Questions for PerBlue: September 2021

Post your questions here and we’ll do our best to answer them on Thursday (9/30) so make sure you get your questions in by Wednesday (9/29) at noon!


Tienen pensado mejorar los mercados del juego?
Yo siento que con lo mucho que gastamos para mejorar a nuestros héroes las tiendas llegan a fatigar a la hora de darnos cosas

Is it still possible to add DuckTales 2017 characters like Della Duck or Lena?

Any plans to make red skill chips easier to gain?
And any plans to make disk power easier to gain?

Live-action movie characters such as Zunar-J-5-9 Doric-4-7 are possible?

Will Disney’s The Dark Age movies get more credit here? It would be wonderful to add The Black Cauldron and Oliver & Company characters.

Narnia characters are possible?

Any plans for more Kim Possible characters, such as Wade, Monkey Fist, or DNAmy? And then KP hero collection?

Will the monthly number of heroes released increase? Nowadays it’s pretty disappointing as it’s decreased in comparison to 2019 and early 2020.

What happened to Diamond Crates? Why new heroes don’t land here anymore?

Wish Crate and new invasion boss update?

Gravity Falls isn’t possible to be added, why, Djaq proved few times it shouldn’t be a problem.
Also The Owl House is possible to be added then or?

Any new exciting brand new game mode (like invasion/codebase) is planned to be released?

Sneak-peeks for Halloween/Christmas events?

When Triple Port events will return?

Will Basil get his hero refresh, it’s heavily told by many players how bad it is… and nothing, and even hero refreshes are pushed back.

Any plans for extra full hero refresh as we currently are behind of 2 hero refreshes?

How are badges are selected to the heroes?
As for Basil… it really looks terrible :confused:

And whole Y6 was very random, Gizmo who only deals normal damage got reality negation and fantastic crit.
And why Bolt has 256 fantastic crit if he never going to deal fantastic damage?


Are there any plans on changing the amount of stamina that free-to-play players can get? Right now, it is awfully low and most people are quitting because of no balance.

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Hardest character currently in the game to design skills for and why?

How do you decide what references to include on badges and such?


Is it possible we will get more pirates of the Caribbean characters as well as tron rocketeer or jungle cruise and dwd villains


Promoted from R9 to R10, the letters become longer and the red skill icon size(or maybe yellow badge icon) grow bigger. It gets even bigger if it’s in a language other than English. So, the portrait is overly covered.

I wonder if you are aware of this problem and if there are any plans to improve it.

  • Are characters from Disney movies and TV shows based on copyrighted works, (EG, Meet The Robinsons, Narnia, ETC), ineligible for addition?
  • Are there any legal barriers that are preventing ABC characters, (EG, Castle, Galavant, The Connors), from being added to the game, similar to the ones keeping Marvel and Star Wars from being added?
  • Can multiple versions of the same characters, (EG, DuckTales (2017), Muppet Babies (2019), Tron: Uprising Tron), be added to the game?
  • What are some of the new IPs you’re planning to add to the game?
  • How much of the game’s profit go to its developers, and how much goes to Disney?
  1. Can we get more guild perks more frequently like drop rate of badges to current level, backpack consumables, reduce number of badges needed to make new badges, increase gems per logins, an extra port attack or double drop of xp juices not related to vip level etc more then once a year/two? Or maybe a guild contest perk that replaces gold crates for badge booster crates that would still cost gold.

  2. Can you post your stats you say you review on the forums to be more transparent? Feel if this was done you would have less complaints bc people would understand where you coming from.

  3. Why are account mergers only done when servers are merged? Why don’t you allow more frequently for better stats of player base?

  4. Any thoughts of maybe increasing guild sizes to 60 people and increasing checkin results for maybe more gems or a badge crate or two?

  5. Thoughts of a guild help but with friends for the game? Or just removing the help guild caps? Might help with your “economic” issues you claim is going on in game if people with the resources can share more with others.

6.what makes you decide what is a priority and what isn’t to bring to the game?

  1. How do you plan to maintain health of game? Do you plan to focus more on quality of life improvements more that benift players more ?

  2. Can diamond crate level be increased beyond level 60 for better rewards?

  3. Why are updates done around 12 pm est and not the night before ( I really liked that one time waking up to the update so my habits of collecting dailies counted towards next levels etc). Also be nice if didn’t collect free energy because of update time it be auto added to mail to collect when next time on game (you know some people work and got limited windows to jump on during business hours)

  4. Can you reduce the amount of badges required for higher up ranks it’s getting too much?

  5. Can you change fortify the network to include something other then just stamania and gems? Or maybe just make ftn guild contest or server wide contests?

  6. Can you include invasion or hiests as a contest?

  7. Can we get special invasions that have better rewards then normal week of invasion more often?

  8. When opening diamond crates and you have toon already unlocked… why are some 30 toon chips, some 7 , and some like 13? With red skills always increasing why not just make everything an even 15 or 25?

  9. Why is every stamania buy for gems the same amount as diamonds go up? Can we get more stamania for the more diamonds are spent? (So if 50 diamonds is 850 stamania , can 100 diamonds be 1700 stamania).


What is one character/franchise you are unable to obtain the rights for that you would love to design a skill set for?

  • How many employees are there in the company?
    -Besides Disney/WaltDisney/PIXAR/The_Muppet, are there any other new characters planned?
    -Disney princesses like Snow White, Cinderella,… Although they can be added, it’s difficult to make them?
    -Does the process for the latest Badges take a long time? Especially art
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Could we get some buffs on older heroes? We really need them so they can actually keep up with the META heroes and actually have a chance of killing them in battle. People like EVE and a lot more cant do anything, but with a buff, they may actually have a chance.


Will there be another way to get XP drinks outside of the Port and raiding the campaign sometime in the future? Getting the XP needed to level up heroes can take quite a while and can be quite boring, plus with the Team Level cap nearing 300, leveling heroes is going to be more expensive than ever

Will costumes ever come back?

No. PerBlue has made that clear many times.



-_- … Yes


Oo never read that :laughing:

is it possible that brandy and mr whiskers come in the game?

and jake long?

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