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Finally a place to put them all together. New ones are also coming.

Characters posted at other topics
Shao Kahn
Shang Tsung
Takahashi Kenshi

Some little notes:

  1. Some characters will have friendships with unknown fighters marked as ???. This means a concept for this character is coming soon.
  2. Friendships can include:
    2.1. DHBM characters;
    2.2. Likely characters I made concepts for;
    2.3. Unlikely characters I made concepts for;
    2.4. Mortal Kombat characters I made/will make concepts for.
  3. Please don’t forget this is an unlikely topic. I do not wish to see this characters in DHBM, I make these just for fun.
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So the first one to be added is my personal favourite one :upside_down_face:

2-star, Backline, Damage

“We are many, you are one. Your abilities pale before us!”

Entrance: Levitates to the arena.
Basic attack: Shoots a soul ball at the enemy.
Victory: Levitates higher, while souls swirl around.
Defeat: Disappears from the battlefield.

White skill: Take all of you
Damage type: Fantastic

Ermac lifts the furthest enemy, stunning him/her. Stun lasts till Ermac runs out of Energy. When stunned, the enemy gets X damage per second.

Green skill: Soul charge
Damage type: Normal

Ermac rushes to the enemy with the least Armor and deals X damage to him/her, and then returns to his position. He also knocks back all enemies he flies through.

Blue skill: Controlled chaos

Ermac becomes immuned to debuffs, heals X HP and gets 300 Energy over 4 seconds. While this skill is active, he can’t attack.

Purple skill: Fusion of souls

Ermac heals X HP each second while “Take all of you” is active.

Red skill: We are many

Ermac gets X Skill Power for each defeated character. The bonus lasts till the end of the wave. “Soul charge” saps all enemies touched.
Sapping can fail against enemies above level X.
+X Basic Damage
+X Armor
+X Improved Healing

Friendship disks

Ermac/Oogie Boogie
“Inner workings”, Scares enemies
+X Reality
Ermac scares the enemy team for 3*S seconds when finishes regenerating with “Controlled chaos”.

Ermac/Takahashi Kenshi
“Choose your destiny”, Cleans disables
+X Basic damage for 3 seconds when removing a disable
Ermac removes all disables from his allies when uses “Take all of you”. Each disable removed from a single ally gives him/her 15*S% Reality bonus.

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Shang tsung : you collect souls too

3-star, Frontline, Tank

“Too long have I allowed Earthrealm to endure the horrors of war. Time and again we’ve defeated our enemies. But we’ve exacted no retribution.”

Entrance: A lightning hits the ground, and Raiden appears in that place.
Basic attack: Hits an enemy with his staff.
Victory: Levitates, when lightnings hit his hands.
Defeat: Drops on his knees, and his staff disappears.

White skill: Do not provoke a god
Damage type: Fantastic

Raiden puts a lightning shield with X HP on himself, which lasts for 8 seconds. Enemies get X damage every time they hit this shield.

Green skill: Electric flight
Damage type: Fantastic

Raiden rushes to the closest enemy, dealing X damage, knocking him/her to the backline and stunning for 4 seconds. After Raiden reaches the enemy backline, he returns to his position.

Blue skill: Lightning bolt
Damage type: Fantastic

Raiden shoots a lightning bolt to the enemy with the least Reality, dealing X damage over 3 seconds. This attack also deals X damage to enemies touched by this projectile.

Purple skill: Jinsei cleaning

Raiden gets X Armor and X Reality for 11 seconds after his shield from “Do not provoke a god” expires or gets destroyed.

Red skill: By the Elder Gods

Raiden’s shield from “Do not provoke a god” has a 50% chance to ignore damage from enemy projectiles, still dealing damage to them.
The chance is lower against enemies above level X.
+X Max HP
+X Reality
+X Shield HP for “Do not provoke a god”

Friendship disks

“Thunder and lightning”, Damage to the backliners
+X Armor
“Electric flight” deals 15*S% damage to enemies near the one pushed to the backline.

Raiden/Bo’ Rai Cho
“Saint spring”, Heals after the shield
+X HP healed per second when “Jinsei cleaning” is active
“Jinsei cleaning” gives Raiden 1*S stacks of “Hardy”.

Bo’ Rai Cho
1-star, Frontline, Tank

“I train my most promising students here at my home, away from prying eyes, to assure that my secrets are only known to those I trust.”

Entrance: Comes to the arena, hardly balancing and ready to fall.
Basic attack: Stomps, dealing damage to nearby enemies.
Victory: Smiles proudly.
Defeat: Cringes, feeling pain in his stomach.

White skill: Spinning kane

Bo’ Rai Cho spins his cane for 8 seconds, reflecting all projectiles and ignoring all debuffs made with projectile attacks.
Projectiles done by enemies above level X have a chance to hit/debuff him.

Green skill: Ground blaze
Damage type: Fantastic

Bo’ Rai Cho lights a match and throws it at the enemy team, dealing X damage in 5 seconds and reducing their Basic Damage by X for that time.

Blue skill: Style invention
Damage type: Normal

Bo’ Rai Cho hits the closest enemy with his fists, dealing X damage and knocking him/her back. If having less than 50% HP, he gets 70% damage back as healing.

Purple skill: On a stick

“Spinning kane” also knocks back all enemies nearby.
This skill can fail against enemies above level X.

Red skill: Dragon breath

“Ground blaze” and “Style invention” sap enemies damaged for 10 seconds. Bo’ Rai Cho also gets X HP each time “Spinning kane” ignores a debuff.
Sapping can fail against enemies above level X.
+X Skill Power
+X Armor
+X damage by “Ground blaze”

Friendship disks

Bo’ Rai Cho/???
“Combo guide”, Gains bonus Energy
+X damage dealt by “Style invention”
Bo’ Rai Cho gets 25*S Energy every time his basic attack hits 3 or more enemies.

Bo’ Rai Cho/???
“Outworld frontliners”, Smashes with the kane
+X Max HP
+X Skill Power to allies
Bo’ Rai Cho deals damage to enemies knocked back with “On a stick”. This damage is equal to 3*S% of his HP.

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