Update 1.16 Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 1.16

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 1.16 Update. This release features Tron from Disney’s Tron! Make a big splash in battle with duo Hank & Dory, from Disney and Pixar’s Finding Dory! It’s been a long time coming, and Challenger Seasons is now ready to have a limited release on Servers 1 & 2. We want to make sure it’s a fine-tuned machine when we release it to all servers, so we’ll be listening to and addressing the data and feedback we receive from these servers before it gets released globally.


  • NEW! Tron from Disney’s Tron!
  • NEW! Heroic duo Hank & Dory from Disney and Pixar’s Finding Dory!
  • Challenger Seasons makes its debut!


Tron is a back-line ”Support” hero. Tron will be available in the Arena and Coliseum Challenger season rewards on Servers 1-2.


I/O Barrier
Tron removes all active buffs from enemies and deals damage to all enemies. Tron summons a light barrier, applying stacks of hardy to himself. Each stack of hardy blocks a debuff from being applied to the affected and is then removed.

Distributed Process
At the start of each wave, Tron summons a light barrier on the front most ally which applies stacks of hardy to them. Tron and his allies receive bonus skill power per stack of hardy they have on them. Tron regenerates stacks of hardy every few seconds on the frontmost ally. Each stack of hardy blocks a debuff from being applied to the affected and is then removed. Tron can apply a maximum number of stacks of hardy to each ally by summoning light barriers.

System Patch
Tron heals himself and the ally with the least HP.

After a number of stacks of hardy block a debuff for an ally, damage is dealt to nearby enemies and they are stunned.

Shielded in Light
“I/O Barrier” also applies stacks of hardy to all allies below a percentage of their max HP up to a maximum number of stacks of hardy. “Distributed Process” gives allies more skill power per stack of hardy.


  • Tron and Gizmoduck
  • Tron and Kevin Flynn

Hank & Dory

Hank & Dory are a front-line “Control” duo. Hank & Dory will be the March Sign-In Hero on Servers 1-17.


Crafty Camouflage
Hank becomes camouflaged, blinding enemies every few basic attacks while camouflaged.

At the beginning of each wave, Hank & Dory swing into the enemy line, dealing damage and blinding enemies with ink when they land.

Whale Call
Dory calls out in whale, causing a whale tail to swing at enemies at the back of the battlefield. Enemies hit by the tail are dealt damage and stunned.

A Bit Forgetful
When Hank & Dory are disabled, Dory forgets what just happened, cleansing all debuffs from herself and healing them.

Just keep Swimming

Hank & Dory and their allies have a percent chance to dodge a study or scare and instead heal. Hank & Dory begin combat with stacks of “hardy”. Each stack of hardy blocks a debuff from being applied to the affected and is then removed.


  • Hank & Dory and Rafiki

New Red Skills

Ducky & Bunny
Plush Power
Enemies damaged by “Carney Clash” are knocked back and “Plush Rush” also deals damage to nearby enemies. When Ducky and Bunny use “Carney Clash”, the cooldown for “Plush Rush” is reset.

Powerful Wave
When Moana is shielded from any sources, her basic damage is increased and heals herself for a percent of the damage she deals. The basic damage bonus is doubled when Moana is below a threshold of her max HP.

Nick Wilde
Lemming Daze
“Lemming Rush” stuns enemies and removes armor per lemming. Nick shares a percent of his skill power with allies.

The Mad Hatter
Pass the Tea
Allies are immune to debuffs for the first few seconds of each wave.

Extra Bounce
When Jack-Jack bounces to an enemy with “Bouncing Baby” who is disabled or scared, he bounces extra times.

Gerald, Marlin & Nemo
Pail Boost
While Gerald, Nemo, and Marlin are on Gerald’s rock, they gain armor and reality every few seconds. These bonuses are reset to 0 when they fall off Gerald’s rock. They are also immune to stuns while on Gerald’s rock.

Challenger Seasons (Servers 1 & 2)

Starting with 1.16, both Arena and Coliseum players who are in the Challenger tier will be able to try out our new seasonal format. Challenger Seasons is where the best of the best players will compete over the course of a four week season to earn points and climb divisions to become the Season Champion! Best of all you’ll be earning exciting daily, weekly, and seasonal rewards along the way.

At the beginning of each new week in a season, you’ll be introduced to the rules and scoring bonuses that will be in play for that week and season.


Division Rules will modify fights by adding buffs or debuffs to specific hero stats, gear (Memory Disks, Mods, etc.) or skills. These rules affect both attackers and defenders and are unlocked and added as you promote up through every other division (7, 5, 3 and 1). Fight Point Bonuses will provide a way to earn extra points during each fight from things such as the number of remaining heroes you have at the end of a fight or the total amount of Fantastic damage you’ve dealt, as examples.

After reviewing the rules and bonuses for the season, you’ll join everyone else in Division 7 and be placed into a new league whose size will typically be between 8 to 29 players.


The way you fight and rank against other players will slightly change in the new Challenger tier. Each day you’ll be given a number of “Opponent Keys” based on the size of your league. Each key is used to “unlock” one opponent and over the course of the week you’ll collect enough keys to unlock every opponent in your league. When you unlock an opponent, you’ll be given three Fight Attempts to use against them. After each fight, you’ll earn a Fight Score against that opponent based on the result and any Fight Point Bonuses that you may have earned.


There are 3 scores in Challenger - Fight Score, Best Fight Score and Total Fight Points:

  • Your Fight Score is calculated after each fight against a single opponent.
  • Your Best Fight Score is the highest Fight Score earned against a single opponent.
  • Your Total Fight Points are all of your Best Fight Scores added together for the current week.

Players are ranked based on their Total Fight Points and at the end of each of the first three weeks in a season, the top ranked players in each league are promoted. In Challenger Seasons, players will now also be able to promote 1 or 2 divisions at a time depending on their rank and available promotion slots.

Please note that Coliseum will now allow you to change your defensive lineup once per day.


Of course with great success come great rewards! Not only will you still earn your usual daily rewards, but now your final rank at the end of a week will also determine which additional Weekly Rewards you earn. Weekly reward crates will come in five different qualities from Bronze to Platinum and will contain lots of valuable items including exclusive hero chips!


The most coveted reward of all will be the Season Champion crown. During the last week of the season, players who are promoted into Division I will compete to become the Season Champion and earn a special exclusive avatar border to show off their accomplishment until the next Season Champion is crowned.

Hero Updates

  • Randall Boggs
    • “Scream Selection” now deals damage before scaring enemies
      • Despite Randall’s rework in 1.15, we still felt he needed to be toned down a bit more. One change that jumped out to us was to reduce his bonus damage to scared enemies. With this change Randall will need to be paired with other allies that scare in order to deal his bonus damage. This will make him more reliant on team synergy, rather than solo combat.
    • Damage Reduction from “Disappearing Act” has been reduced to 50% from 75%
      • We want to keep with our original vision of Randall acting as a glass cannon so we lowered the damage reduction he receives while invisible. A team with multiple area of effect skills should now have a much easier time taking down Randall.
    • The cooldown on “Monster Punch” has been increased to 8 seconds from 6 seconds and the reduced cooldown has been increased to 4 seconds from 3 seconds
      • Randall’s counter has been one of the most frustrating aspects of his kit since he launched. We wanted to make this happen less frequently so he can both take damage and deal back damage more and less often.
  • Captain Hook
    • The basic damage boost from Captain Hook’s memory disc with Captain Barbossa has been reduced
      • After getting into the player’s hands, we simply felt the basic damage boost on this disc was a bit too high for the long term balance of Captain Hook.
    • The sap duration from Captain Hook’s memory disc with Captain Barbossa has been reduced from 8 seconds at max star level to 5 seconds at max star level
      • Sap is a relatively new debuff to Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. We thought applying it so early and for so long in combat without a few options of other heroes that sap would cause Captain Hook to dominate the meta.
  • Donald Duck
    • Donald Duck now has a 100% chance to absorb 3 debuffs every 5 seconds with “Short Tempered”
      • This change may come as a surprise to some players. We made this change simply to make Donald Duck more reliable. He now has a set amount of debuffs he is guaranteed to absorb instead of percent chance.
    • The heal amount on “Aw, Phooey” has been reduced
      • Now that “Short Tempered” has a consistent absorption rate, we decided the amount of HP healed needed to be reworked.
  • Hardy will now block knockbacks
  • Fixed an issue with Gonzo that would prevent him from using his cannonball entrance if the battle was changed from manual to auto.
  • Fixed a bug with Gonzo’s memory disks where the names were swapped
  • Fixed a bug with Aladdin’s Energy Steal. If the opponent dodges the attack, Aladdin will no longer steal energy
  • Fixed a bug where Beast’s “Rage of the Beast” could be interrupted
  • Hero Refresh Update: It was such a close vote, we’re planning to refresh both Jessie and Chief Bogo! We’re working on these refreshes currently, and they’ll be in the 1.16.10 update in a couple weeks!

Other Improvements

  • Diamond Quest is now available on all servers!
  • All mailbox messages now display an expiration time, in your local timezone
  • Added a +MAX button for upgrading skills - skip the slider!
  • Improvements to the Skill level up slider. If a hero is within 5 or less of the max, the slider will not appear. If a slider is available to activate, a blue outline will appear on the skill button.
    • image
  • More Guild Perks
    • Extra guild bosses in Invasion
    • New difficulty level of Creep Surge, as well as more HP and Skill Power bonuses
    • More Heist bonuses for movement and search speed
  • New! Guild level 5 - Servers 1-17
    • Better drop rates for credits in Guild Crates
    • Better drop rates for XP Drinks in Guild Crates
    • Extra chances for Elite Campaign levels
    • Chance for 2x Elite Campaign drops
    • More influence storage
  • We’ve moved the “claim all” button on the mailbox to the top of the mail list.
  • Tacticians now have access to Guild Officer chat.
  • New Collection: DuckTales
  • In Creep Surge, used heroes are now sorted to the end of the list on the hero chooser screen.
  • In Arena and Coliseum, promotion timers now freeze when a player falls out of a promotion slot. This is only for servers that have Challenger Season Tiers. Currently S1 & S2.
  • In Coliseum, you’ll now be able to switch between and view all three lineups of potential opponents from the Leaderboard.
    • image
  • We’ve added a cool down to change your defensive team in Coliseum. This will function the same as the cool down that already exists in Arena.

Bug Fixes

  • Epic City Watch will only display on servers that are at Red rarity or higher.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause contest reward messages to remain in the player’s mailbox.
  • Fixed a bug with the 2X Normal Campaign Drops guild perk also affecting elite campaign.
  • Fixed an issue where the HP of Invasion Bosses could incorrectly display 2.14B.
  • Fixed an issue where text would look invisible for iOS users in dark mode.
  • Fixed a bug where the victory stars on Invasion Quick Fight could display incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where a player’s friend list would sometimes bump up to the top.
  • Fixed a bug where the friend campaign progress window would not appear after completing a chapter.

New Hero Locations and Content Adjustments

Servers 1-2 Update

  • Mods can now advance to +8
  • Guild level 5

New Hero

  • Tron will be only be available in Arena and Coliseum Season rewards

Servers 5-13 Update

  • Mods can now advance to +8
  • Guild level 5

Servers 14-15 Update

  • Mods can now advance to +7
  • Guild level 5

Server 16-17 Update

  • Mods can now advance to +7
  • Guild level 5

New Hero

  • Gizmoduck will be available in the Elite Campaign

Server 18 Update

New Hero

  • Flynn Rider will only be available in the Diamond Crate

Existing Heroes

  • Captain Hook will be available in the Elite Campaign

Servers 19-20 Update

New Heroes

Existing Heroes

  • Randall Boggs will be available in the Elite Campaign

Server 21-22

New Heroes

  • Megavolt will only be available in the Diamond Crate
  • Gizmoduck will be available in the Elite Campaign

Existing Heroes

  • Jafar will be available in the Elite Campaign

Looking forward to the update! Keep up the great work @Polaris!


Hank and Dory look just how I imagined


@Polaris could be possible to hand us now their skill icons?

Wait… where’s Jessie’s refresh?!


Too big don’t you think?


This update is currently planned for Tuesday, February 25.


Checking on the red skill icons!

  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Bogo is already tough to beat in friend campaigns :sob:
  2. 1.16.10 in 2 weeks? How many updates are we getting?

I added in the skill names and descriptions. Icons are a surprise!


Oh goodness, Tron, is finally here!


Glad to see Tron…

So with Tron only being in Arena and Coli Season Rewards… Weaker players pretty much will never get that hero and/or never be able to get Tron powered up… Correct?


For that season…


All-in-all a great update!

I am so glad this is getting fixed! You have no idea how annoying it has been.

screams internally

I am so excited to unlock Moana’s red skill!


What happened to fixing CW? I thought 1.16 was gonna be the CW fix!


@Polaris, one more thing, after this update will be given spotlight with Tron, Dory and Nemo?


@Polaris What about new friendships? Like the one with Gerald and Hank?


New heroes!!!:smiley::smiley::smiley::hugs:


The fix for the spotlight was a bit more complicated than anticipated, so it won’t be in this update. It should be ready for the 1.16.10 update, and then we’ll get you caught up!


No, Shank is tough to beat, Bogo has become a childs play


Shouldn’t been 1.16.1 update?

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