Update 1.7.2 Patch Notes


Um that is two too many for two friends :grin:


@Polaris so are you guys implementing the auto hide home bar as I suggested in a separate thread? That would fix the issue with in game assets being covered as the bar would be insivible at the bottom of the screen rather than attempting to shift your assets around to accommodate the home bar. It’s extremely annoying to type in landscape with the home bar at the bottom of the screen.


If they were, it would’ve been mentioned


Well, they are possibilities for Gaston. Two of these Friendships are going to pass through:

  1. Stitch - Gaston

  2. Hades - Gaston

  3. Scar - Gaston

  4. Jack Skellington - Gaston


Hopefully they do.maybe next update


I just wish we would either have only a level increase or the color increase. The grind is getting tiring. Especially considering you made it more extensive to level up skills and overall level.


Dat is pretty accurate.


When is the update out?


He answered a question like this a few replies back.


For people that are asking about level cap: They won’t stop level cap until orange+8, then teal+4 and last red. That’s at least what i’ve heard. I really hope that the devs will add more ways get badges though because being f2p and trying to get orange+2 is hard.


Just like in DS, it seems, but more difficult to get there…


@Polaris cuándo es la actualización?


Tuesday / Martes. CST


Lets not assume @Polaris’s gender. :sweat_smile:


@Polaris I really am looking forward to this update especially the hero refresh idea. My only suggestion is to find a good number to level cap all characters. For there are many good ways to power up your characters including equipping badges, adding stars, and upgrading your friendship levels. Also by level capping all characters I think it would help players to be able to work on making some of the characters they have fallen behind on stronger including some of the newer characters.


Good update. I like hero refresh *thumbs up.


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It would be awesome if you could fix the coliseum and war fight crash issue as well