She Told You To Stay Away From Corona

:arrow_up: By which I mean the city


Mother Gothel
:star::star: Front-line Tank
Team: Yellow

“You want me to be the bad guy? Fine, now I’m the bad guy.”

To be young and beautiful forever would be nice, exactly what Mother Gothel thought. She’s overprotective and does what she needs to stay young.


Entrance: Walks in wearing her hood, then removes it and pulls out her dagger

Victory: Mother Gothel tosses her hair

Defeat: Mother Gothel becomes old


Basic Attack: Slashes enemies with her dagger.

White Skill: Mother Knows Best


Passive: Each time Mother Gothel receives damage, she gains two stack of Trust. Each stack of trust reduces the damage Mother Gothel receives from all sources by 1.5%. Mother Gothel can have a maximum of 50 stacks of Trust which she carries from wave to wave.

Active: Mother Gothel appears from behind the enemy team holding a lantern. Dealing X Damage and scaring them for 13 seconds. Mother Gothel heals for 50% of the damage she dealt with this skill.

This also removes 10 stacks of Trust on Mother Gothel.

Green Skill: Mysterious Woman


At the start of each wave, Mother Gothel puts her hood on, becoming Invisible for 8 seconds.

Enemies that damage Mother Gothel while she is invisible lose X Skill Power. Mother Gothel also gains and additional stack of Trust.

Blue Skill: Trust Me Pet


Whenever an ally is about to get hit by a projectile, the projectile redirects to another Gothel and she absorbs it. She then gains X Basic Damage, Y Skill Power, and 5 stacks of Trust.

Mother Gothel can absorb a projectile every 11 seconds.

Purple Skill: What Once Was Mine


Whenever Mother Gothel loses a buff, she has a 75% chance to receive that same buff for the same duration and heal for X HP.

The chance decreases by 15% each time this skill is used to recover the same buff.

Red Skill: Egomania


Mother Gothel is immune to charms. Each time Mother Gothel receives damage from a buffed enemy, she gains X Armor and 5 additional stacks of Trust. Each time Mother Gothel gains a stack of Trust, her Max HP is increased by Y.

+X Basic Damage
+Y Reality
+Z Max HP


Mother Gothel and Rapunzel
Campaign: Rapunzel Knows Best
Disk: Tower Trauma- Mother Gothel and Damage role allies receive X less Damage plus Y Damage per star.
+X Max HP
Description: Rapunzel shows Mother Gothel the great things about the city.
Allies: Aladdin, Mulan, Belle

Mother Gothel and Yzma
Campaign: Regenerating Youth
Disk: Young Souls- Mother Gothel starts each wave with 1 stack of Hardy per remaining ally.
Damage role allies start combat with 1 stack of Hardy plus 1 per star.
+X Reality
Description: Mother Gothel and Yzma search for a way to stay young.
Allies: Gaston, The Evil Queen, Maleficent

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Feel feee to request a concept here


Feedback is appreciated, also if you want me to change the title I will

Why should you? :joy: It is really funny

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When i read the topic name i thought someone made a concept On


I’m not that insane


Thats only condince beacuse the name of the kingdom in tangled is named corona like the second name of covid 19 excpet for that tangled came way before the virus was discovered 10 years ago

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Excellent concept, I find it very original and creative. :slight_smile:

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Really good concept. Someone needs to make a concept of the actual virus now. I would like to do it lol.


This is accurate! Great concept! 100/10 for you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Is this the new win animation😂 Pleakley tosses hair Kim tosses her hair and now Gothel😂

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I need this in game NOW!

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From one Mother Gothel lover to another I LOVE IT! Also when I saw her white skill picture it made me laugh lol.

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