Star wars concept series pt3 (kylo ren)

Name:kylo ren
No matter how much he needs to rage,kylo ren wont let anthing get in the way for getting his desire.
Fun fact:kylo rens real name is Ben solo(credit to pika95 for this idea).

Position:back line

Entrance:kylos lightsaber is already there on the floor,then,kylo angrily marches in,and when the lightsaber is at his feet,he uses the force and lifts his lightsaber into his hands and turns it on.

Deafeat:kylo ren gets angry,and then snaps his lightsaber into 2 using the force.

Victory:kylo ren turns of his lightsaber and smirks,evily.

Basic move:kylo throws his lightsaber at the enemies and pulls it back with the force.

White skill:Sith lord
Kylo throws an enemies into another,and deals half damage to each of them.also,after the enemies have been slammed together,they can only attack kylo ren,who is now boosted with defence for the rest of the wave.

Green skill:commander
Kylo points at the enemy,and a tie fighter comes in and blast at all the enemys.

Blue skill:powerful energy
When Kylo Is eliminated,he opens up his lightsaber and takes out the kyber saber crystal,and then puts a new one in.

Purple skill:raging proffesional(did I spell that right?if not I meant rage + ing)
When kylo reaches 3/4 health,this move activates.
This makes kylo miss more often.
Every time kylo throws his lightsaber and misses,he gets more and more angry until he lashes out on the enemys,making his lightsaber
Bounce of the enemys dealing 1/4 damage to them all.

Red skill:dark side
Every time the blue skill is used,kylo ren gets refreshed in all stats,and all the enemies do the same, but there stats go down instead.

If you haven’t seen my previous content,check it out!after this concept of course : )
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Friendship 1&2:(coming soon!both of them are one of my future star wars concepts characters)

Hope you enjoyed my concept.
See you next time!

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Fun fact kylo ren s real name is ben solo

Thx!maybe I should do fun facts in all my concepts!great idea!

I put in your fact after the character description

Pika95(if you want,),you can pick what character my next star wars concept will have

It has to be from the latest 2 movies

Rey was discovered to be named rey platpin in the rise off skywalker and the end off the movie called herself rey skywalker

So rey?have you picked rey?

No its rey palpatine

Plus don’t put spoilers

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