Marty (Unlikely Hero Concept)

Marty (from Madagascar)
Description: Marty will embrace a little bit of his wild side while also bringing the swagger on the battlefield
Quote: “Fresh, huh? I can do fresh.”
Trial Team: Blue
Stars: 2
Entrance: Marty will strut in with a cool walk
Victory: Marty will stomp his hoof on the ground before cheering
Death: Marty will have a shocked expression before looking at his behind
Role: Frontline Control


Basic Attack: Marty will quickly kick the enemy with his front hoof

White skill: Fresh New Trick: Fantastic Damage
Marty will take a gulp of water out of a bucket, he will then take all the water and spray it out of his mouth. This will deal X damage and blind all enemies along with sapping them for 16 seconds

Green skill: Durian Kick: Fantastic Damage
Marty will kick a durian at the furthest enemy, dealing X damage and stunning them for 10 seconds. All other enemies will be dealt X splash damage if near by

Blue skill: Carrot Crunch
Marty will eat a carrot, increasing his attack speed by 100% for 15 seconds. Then he will dash through the enemy line, blinding all enemies for 12 seconds

Purple Skill: The Wild
Marty along with allies will deal 30% more damage to blinded enemies

Red skill: Marty’s Great Escape
Marty will absorb a disable every 5 seconds, these absorbed disables will be given to the enemy with the most health


Marty and Alex
Disk: The Wild! Woah!
Marty will gain attack up after gaining a debuff
Marty tires to show Alex how great the wild could be
Allies: Timon and Pumba Milo Thatch Baloo

Marty and Maximus
Disk: Thank You Officer
Marty will gain a shield with X health after he absorbs a debuff
Marty is in awe to meet an officer horse like Maximus
Allies: Flynn Rider Chief Bogo Judy Hopps

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