Patch Notes 4.5-B

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 4.5-B

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 4.5-B Update! This release features new content for all servers.

Servers 1-20 Update

  • Team Level Cap increased from 345 to 350
  • Heroes can now be promoted to Yellow +23
  • Chapter 64: “City Cinder” is now available!
    • Featured Elite Heroes: Alice, Megara, Goofy, Jafar, Miss Piggy, Yzma, and Captain Hook.

Servers 21-25 Update

  • Team Level Cap increased from 290 to 295
  • Heroes can now be promoted to Yellow +12
  • Chapter 53: “The Theater” is now available!
    • Elite Campaign features: Frozone, Woody, Quorra, Miguel, Ursula, Sally, and Merlin.

This is a server only update that is currently planned for January 10th.


Of course we’ll get a cap raise


Nothing new so I guess it’s all fine by me xd

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A little note I want to add @Nugget.

If we are going to get platinum badges for old badges. Can at least the description be different? And not exactly the same.

Maybe give the nod to a deja Vu with the badges.


When you’ll fix the cooldown time for challenger disk changing? It was confirmed to be done on September 2022

@Nugget @Loutre


Do you have the screenshot? It could help your comment.

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The poll was done in September nothing was confirmed in game and done.

As said in my last comment in that thread. They just haven’t had time to go back and change it back yet with all the new Patch work happening, but it’s still going to change back.


So this shouldn’t be noted in the Roadmap?

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Nope. Not really needed on the roadmap.


Well, I’m feeling ready to move on to the next chapter, as long as it doesn’t get too hard or stressful.:v:

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Hopefully the landscape will look like this ↓



Hope so soon, thanks


@Nugget The issue about +Green-Symbol badge crafting is still not resolved.

@The_Real_Numi wrote and I quote: anything the team could possibly do about this… I can confirm that the “green plus with “CRAFT”” does not appear even if one has all 4 prerequisites and I do have a pic actually.

This is such a vital part of the game and essential for a smooth gaming experience that I can’t contemplate why this is not a top priority for bug fixing.
The QoL using the UI got so much worse since badge crafting is so completely broken for nearly 2 months now. This is one of the most important game features if not the most important at all.
I simply can’t unterstand why there is zero reaction to this from you as a community manager. It takes so much time to check every time if badges can or can not be crafted.
Why is the player base left alone with this? Writing tickets where CS seems not to understand basic game mechanics can’t be a solution.

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