Update 0.4 Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 0.4

Welcome to latest beta update! This release features our biggest batch of new heroes since we launched, with characters from Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., WALL-E, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Along with these new heroes come some broader updates to where heroes are found in game, not to mention a ton of other stuff! As always, we hope you enjoy the update!


  • New heroes join the battle: Jessie from Toy Story, Sulley & Boo and Mike from Monsters Inc., WALL•E and EVE from WALL•E, Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Campaign Chapter 9: “Counter Line”
  • Purple +2 heroes now available
  • Spar with friends and guildmates in chat
  • New shop: the Mega Mart
  • Unlock The Incredibles emoji in chat
  • Support for French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Portuguese
  • Chat translation support
  • Visual polish, bug fixes, and UI improvements!

Jack Sparrow

“This is the day you will always remember as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow!”
Jack Sparrow is a front-line damage hero! Jack Sparrow’s hero chips can be found only in the Diamond Crate.


Avast! (Normal Damage)
Jack calls the Black Pearl to fire its cannons at the enemies. The Pearl shoots 10 cannonballs, each doing damage.

Acting Dodgy (Normal Damage)
Jack dodges a melee attack and counter attacks dealing damage. Jack can only dodge a melee attack once every 7 seconds.

Pirate Code
When Jack’s first ally is KO’d, Jack salutes his fallen comrade, gaining basic damage for the remainder of the wave. This can only be triggered once per wave.

Hearty Crew
Jack Sparrow grants his allies bonus Basic Damage.

Sulley & Boo

“Boo?” “Kitty!”
Sulley & Boo are a front-line tank hero! Sulley & Boo’s hero chips can be found in the Surge Shop and the Diamond Crate.


Scaring is Caring (Fantastic Damage)
Sulley roars, dealing damage to all enemies and Scaring them for 10 seconds.Attacks that do Fantastic damage always crit against Scared enemies.

Healing Laughter
Boo laughs, healing Sulley. This skill also triggers at the end of every stage, in addition to during combat.

Toy Tantrum (Fantastic Damage)
Boo throws toys at the three closest enemies. Each toy does damage.

Scream Power
Sulley gains Skill Power every time an enemy is Scared by anyone. This lasts until the end of the Wave.

Mike Wazowzki

“What can I say? The camera loves me!”
Mike Wazowzki is a back-line damage hero! Mike’s hero chips can be found in the City Watch Shop and the Diamond Crate.


Sonic Belch (Fantastic Damage)
Mike eats his microphone and then belches, doing damage to all enemies.

Canister Toss
Mike throws a scream canister at the closest enemy, scaring them and all nearby enemies for 8 seconds. Attacks that do Fantastic damage always crit against Scared enemies.

On A Roll (Fantastic Damage)
Mike rolls across the battlefield dealing damage to all enemies.

Fight or Fright
When Mike damages a scared enemy, he also stuns them for 3 seconds.


WALL•E is a mid-line control hero! WALL•E’s hero chips can be found in the Surge Shop and the Diamond Crate.


Extinguish (Normal Damage)
WALL•E flies through enemies with a fire extinguisher. Enemies take damage over 3 seconds and have a chance to be frozen for 3 seconds.

Solar Power
WALL•E uses his solar panel to grant allies energy and blind his enemies for 3 seconds.

Compactor (Normal Damage)
WALL•E creates a garbage box and pushes it at the closest enemy, knocking them back and dealing damage.

WALL•E grants his allies energy at the start of the first wave.


EVE is a back-line damage hero! EVE’s hero chips can be found only in the VIP Crate.


Hand Cannon (Normal Damage)
EVE fires her plasma cannon at the closest disabled* enemy, dealing damage. Nearby enemies also take damage. If no enemy is disabled, EVE instead targets the closest enemy.

*Disables include stun, freeze, blind, silence and charm.

Shield Directive
EVE shields her weakest ally, protecting them from damage for the next 7 seconds.

Ion Shock (Normal Damage)
EVE’s charged blast deals damage to the enemy with the highest skill power and then stuns them for 7 seconds.

Combat Efficiency
EVE does 100% more damage to disabled enemies.


“Jessie doesn’t give up, Jessie finds a way.”
Jessie is a front-line damage hero! Jessie’s hero chips can be found in the Arena Shop and the Diamond Crate.


Hootenanny (Normal Damage)
Jessie leaps into the middle of the enemies and kicks them repeatedly, doing damage with each kick.

Sonic Yodel (Fantastic Damage)
Jessie lets out an ear piercing yodel that damages all enemies. The damage increases the closer Jessie is to the enemies.

Cowgirl Boogie
Jessie’s cowgirl boots now heal her every time she damages an enemy. She gains 50% of the damage done back as healing.

Kick Up A Row
Jessie’s line dancing skills allow her to dodge enemy attacks.

Hero Balance and Combat Changes

  • After reviewing player feedback and balance data, we made modest nerfs to 3 of the more powerful heroes in game:
    • Mr. Incredible’s white skill “Grand Slam”
      • Now does ~10% less damage
      • We felt that Mr. Incredible’s damage output was OP for a tank
    • Yax’s green skill “Flower Power”
      • Now does ~10% less damage
      • Similar to Mr. Incredible, we felt Yax’s damage output was very high for a support hero
    • Nick’s white skill “Lemming Rush”
      • Is now weaker with 5 lemmings but stronger with only 1; his first lemming does 50% more damage, but his 2nd through 4th lemmings do less
      • Nick’s change was targeted at reducing his effectiveness in City Watch, where he can be very OP
  • Buzz’s white skill “Laser Action”
    • Now does 200% more damage
    • This turns Buzz’s active from a tickle to a light burn
  • Jack-Jack’s “Babe with the Fire Power” Memory Disk
    • Now changes his basic damage type from normal to fantastic
    • This makes Jack-Jack, one of the weaker heroes in game, a bit more powerful
  • We fixed a bug in how Memory Disk power was being calculated
    • The change does NOT affect combat
    • But might lower the total power from a Memory Disk a bit (a few hundred power max).
  • Tenacity is now effective against Charms
  • “Scared” status has been updated
    • Attacks that do Fantastic damage now always critically hit Scared enemies.

Hero Location Updates

  • New Heroes
    • Jack Sparrow is available only from the Diamond Crate
    • Sulley & Boo are available from the Creep Surge Shop
      • Mr. Incredible is still in the Elite Campaign
    • Mike Wazowski is available from the City Watch Shop
      • Nick is still in the Elite Campaign
    • EVE is available only from the VIP Crate
      • Chief Bogo is still in Elite Campaign
    • WALL•E is available from the Creep Surge Shop
    • Jessie is available from the Arena Shop
      • Felix is still in Elite Campaign
  • Existing Heroes
    • Jack-Jack is now found only in the Guild Crate and Daily Sign-In
    • Judy Hopps can now be found in the Arena Shop
    • Violet can now be found in the City Watch Shop
    • Calhoun can now be found in the Coliseum Shop
      • Finnick is still in Elite Chapter 2
  • Elite Campaign Chapter 9 features:
    • Rex (main hero), Finnick, Dash, Woody

New Content

  • Team Level cap increased from 70 to 75
  • Chapter 9: “Counter Line” is now available
    • Check out the new Covered Market district of The City
  • Heroes can now be promoted to Purple +2 rank
  • Lots of new friendships added:
    • Sully and Ralph
    • Ralph and Jack Sparrow
    • Woody and Jessie
    • Jessie and Buzz
    • Jack Sparrow and Nick Wilde
    • Jessie and Judy Hopps
    • Rex and Mike
    • Mike and Sulley
    • Eve and Calhoun
    • Mike and Jack Jack
    • Sulley and Woody
    • Frozone and EVE
    • EVE and WALL•E
    • WALL•E and Dash

Sparring in Chat

  • You can now tap on heroes posted to chat and battle them!
  • Test out different hero combos to see who plays best together

The Incredibles Emoji in Chat

  • You can now unlock official Disney emoji and use them in chat!
  • This release adds custom emoji for each of the heroes from The Incredibles
  • Unlock these emoji by leveling up friendships that involve these heroes
  • Emoji have text shortcuts that you can type directly into chat
  • We plan to release official Disney emoji for more heroes in the future

Localization Support

  • Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is now available in French, Italian, German, Latin American Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese
    • Some final localization is coming after the 0.4 client release; we expect it within a day after the release
  • Got to Settings and tap the “English” button to switch languages

Chat Translation via Google Translate


  • We also now support translation in chat
  • Just tap the button on the right side of a chat entry to translate it

Mega Mart

  • The Mega Mart is a rarer version of the Black Market
  • It sells credits (gold), XP Drinks, hero chips and badges…
    • …and one slot also sells either Memories or Disk Power
  • The Black Market now also sells credits and XP Drinks

Main Screen & Environment Visual Updates

  • We’ve added some extra visual TLC to the main screen
  • Combat environments have also all been polished
    • Keep an eye out for new animations in combat!

Mission UI Improvements


  • The sorting functionality on the “Add a Mission” screen was starting to show its limitations when handling bigger lists of missions
  • So we’ve added some new filters that allow you to focus on exactly what you want, including Disk Power and Memories
  • We’ve also updated the Mission row UI to make it more usable

3D Touch on iOS

  • iOS devices that support 3D Touch now offer some nifty shortcuts
  • View hero stats and animations, insta-raid the Port and Trials, auto collect and restart Missions, and more!

UI Improvements

  • We have a new splash screen featuring some of our newer heroes!
  • Players are now able to delete private messages channels
    • Scroll to the bottom of your PM chat and tap the “x” button
  • Guild leaders can now rename their guilds (costs guild influence)
  • Guild leaders can now remove posts from guild wall
  • The hero list screen now shows equipped memory disks
  • Narrator dialog bubbles no longer cover narrators in some cases
  • Events are more visible:
    • New events appear when booting game
    • Red dot shown on events icon when new event added
  • We removed the auto screen scrolling after crafting badges; it was distracting

Balance/Economy Adjustments

  • Friend Campaign difficulty tweaks
    • Made slight adjustments to (weaken) enemies in certain friend campaign levels
    • Moved some friend campaigns to new locations (so they were less bunched up)
  • You can now buy Friend Stamina
    • 30 Friend Stamina can be bought once per day for 50 diamonds
    • Or you can earn it by watching video ads
  • City Watch got a bit harder at the top end
    • Hard mode enemies are slightly harder
    • If your team power is so high that matchmaking can’t find someone tough enough for you, it will pick an opponent and increase the level of their heroes
  • VIP perks for additional gold from Creep Surge and City Watch have been reduced to +50% from +100%
    • The gold gain gap between VIP and non-VIP players later in the game was higher than we’d like to see
  • Gold from the Creep Surge has been reduced somewhat at higher levels
    • Creep Surge gold scales off the power of your heroes
    • When we modeled this initially, we didn’t include power from Memory Disks
    • This has resulted in a bigger gap than expected in gold earnings for top power teams
    • We dampened the higher end of the curve to bring the model back in line
  • Token shop refresh costs
    • Shop refreshes costs now start at 50 tokens, up from 10
    • This is another area where we found that top earners were gaining hero chips faster than we’d like to see
  • Chapter 7 Normal Campaign now costs 8 stamina instead of 6
    • Chapter 7 Elite Campaign now costs 16 stamina instead of 12

Bugs & Misc

  • Android keyboard
    • No longer covers whole screen
    • No longer requires two taps to input text
  • Push notifications for events are fixed on iOS
  • Private messaging preference was being ignored
    • You could contact someone via PM even if they required you to be friends first
    • This has been fixed
  • Fixed a bug where Creep Surge summary was not appearing if you failed to complete it
  • Fixed several uncommon combat crashes
  • Fixed a rare crash in Creep Surge
  • Fixed several rare tutorial bugs

Fantastic update thank you!


Great character additions thanks crew!


When update will be available?


We’re updating the servers for 0.4 as we speak!


Looks like a very good update guys! Love the hero choices… and thanks for fixing jack jack :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This update looks fantastic! Looking forward to collecting, gearing and battling with all the new heroes!


Any plans to have EVE ovtainable through means other than the VIP crate in the future?


It is likely Heroes will be shuffled around eventually!


Thanks for all your comments, and please continue the conversation in the Update 0.4 Discussion!

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