State of the Game - May 2021

Some people just believe if you don’t agree with their view on a problem then you just didn’t read it or understand correctly.

Rather then taking the positives you mentioned in to account they were looking for a quick way to minimize or dismiss your opposing view.

Don’t take it personally, some people get caught up in their own argument and don’t like facts or reason to get in the way :slight_smile:


Would have liked more details in the hero management upgrades coming soon and more info about resource/reward scaling


It seems like the Hero Management update only mainly mean “Hero UI Management” and not “Hero Cost Management” unfortunately.

While we do know we are getting some time reduction for the time it takes to level up Red Skills, but what that mean specifically I don’t know.

In terms of the stamina issue Polaris didn’t mention specifically as far as I can see in the State of the Game post, so yeah not a good sign unfortunately.


It’s cheeky to say something like that. Even without apparently having read it. And then do it yourself.

In fact, I wish you were right, because that would mean we could look forward to great things.


I also hope. Too bad, the world doesn’t think the same as me. But it’s a good thing. At least we can see things differently

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I would like to talk about the current stamina situation and address how dire the stamina situation is for us players. Given what I notice most players seem to be exhausted by the high stamina requirement in order to rank up characters, which is an unhealthy sign and should be addressed in order to increase player interest and motivation.

I made this chart in order for us to actually show the stamina costs and how dire the stamina situation are for us players. These numbers are specifically based on Sulley so they may vary a bit between other characters, but should be mostly correct even if the numbers might be a few hundreds off it doesn’t overall affect the overall sum that much:

The Monthly Stamina includes stamina regeneration, 3 bonus time stamina, buy more stamina and Weekly Quest stamina, so no extra from Video Crates or Stamina packs.

With the amount of stamina we get we can only keep up with 1-2 characters if we have no extra badge resources, with extra resources we can maybe keep up with 3-4 characters, but how many more characters than 5-6 we can keep up with if we only get stamina for about 1-2 characters?
The question of how many characters we players can give up with a valid and important question, especially as it relates to us players own motivation and interest, which also affect spending.

Lets separate this how it affects the player types:
Achievers: Likely need to be able to keep up with at least 15 characters in order to be satisfied, also the potential highest spender type as they like mastery.

Explorers: Depends, but likely need to be able to have been 5-10 characters at least for strategy variation to be satisfied even if wishing for 15. Not necessarily that interested in spending a lot.

Socializers: Hard to say as it depends on the type of Socializer, but like the Explorers they likely need to be able to 5-10 characters at least in order to be satisfied. Spending wise depends on what type of Socializer it is, like if it is chatter type then likely not spending that much, but if it is the community resource supporter then they may spend a lot.

PvP-ers: Similar to the Achiever, but for a different reason as they want mastery over players more so or at least focus player vs player interactions. Spending wise depends I think, but like the Achiever they likely want to keep up with 15 characters at least for competitive reasons.

So in order to actually satisfy the spenders as in the ones who keep the game alive mainly they need to be able to keep up with 15+ characters at least not too difficulty, given that Coliseum and Guild War require 15 characters, and their own want for the feeling of mastery.
Given the fact that PerBlue only give enough stamina for players to keep up with 1-2/3-4 characters, such are likely to exhaust the spenders in an unhealthy way and more likely lead to them boycotting spending rather than actually spending.

This is why players voted for “Hero Management”, they wanted to be able to keep up with more than 3-5 characters, it was cry of help for “Hero Cost Management” as we players more so thought it meant, not “Hero UI Management”. Here is the link to the old poll:

Unfortunately, the fact that it wasn’t specifically stated whether “Hero Mangament” meant “Hero Cost Management” or “Hero UI Management” has likely lead to confusion between us players and developers interpretation of “Hero Management” meant, and has likely hurt the game in the sense of progression of features.
While yes, the tags and being able to more easily see what characters do what will be helpful, but it isn’t necessary even if it is convenient.

Like in my old Feedback Poll here on how many characters we players can keep up with badge wise from around level 215 era, over half of the people who voted in the [lv.201-215(Max)] poll voted that they could only keep up with about 1-5 characters at once.
The fact that over half of the people voted that they can only keep up up with 1-5 in my view is really telling how dire the situation is. given the fact that the game technically want us to keep up with 15 characters for Coliseum and Guild War, which means that players can only keep up with 1/3 of the intended characters for Coliseum and Guild War.

For player motivation and player interest the Stamina and Badge situation should be looked into as soon as possible, the longer the wait the more likely it is that more people will leave, which may more likely be spenders than F2Pers as the spenders don’t get a high enough sense of mastery to feel like the spending is worth it as the game gives them so little in return for the value they have to spend in order to keep up.
There is a delicate balance between giving players enough to that they are satisfied and happy to spend, and players not feeling they are given enough value back for their work/hours of play and may instead boycott or quit rather than further spending in order to keep up.

Right now I think Disney Heroes is unfortunately too much on the side of the spectrum where the game doesn’t give players enough resources in return to keep up the amount of characters they optimally should be able to which is technically 15 characters given Coliseum and Guild Wars.
Resource balancing is needed for players willing to spend and spend time in Disney Heroes, it isn’t likely to reduce resource by being more generous towards players rather it will likely increase as players are satisfied and as such willing to invest in the product they like.

One has to invest in something in order to expect returns, same goes for a gaming company investing in the players in order to expect returns/revenue.

I hope this can be an interesting post for both PerBlue and us as players, and be something for us to think about and keep in mind in terms of how resource amount affect player interest and motivation.

TL;DR version:
Perblue doesn’t give us players at Y1 enough raw stamina to keep up with much more than 1-2 characters a month, maybe generally only able to keep up with 3-5 a month with additional free resources.
Without spending, getting 15 maxed badge characters is basically impossible for most players.


Anything to reduce the COSTS of red skills? As far the things mentioned above are sweet but if the farming takes anyways 3 months the slider won’t be that much used as “dreamed”. @Polaris

With Drakken event where skill chips were doubled it felt much more lighter and better, so I would suggest to double skill chip drops from epic CW.

It would be also good to consider updating red skill crate or creating improved version of it where it will drop 100-200 skill chips per drop (instead 50-100).

There are too many good red skills (heroes), little resources and it takes way too much time. And more heroes will be added, and after cap rise the game is asking for another 600 skill chips while the drops only increase by 5, it’s very unfair.

Ok, that’s awesome, finally less clicking.


15 new Heroes!?

Not really “new.” Here’s the 15 heroes they’re talking about:

  1. Honey Lemon
  2. Clawhauser
  3. Kermit the Frog
  4. Swedish Chef
  5. Hamm
  6. Wasabi
  7. The Rocketeer
  8. Mr. Big & Koslov
  9. Dr. Drakken
  10. Barley Lightfoot
  11. Demona
  12. Fairy Godmother
  13. Pocahontas
  14. Carl Fredricksen
  15. Fozzie Bear

As much as people love to complain, QOL improvements usually work out well, and I think the future is bright for DHBM.

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I agree, I love the game and I think it has a lot of potential and the team is putting in a lot of work with great ideas.
But - this is the problem and until this is fixed and addressed properly people will continue to leave and stop spending.

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@Wave9Nut I can say that I don’t want to complain to say, but rather provide constructive feedback in order to make Disney Heroes a better product, letting F2P players keep up with at least 10 characters more so and preferably letting us keep up with 15 characters as that’s the amount of characters we need for Coliseum and Guild War.

Stamina are a huge issue, like I showed PerBlue doesn’t give us players enough stamina to keep up with more than 1-2 character purely raw stamina wise, even if yes the real amount of characters we can keep up with would be more so towards 3-4/5, definitely not much more than 7 if not paying.
7 is under half of the characters needed for Coliseum and Guild Wars, so in a sense it is disheartening for players that they aren’t able to keep their characters up to the amount the game technically demands which technically is 15.

Like I said, I don’t really complain and instead give constructive feedback in order for Disney Heroes to become a better product.

@Bluebandit93 First of all thanks for referencing my post above, and yeah if PerBlue doesn’t address the stamina/badge issue players will unfortunately cause players eventually leave, especially spenders.

I don’t know which of the 4 approaches are best, which would be either of these:

  1. Increase the amount of stamina we get daily.
  2. Decrease the amount of bits for like old Purple and Orange 50 bit badges need for crafting.
  3. Increase the availability of good badges. (Removing bad badges from Team Trial for example).
  4. Decrease the amount of stamina stage cost.

At the very least just doing 1 of those ideas would help players a fair amount, as such increasing the life spend of the game by having the players be satisfied :-).


This, could be interesting like

All nodes with

White badge = 1 stamina
Green badge = 2 stamina
Blue badge = 3 stamina
Purple badge = 4 stamina
Orange badge = 5 stamina
Red badge = 6 stamina
Yellow badge = 10 stamina (newest)

If u have a Red / Orange node it costs the higher badge (6stam)


Glad you like my ideas and yeah, bade this post a while ago and approaches like these ideas would be good ways to degree stamina costs :-).

Direct Badge cost reduction:

Indirect Badge Cost Reduction through Stage cost Reduction:

I see that this chart might not show the best what I mean, but yeah like the when you reach the stage where the next color is introduced the previous stages reduce its stage cost by 1 stamina per raid.

The second idea in that post I am unsure if is balanced or not so that’s why I didn’t include it in this post.

But yeah, as I mentioned in that post I support “Natural Strengthening” like if you can take down an Orc(Orange) you in comparison taking down a Goblin(Purple) should be easier in comparison.
Right now in this case all monster creatures are basically just as strong as they don’t decrease in power(required bit amount).

So yeah, something I think PerBlue to look at as “Natural Strengthening” should be something that overall help the player feel more accomplished and feel rewarded for their effort in the game, so yeah something to keep in mind.


Looks interesting, definitely!

Just coming back to this thread since I was reminded about a fairly simple hero management QoL update, thanks to this thread by @UzumakiNaruto: Could the team take a look at making it possible to label or name our saved lineups, and to have those lineups keep the specific friendship disks for each hero that were being used when the lineup was created? Those changes would make the saved lineup feature much more useful, and should hopefully be fairly basic in terms of coding.

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Well the game was good. But now a trend has been seen and the game is losing players left and right. The trend you ask is new characters released. They are more powerful than anyone and now you must spend money to keep up. And all those you worked so hard on just suck. Rinse and repeat. Server 14 which had a merge lost more players than when it was all alone.

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Well It’s been great playing the game seeing things getting better and better but someday it’s gonna become popular around the word

I’m excited!

This is the wrong topic.
There is a category for hero wishlist and can be found here: #feedback-corner:hero-wish-list

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