Boba fett concept - star wars series part 5

Hey guys! I know I havent posted a concept in a while, so here we are, continuing our star wars series! If you havent seen the ones so far, I started a long time ago and stopped, but here we are again! The others ones will be linked at the end! (Please dont revive them though) they may be a little… bad, because I had barely started the forums back then. Here we go into our very own boba fett concept!

I am using a new affect in my concept called powerdrain. This was all because of the inspiration of @Imagineer_V and her affect ‘quarantine’.

If your wondering where the kuill concept is, it was cancelled as the skillset was tricky to do and I couldnt think of multiple things required for it.

I have scheduled 3 concepts each.
February 19 and 26 and March the 5th.
If you can figure out what’s special about this code please comment :blush:

Boba Fett
Boba fett is one of the most dangerous bounty hunters in the galaxy. creeps beware, because if theres a bounty on your head, he’ll be on the hunt.
“You are foolish to waste your kindness on this dumb creature.”

:star: :star:
Control, middle line
Red team


boba fett lands from midair after using his jetpack and aims his EE-3 blaster rifle at the enemy’s.

boba tried to jetpack away but runs out of fuel midair and falls on his back.

boba types a code on his armlet and the slave-1 (Boba’s ship, for non star wars fans or people who may think I’m talking about real slaves) lands and the walkway to the ship opens, and boba goes back inside of the ship and flys out of the frame of your device. (Not literally, I mean it disappears from the image, not comes out of your device to fly around in real life)

Basic skill
Boba shoots from his EE-3 blaster rifle, dealing :fist: damage.

White skill: Concussion Missile
Bobas visor comes infront of his eye and Mark’s the enemy. The targeted enemy will be indicated with a red outline.
Then, he leans forward and fires a concussion missile from his Z-6 jetpack, silencing and blinding the targeted enemy for 9.5 seconds and dealing :shield: damage to them.

This puts them in a state of ‘powerdrain’ breaking down their buffs slowly, and decreasing the amount of damage by 25% as their buffs break down. This boosts the chance they’ll miss physical attacks by 15.7% chance. If the targeted enemy is a long ranged one, it decreases the range of where they can shoot.
This makes anyone in the back line impossible to damage by long range enemy’s until they kill the middle and front lines, as then they will be able to target the back lines.

Green skill: Rocket Barrage

Boba fires 7 rockets from his knee pad. This targets tank roles and is split in between them if you have multiple. Each one deals :fist: damage, and stuns the hit enemy for how many rockets hit the enemy.
As in: if 4 rockets hit an enemy that equals 4 seconds of stun time.

Blue skill: flamethrower armlet

Boba walks to an enemy and uses his flamethrower wrist to burn an enemy. This enemy will be dealt :sparkles: damage and will get the burn effect, dealing :fist: damage every 3 seconds for 15 seconds.
(That means they get damaged 5 times)

This skill can only be dodged, deflected and resisted by characters with atleast half full shield
(Which should deal with brute creeps).

If it is deflected, boba will acquire a new design for all 3 waves which is a fire damaged version. If boba is frozen after this happens, freeze attacks do not work on boba at all as the ice melts on the heated armor.

Purple skill: customized armor

If a creep has hit boba 3 times in a row without hitting another enemy in between, boba will react
By gaining 1/2 a shield and generetically regain health until the shield is broken.

Red skill: you’ll die tired

The skill ‘concussion missile’ now leaves the enemy tired, so the time between each attacks is advanced by 2.5 seconds, and anyone in the perimeter nearby the targeted enemy is now suppressed until the main enemy is defeated.
The minimum enemy’s who can be affected by this is 1, until you upgrade the red skill to level 50, which then is raised to 3 minimum. Anyone who’m is in that perimeter when the perimeter is full will be slowly damaged until they leave.


Disk: Hunters glory
Boba is now invincible when hes walking to the enemy’s to use his flamethrower attack and now does it 25% faster. After it is done bobas reality is raised 30% for 15 seconds.

Boba/the mandalalorian
Disk: double bounty
Boba’s ‘rocket barrage’ now can go through multiple enemy’s, as in; the rocket goes through 1 enemy and can go through another. The rocket breaks once its went between 2 enemy’s.

Hints to upcoming concepts:

Future star wars series
Hello there
No try
Is no jedi
*Aggressive negotiations *
As clumsy as you are stupid
Because I asked





Thankyou all so much for reading to the end.
(If you really did, put the word rockets at the bottom of your comments) please give me feedback on my concept!

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All feedback appreciated!

(If there is any)

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Can’t Wait!!!

For what??

Your Star Wars Series Part 5!

This is part 5

i know that

So then you dont have to wait :joy:

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Michael since your the first here want to try guessing some of the upcoming concepts?

Ok i think…???

Yoda!!! he totally gonna be next or Luke skywalker

I mean out of these…

I mean these…

whoops!!! sorry about that

One of the characters is Padmé Amidala.

Indeed! Ding ding ding!

Obi-Wan Kenobi!

Ding ding ding!

Ok, what is everyone’s thoughts on the concept?

One more! (10 c)

Darth Vader.

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