Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute: Double Concept

The Office: Double Concept

Due to a tie in the poll I have decided to make a concept for both Michael and Dwight.

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Michael Scott

Michael G Scott uses his humorous, albeit crude, managing techniques to aid his allies.

Role: Support
Position: Backline
Trials Team: Yellow

Basic Attack: See white skill
Entrance: Walks in laughing to himself
Victory: Attempts a victory dance
Defeat: Screams at the enemy team


White Skill: That’s What She Said
Passive: Instead of a standard basic attack, Michael makes a joke healing himself and his weakest ally for X HP.

Active: Michael makes a ‘That’s what she said’ joke which disgusts the enemy team. This gives him and his allies a shield with X HP that lasts for 8 seconds. It also lowers the enemies’ reality by X.

Green Skill: Prison Mike
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage
Michael puts on his Prison Mike outfit and scares the enemy team straight. This deals X damage and scares the enemy team for 9 seconds.

Blue Skill: Michael Clump
Michael puts on his Michael Clump suit and stomps on the stop. This knocks back all enemies and increases his allies’ attack and movement speed by 150% for 11 seconds.
Speed boost has a reduced effect on allies above level X.

Purple Skill: Somehow I Manage
Whenever Michael puts on one of his outfits in either Prison Mike or Michael Clump he and his allies gain X skill power for the rest of the wave.

Red Skill: Improvisation
Michael gains 30% attack speed every time he switches outfits for the rest of the wave.
Michael gains X basic damage every time he switches his outfit for the rest of the wave.
+X Max HP
+X Armour
+X Reality


Michael and King Louie “Running Wild”
Prison Mike heals allies
Allies heal X HP whenever Michael uses Prison Mike
Allies gain 20 tenacity for 5 seconds whenever Michael uses Prison Mike (+20 tenacity per star)
Allies - Nick, Goofy, Scar

Michael and Genie “Disguised”
Michael deals X additional damage to all enemies with Prison Mike
+X Skill Power
Allies gain X basic damage from Michael Clump
10% Improved healing (+10% per star)
Michael gains a 5% chance to dodge attacks (+5% per star)
Allies - Yzma, Finnick, Oogie Boogie

Dwight Schrute

Dwight uses his karate training to dominate over his subordinates.

“I now have the strength of a grown man and a little baby.”
Role: Damage
Position: Frontline
Trials Team: Yellow

Basic Attack: Double punches an enemy (similar to Ralph)
Entrance: Walks in shaking his head
Victory: Punches the air while smiling
Defeat: Screams and drops to his knees


White Skill: Master Senpai
:fist: Normal Damage
Dwight uses Basher, Thrasher, Crasher, and Fireball (his fists and feet) to hit the closest enemy 4 times. This deals X damage per hit and knocks back the enemy after all 4 hits.
If Dwight hits a disabled enemy they lose 50% of their armour for the rest of the wave.

Green Skill: Pepper Spray
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage
Once every 12 seconds when Dwight or one of his allies is about to be attacked, Dwight sprays the whole enemy team with Pepper Spray dealing X damage and blinding them all for 6.5 seconds.

Blue Skill: Bull Tranquiliser
:fist: Normal Damage
Dwight fires his bull tranquiliser at the furthest enemy dealing X damage and stunning them for 10 seconds.

Purple Skill: Immune System
Dwight is immune to all disables.
Every 3 basic attacks, Dwight gives a random ally X armour.

Red Skill: Beet Farmer
Whenever Dwight or an ally uses a basic attack they are healed for 3% of their Max HP.
Dwight’s basic attacks stun the enemy he hits for 4 seconds.
The stun has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.
+X Damage to Bull Tranquiliser
+X Basic Damage
+X Armour


Dwight and Michael “Assistant [to the] Regional Manager”
Buffed on enemy K.O
Dwight heals X HP every time he K.O’s an enemy
Dwight’s Max HP is increased by X every time he K.O’s an enemy
Dwight gains 10% attack speed every time he K.O’s an enemy for the rest of the wave (+10% per star)
Allies - Sally, Violet, Powerline

Dwight and Hercules “Mighty Men”
Stronger attacks
+X Basic Damage
+X Skill Power
Dwight deals 50% more damage to enemies above 80% of their Max HP (-20% of Max HP per star)
Allies - Ralph, Mr Incredible, Dr Faciler


Who’s the allies for Hercules

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Thanks for pointing that out.


No, it’s Improv as in Improvisation. Michael loves doing Improv.

I’ll change it to Improvisation though to avoid future confusion

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Awesome concept bro!

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Choosing a quote must have been hard! There are so many hilarious ones!

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