Star wars concept series pt1(poe and BB-8)

Name:poe and BB-8
This pilot has been in the resistance for years.he is experienced and knows what to do in any situation.this droid has been with Poe since the beginning.together they make an unstoppable team,and don’t let anything stand in their way.

Available in: diamond crate
Entrance:poe flies in on his plane from above,(the orange and black one)with BB-8 in the droid seat,and they both jump off the plane and let it fly away.

Deafeat:BB-8 Powers off,and poe drops his gun while quickly turning around to make sure he’s ok,with a worried face.

Victory:BB-8 spins around poe,and poe looks down at him with a proud smile

Basic move:poe blast the enemys

White skill:laser blast
BB-8 Scans all enemy’s for weak points,and Poe blast that area,and deals half the enemys health.

Green skill:blaster battle
Poe shoots into the sky when he eventually loses half of his Every 14 seconds in the wave,poe gains shield.if he already has full shield,BB-8 will go near another teammate and give them shield.

Blue move:always prepared
BB-8 Scans the enemy and tells Poe what one of the enemys will do for the rest of the wave, poe will dodge all of his/her attacks.

Purple move:Practise makes perfect
Every time poe blast,his blast will get stronger and stronger.

Red move:resistance member
Whenever poe shoots in the air,he’ll gain energy.the more energy he gets,the more powerful.the more powerful the more nervous the enemy gets,lowering all the enemys stats.

Friends:darkwing duck
Disk power:makes poe move 33% faster and dodges more attacks.

This could be an alternate costume for Poe
It would be the pilot costume which looks like this

This is a link to part 2.enjoyStar wars concept series pt2(C3P0 and R2-D2)

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With the helmet on of course

Pt two is out now

I will link it

Once heroes are in the VIP crate, they may not be obtained anywhere else. Except from the shops.

Also, only heroes from the previous month’s sign-in may make it into the crate

Ok I will edit that

Do you like the concept though

Will you do rey yoda luke and anakin?

Sure I will!

But this series is on the new characters,or the can be spirits

So I can do rey

Part two is now linked!

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