Red move : | the VK’S | Carlos jay and Evie walk onto the battle field to cheer on Mal boosting her stats and moves

You know that you can edit your original post

And again, red skills don’t have a new animation…


Yeah but tbh I did that bc I did not wanna have to re type the same stuff bc I wanted to change it up

The Concept is very creative but it really has to be improved… Try reading Concepts of other Concept Makers. Here are a few links:
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Tiana Concept by @Irrer_Minnie_VIII
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There are other amazing Concept Makers too,these are just a few examples

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Okay I see why you say that :sparkles:

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I can also invite you to my Concept Previews PM. I post my Concepts there before I publish them and improve them with other Forumers


Thats rapidfire concept it was not needed posting this concept you should had edit your original post instead

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Your rude comments aren’t needed posting too.


Thats not rude and when concept need editing you need to edit it not openeing a thread with the same concept

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Yes, I know this. Maybe try to bit friendlier next time when giving feedback.


Will try to being more friendlier


@power_me_up I recommend looking at this guide I made for concept making if you have not already.

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