Slinky Dog: T.V Show Concepts

Slinky Dog: T.V Show Concepts

Tank :muscle:

Meredith Palmer (The Office)
Oscar Martinez (The Office)

Damage :crossed_swords:

Dwight Schrute (The Office)
Golden Face (The Office - Threat Level Midnight)
Andy Bernard (The Office)
Creed Bratton (The Office)
Stanley Hudson (The Office)

Support :ambulance:

Michael Scott (The Office)
Pam Beesly (The Office)
Erin Hannon (The Office)
Darryl Philbin (The Office)
Phyllis Vance (The Office)
Holly Flax (The Office)

Control :warning:

Jim Halpert (The Office)
Ryan Howard (The Office)
Kevin Malone (The Office)
Angela Martin (The Office)
Toby Flenderson (The Office)
Kelly Kapoor (The Office)
Jan Levinson (The Office)


I just realised that I don’t have a proper compiled list of my Office concepts so here it is. This thread will also be used for what will eventually be my Parks and Rec, Brooklyn 99, 30 Rock, etc. concepts.


Cool stuff.

Oscar Martinez

The Office - Character 14

  • Phyllis Vance
  • Kelly Kapoor
  • Erin Hannon
  • Darryl Philbin

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At this point my favorites ahem been gone for a while and I’m just randomly voting lol

  • Erin Hannon
  • Phyllis Vance
  • Darryl Philbin
  • Karen Filippelli

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I’m voting for her because I like her last name lol

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Update: Added Erin

  • Karen Filipelli
  • Darryl Philbin
  • Jan Levinson
  • Phyllis Vance

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Update: Added Jan Levinson

  • Daryll Philbin
  • Phyllis Vance
  • Karen Filipelli
  • Roy Anderson

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Are you going to do more shows then The Office at some point? (Just wondering.)


Update: Added Darryl Philbin

From now on I won’t be doing polls for my next concept.

Update: Added Phyllis Vance

Is it bad that I don´t know anything about anyone of this concepts?

Not at all. The Office requires a rather specific taste so I’m assuming most people here aren’t very familiar with any of these characters.

I would totally recommend watching The Office if you don’t know it. Or maybe Community if you’re not into sitcom comedy shows. Community is a great introduction to shows like that.

Update: Added Holly Flax

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