Moving 3.7 Patch Day (2/22)

We have found a bug in the 3.7 patch that has caused us to move the patch out to next week, 2/22. Thank you all so much for your patience!


So your saying it’s not tomorrow and I was ready

is that a wild Bugheera spotted :face_with_monocle:


I am also out of office until Wednesday so it may be a bit until I can answer your questions.


What does this mean

It means aliens are real and Roswell was an alien cover-up.


Oh that’s good

Pretty sure it was always supposed to be next week.

Patch notes after 2 weeks? No way.

Jumba and Pleakley, Jim and Silver… and few more.

We were hoping to get it out tomorrow which is why the date on the patch notes was tomorrow. If it was always supposed to be on 2/22 we would not have posted the patch notes on Friday.

This morning QA found a bug that would cause us to resubmit a new client which is why we are pushing it to next week.



What happen… each update gives small or big bugs.

As I said above, we found a bug that causes us to resubmit the patch and with approvals from the app stores this can take days so we cannot get it out tomorrow since it will not be approved by then.


I say it’s Flik’s and Hopper’s fault. :bug:

It’s not a big deal anyway… heroes wouldn’t be farmable until next Thursday :woman_shrugging:t2:

But another week with bugged Pete and Baloo, ouch.


Okay…sounds like a conundrum.:thinking:
I guess I won’t worry about it until next week.
Thank you for telling us!:+1:

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Where even are they gonna be unlockable? They didn’t say

The Prize wall would start on 24 february anyway. So one of those would be unlockable then.

If the other is Sign-in, they will come early March.

Hah, I am also in this ballpark. It has been ALWAYS 3 weeks.

And I was getting ready for Y12 trials and ports :frowning:

Hey at least it’s better to wait to fix bugs instead of rushing it and have problems on launch day and have people complain about characters or something else broken :slight_smile:


I’m glad to hear QA is at work :grin: rather have it delayed vs buggy.


Could you please write that on the main patch notes once back at office @Loutre?

It is updated.

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