Just imagine - Imagineer concept - custom concept part 3

Hi everyone! Today, I’m here with a tradition put away ages ago, but I’m putting it back here! Welcome to the reboot!

I’d just like to clarify one thing, which is, these used to be for fun and randomness, but now I’m going full out and make them actually decent concepts.The forumers I made in the past were @Grim_grinning_Ghost and @Xavier_The_Great , so if any of you two want a reboot version of your concept then I’ll do it.


A concept for the great! (Litterally, it’s in his name)
Part one:dhbm custom concepts(Xavier_the_great)
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What’s wrong? You look like you just seen a ghost. Oh yes, you did, and it was a very cool one!
Custom concept part 2(Grim_grinning_ghost)
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Anyway, let’s get things started!


Imagineer uses her imagination to manipulate enemies and protect allies. Her imagination is infinite and power is unbeatable.

Control, middle line
Blue team


Defeat: Imagineer tries to summon in an energy orb, but it backfires and explodes.

Victory: Imagineer imaginates a trophy making it appear from midair and catches it, and holds it up while confetti falls everywhere surrounding him.

Entry: imagineer rides in on a dragon, jumps off, and the dragon explodes into confetti.


Basic skill
Imagineer puts two fingers on each side of
Her head and makes an orb of energy appear above her, and sends it flying at the enemy.

White skill: book worm
Imagineer pulls out a blue book with yellow stars on the cover out, and opens it up. This is Imagineer’s spell book.
4 star with faces on them come out of the book, then imagineer merges them into one giant star, and explodes it into sparks, blinding all enemy’s for 12 seconds and dealing :sparkles: damage.

Green skill: shooting stars
Imagineer fires a beam of light into the sky, and then stops. Then the beam disintegrates and falls down at enemy’s in tiny shooting star forms, igniting enemy’s on fire dealing :fist: damage when one of the stars hit the enemy.

Blue skill: Master sorceress
Imagineer surrounds herself with an opaque force field, transforming into her true form. If she is it inbetween transformation she wont take damage. As she emerges, her eyes glow purple and she is outlined by cosmic energy. When imagineer is in cosmic mode, time between attacks is reduced by 0.4 seconds, and damage taken is reduced by %5. Her ability’s deal %8 more damage in cosmic mode.
Cosmic mode lasts for 1/5 of a wave.

Purple skill: soul fragments
When imagineer is in cosmic mode and loses all her health, she will shatter into 3 soul fragments. If you tap a soul fragment it will go back to imagineers last location before she was eliminated. If all 5 are collected imagineer will be revived. This will have to but dont in under 10 seconds, or else imagineers soul fragments will disappear.

Red skill: enhanced magic
In cosmic mode, imagineer has a 35% chance to reflect long ranged attacks. If imagineer is hit with a physical attack, she will absorb the damage. Every 3 physical attacks she will send wave of energy to the closest enemy. This will work as a decoy so imagineer will not be hurt as long at the decoy is alive.


Imagneer & Merlin
‘Shooting stars’ now deals knock back everytime a star attacks an enemy. This will pierce the enemy, meaning it will deal damage overtime.

Imagineer & drakken
Imagineers opaque forcefield now reflects any damage sent at imagineer during the transformation.

Can we take a second to honour imagineer?

the answer:

Definitely! why do you even have to ask that foxy?

She has inspired so many to do so much more. She is an inspiring person and a role model to many. So to that I say thankyou to imagineer!

I know this is off topic, but I actually made a website to honour pedro pascal. Please check it out!
Pedro central!


Ehh did @Imagineer_V give you permission to make this concept?

Also Green skill is too simular to Ian’s green skill in game (Boom Bastia)…


Right… where to start.

Grammatical Errors (Brace yourself… there’s a ton):


(Also, what exaclty is ‘it’ here?)


Should this read: and she catches it… (?)

her (?)



(Also, you don’t need the break… they should be on the same line)

Change the first ‘and’ to a comma (,).

Book Worm

Remove the second ‘out’.

(Also, remove the comma (,) before the ‘and’ as it is a compound sentence not a list.)




Remove the comma (,).

Remove the comma (,).


Remove the ‘and’.

Shooting Stars

Remove the comma (,).

The beam then…


Remove the comma (,).


Master Sorceress

Remove the comma (,).

Remove the ‘it’.


Remove the comma (,).


Remove the comma (,).


Just say 18 seconds…

Soul Fragments


Remove the comma (,).

the player taps



to be done


Enhanced Magic

Remove the comma (,).




‘Shooting Stars’

every time

enemy causing it to…



force field

dealt to




Remove the comma (,).



Pedro Pascal

:cold_sweat: Yikes that was rough but we’re not done yet…

Concept Feedback

What exactly is this??? It makes no sense and is riddled with errors.

This is way too complicated and messy to be practical in any form whatsoever. I’d suggest completely remaking this skill to be more fitting for the DHBM style.

Not as complex as the blue skill but still highly impractical. Such an excessive, interactive animation would never work in DHBM. A simple revive would make far more sense.

Also, where’s the variable???

You need a variable plus the 3 additional stats…

Both are missing the disk power variable.

This concept isn’t awful but it could be significantly improved.

Also, this concept is kind of an insult to Imagineer. If you wish to make a concept of someone then please make sure it is complete, neat, and respectful as otherwise it appears sloppy and makes it seem as if that forumer isn’t worth the time to actually complete the concept to a high standard.


Thank you for saying it. It is great that you wanted to make a concept of me, and I did allow you to do it since you asked nicely. However, it is disrespectful and I do not think it feels accurate to who I am.


I would say instead of doing a concept on other forumers (especially without permission), do a concept of yourself!

Or, ask permission before you do another one of these. :roll_eyes:

Imagineer did allow it, she literally said it earlier…


Oh, they did? Must have not been paying attention.

Wow. I happened to like it. Sure, I’m not saying I think you are a secret OP sorceress mind you, but the concept was pretty well put together. I’m not sure I understand why everyone’s gotta be so rude about all this, or why everyone feels the need to gang up on this poor concept creator. I think you did a good job, Foxy Bingo. :slight_smile:


My feedback about this is not for the faint of heart nor will be the cause of anyone’s pain, but I will try to give an honest feedback.

The concept itself, is good. I clearly understood the format (but it took me a few minutes to sort things out), and the dedication of you making a concept about and for @Imagineer_V is very kind of you.

The concept may be out of place for the first impression, but understanding it may shine some meaning to it. Overall, only the first impression is the problem with the concept.

For my rating, I was about to rate it a 5/10. But since I can see a little bit of effort, I’ll give a 6/10.

Anyways, don’t be discouraged to make concepts. We all know first concepts aren’t always better, but putting a little bit of creativity, imagination, and effort to it can turn that drab concept into a fab one.

Trust us. Okay? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I think Imagineer’s point is that it doesn’t reflect her personality in this Concept and I pretty much agree. However, nobody else can judge that. Only she can do that herself.
In my opinion, particularly the friendships show a lack of creativity and also experience. It isn’t so bad but we have to respect it when Imagineer says it doesn’t fit her personality. Because that should be a most important aspect of a Concept. And we cannot claim it fit her if she disagrees. That is her thing, not ours. We can look at the creativity, at the formatting, etc…
And yeah, that’s it.


Yeah… it does not feel good to be a subject of an argument.


So what I’m understanding from that is that you’re okay with everyone telling @Foxy_bingo how bad his concept is, but if someone defends his concept, you have a problem with that?

Nobody is arguing about you, we are commenting on the concept itself. Yes, the concept is about you, but that doesn’t mean we are particularly discussing you.

(I hope I worded that right, if I didn’t please don’t come straight after me. I’m just trying to explain what this discussion is about.)


For fear that this may escalate, it is always good to look beyond the surface and see where the heart is at.

Sure there may be typos, but perfect English is not something we should or need to be policing. And perhaps it’s not a perfect representation, but we shouldn’t be expecting perfection either, particularly when they do not know you personally. Imperfection is not disrespectful. I might agree if there was no effort put in, but clearly there was, and it even concluded with this:

I know it’s easy to look at the negatives but a sense of gratefulness will always be more satisfying for both parties.


I think this was a great effort! The white skill sounds like it would have a pretty cool animation.


Yeah, i mean… i dont even focus on capitalizing my I’s or adding apostrophes in the online world.

As the person who is the subject of the concept I will lay out my stance more fully.

I really appreciate the thought of the concept because it lets me know that someone looks up to me and believes I deserve respect, just as everyone should.

Ignoring the grammar mistakes (Foxy’s first language might not be English or something), it is clear that yes some effort was put into the concept, just maybe not as much as their should or could have been. This is Foxy’s interpretation of what they think I would be if I came into the game. Some others, who might know me better, likely think differently, and that is ok! If I thought the concept was really THAT bad, I would have not let them post it because they asked for my permission to post it, which is very kind of them.

Basically, what I am trying to say is that I appreciate the thought and the concept, but maybe not in the way people want me to. Which, from my perspective is a bit wrong because… you are not me and never will be, so you should not get to make the final judgement. Everyone is their own unique person.

Seriously though, I promise that you’ll never find another like me. (Taylor Swift reference).



I’m am so sorry. Like seriously I am upset about how much I’ve messed up. I shouldn’t have done this. I hope we can still be friends but I am not proud of this abomination. I am so sorry! Please forgive me. This was very wrong of me. I can do better. I am sorry!! I’ve let you down, and I need to apoligise. I am really sorry and I wasnt mean to!

I will never EVER do this again. This offended you and that’s the worst part. I plead for you forgiveness. Please accept my apoligy!

It is ok. You did your best! Read the post above this.


You shouldn’t be sorry. All you did was show how much of a fan you are of Imagineer.


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