The Evil Pharmacist


Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz
:star::star::star: Mid-line Damage
Team: Red

“See? See how I used vacuum as both a transitive verb and an abstract concept? That’s grammatical versatility.”

This evil scientist of Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorperated uses his latest inators on his foes.


Entrance: Walks in

Victory: Smiles and shows the player his Anti-fungal prescription

Defeat: Looks mad and shakes his fist in the air at enemies. (Like Barbossa)


Basic Attack: Throws various tools

White Skill: The Chicken-Replacinator


Fantastic Damage :sparkles:
Passive: Doofenshmirtz starts each wave with “Chicken” applied to himself. Whenever a character with “Chicken” damages another character, “Chicken” shifts to the damaged character. If multiple enemies are hit at the same time, the back most enemy receives “Chicken”.

Active: Doofenshmirtz uses his Chicken-Replacinator on himself, switching places on the field with the character who has “Chicken”.
After switching positions, Doofenshmirtz becomes invincible for 4 seconds. If it was an enemy that Doofenshmirtz switched places with, that enemy takes X Damage.

Green Skill: The Axe-inator


True Damage :shield:
Doofenshmirtz throws the Axe-inator at the enemy with the most skill power, dealing X Damage over 6 seconds.

Blue Skill: Self-Destruct Button


Fantastic Damage :sparkles:
After the Axe-inator hits the target enemy, it blows up. This deals X Damage to the target enemy and nearby enemies over 4 seconds.

Purple Skill: I’m An Adult


The first time Doofenshmirtz reaches 0 HP, he revives by doing his Adulting dance. This heals him for X HP and increases his skill power and basic damage by Y for the rest of the wave.

Red Skill: Evil Pharmacist


Normal Damage :fist:
Whenever Doofenshmirtz damages an enemy that already has damage over time, that enemy takes an additional X Damage per second for the remainder of the duration. Enemies with Damage over time can not be healed.

+X Basic Damage
+Y Skill Power
+Z Damage from Axe-Inator


Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz and Jumba
Campaign: Evil Scientists Incorperated
Disk: Evil Lab Coat- Whever Doofenshmirtz damages an enemy with damage over time, he heals for X HP plus Y HP per star.
+X Skill Power
Description: Doofenshmirtz asks Jumba to assist him with a series of schemes.
Allies: Yzma, Hades, Dr. Facilier

Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz and Darkwing Duck
Campaign: A Master Disguise
Disk: New OWCA Recruit- Doofenshmirtz deals 10% more damage plus 10% per star to enemies with damage over time.
+X Basic Damage
Description: Darkwing Duck, disguised as Drake Mallard, follows Dr. Doofenshmirtz to put a stop to him.
Allies: Maximus, Judy Hopps, Scrooge McDuck

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