Update 2.2.10 Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 2.2.10

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 2.2.10 Update! This release features Slinky Dog from Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story. Also featured in this release, Angel from Disney’s Lilo and Stitch: The Series plus a number of improvements and bug fixes


  • NEW! hero Slinky Dog from Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story!
  • NEW! hero Angel from Disney’s Lilo and Stitch: The Series!
  • Improved Invasion rewards, bug fixes, and more!

Slinky Dog

Slinky Dog is a mid-line ”Tank” hero. Slinky Dog will be available as an event exclusive hero on servers 1-22!


Spring Shield
Passive: Slinky Dog adds a percent of his missing HP to the HP of shields generated by “Spring Shield”, “Protective Pooch”, and “Loyal Pal”.

Active: Slinky Dog activates his force field, applying a shield to himself and allies.

That’s A Stretch
Slinky Dog runs the front half of his body through the enemy line, dealing damage to enemies as he passes them. His front end then springs back, dealing damage to all enemies hit on the way back and reducing their skill power.

Protective Pooch
Slinky Dog activates a force field on the frontmost ally. When the shield is removed, that ally gains reality and armor.

Ruff And Ready
For each shield currently on Slinky Dog or an ally, Slinky Dog gains armor and reality.

Loyal Pal
When Slinky Dog uses “That’s A Stretch”, he steals a percent of each damaged enemy’s reality. Every few seconds, Slinky Dog and Allies receive a shield.


  • Slinky Dog and Tigger
  • Slinky Dog and Powerline


Angel is a back-line ”Control” hero. Angel will be available in Diamond Crates on Servers 1-22!


Siren Song
Angel sings, silencing enemies and removing basic damage.

Such A Charmer
Once per wave, when Angel reaches 0 HP, she charms the enemy that damaged her last for and heals herself. This charm cannot be dodged or evaded and the duration is not reduced by tenacity.

Blowing A Kiss
When an ally reaches 1 HP, Angel blows them a kiss, healing them and making them invincible. Angel can use this skill once per wave.

Sweet Singer
Each time an enemy is silenced, Angel gains basic damage. Angel keeps a percent of this basic damage buff from wave to wave.

Farewell Kiss
If Angel is KO’d and has not yet performed “Blowing A Kiss” in the current wave, she uses it before she is KO’d on the ally with the least HP. Charmed enemies remove energy from enemies they damage.


  • Angel and Stitch
  • Angel and Miguel

Hero Refresh

Darkwing Duck

It’s time for another Hero Refresh and this time around it’s none other than the terror that flaps in the night! Darkwing Duck is a damage hero who excels at diving into the enemy line, avoiding damage, and disrupting the enemy team’s flow by stunning them. We feel Darkwing Duck’s kit is solid but it needed some tweaking to allow his stuns to be more effective and to synergize with his team so he can stun more often.

We also made a few changes to his Memory Disk with Nick Wilde to make his shield blocking more consistent. Check out the notes for extra details!


Base Stats

  • Increased Max HP
  • Increased Basic Damage
  • Increased Skill Power


Gatling Fun
Darkwing duck swings across the battlefield to deal damage to the furthest enemies in an area.

  • Increased damage

Shadow Stalker
Before an enemy can crit on Darkwing Duck, he becomes invisible for a duration to avoid the damage. While invisible, Darkwing Duck is untargetable. Darkwing Duck can become invisible after a cooldown.

  • Decreased cooldown
  • Increased invisibility duration

Darkwing Duck throws a canister of knockout gas at his feet, stunning nearby enemies and damaging them. If an enemy stunned by this skill is already stunned, their remaining stun duration is increased. When an ally stuns an enemy, they reduce the remaining cooldown of “Knockout.”

  • Increased damage
  • Increased stun duration
  • Knockout now increases the remaining stun duration on stunned enemies
  • The remaining cooldown for Knockout is now reduced every time an enemy is stunned by Darkwing Duck’s allies

Shadow Speed
Everytime Darkwing Duck goes invisible, his attack speed and basic damage are increased until the end of the wave. This skill can stack up to a maximum.

  • Increased stack limit for attack speed and basic damage buffs
  • Increase basic damage

Darkwing Duck’s Memory Disks

“Sticking Point” from Mr. Incredible

  • Increased armor and reality gained per memory disk level
  • Increased stun duration against enemies that crit Darkwing per memory disk star level

“Case Quacked” from Nick Wilde

  • Increased skill power, basic damage, and max HP per memory disk level
  • Darkwing Duck now blocks a shield with this memory disk after a cooldown instead of with a percent chance
  • Fixed a bug with this that caused this memory disk to slow less than it should at 2 or more stacks
    • Slows from this memory disk now add together as they should

New Red Skills

Shifting Gears
“Final Lap” negates more damage against Normal Damage attacks. Shank and her allies take less damage from Normal Crits.

Terrifying T-Rex
Rex gains Crit Damage per buff he has. Timed buffs on Rex also don’t expire as long as he has at least 1 non-KO’d ally. The first time each wave when Rex would be KO’d, he instead cleanses all debuffs from himself, activates “Stampede,” and heals.

Lesson Learned
When Rafiki heals himself with his basic attack, he also heals the ally with most basic damage. Rafiki redirects a percent of all damage dealt to the ally with the most basic damage to himself.

Other Improvements

  • Stamina Increases! We’re increasing the amount of stamina that generates over time, and increasing the stamina awarded by Daily Quests.
    • The increase scales based on the player’s current team level
  • Invasion Rewards Update This will take effect with the Invasion that starts on Monday, August 31.
    • We’ll be increasing Mod Power, Gold, Memory Tokens, Hero XP, Badge Tokens, Stamina Consumables and Disk Power rewards. The increase scales based on the current team level cap on the server
    • The number of points needed to reach most reward tiers has been reduced, and the number of points granted during Invasion scales with the current team level cap on the server. This will make it easier to progress through the tiers and should keep the time commitment for Invasion steady, even as the number of reward tiers increases.
  • The Mod Power reward for the Daily Quest, Modded to Perfection will now scale based on the server’s current team level cap.
  • Added new status icons for increase and decrease Normal and Fantastic Crit
  • Rankings (in the Ranking building) for players and guilds will now update in real time
  • Adjustment to Maui’s white skill. In preparation for Maui’s red skill (coming soon!), we’ve made the following adjustment to his white skill. He takes 12.5% less damage per 500 energy he has.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the names for Gerald, Marlin & Nemo’s friend disks
  • Clarified the description of Wall-E’s Energy-In-A-Cup skill. The chance to fail applies to the energy at the start of the wave, and not blocking the ‘sap’
  • Clarified the description of Judy Hopp’s Officer’s Cheer skill. The inspire is triggered when she uses her Green, Blue and Purple skills.
  • Fixed an issue where the study icon would not always appear on opponents from Maximus’ Follow Your Nose skill. The skill is working correctly, but the icon did not always appear
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing friendship dialogue from appearing for Gizmoduck and Launchpad, Magica and Megavolt, and Magica and Jafar
  • Fixed an issue where some heroes could enter with their backs to the opponents in Guild War
  • Fixed an issue with buff timers in Invasion so they will now start counting when combat starts and not when the hero enters

New Hero Locations and Content Adjustments

Servers 1-17 Update

New Heroes

  • Slinky Dog will be an event exclusive hero
  • Angel will only be available in Diamond Crates

Existing Heroes

  • Pleakley will be available in the Elite Campaign
  • Shan Yu will be available in the Elite Campaign

Servers 18-22 Update

New Heroes

  • Slinky Dog will be an event exclusive hero
  • Angel will only be available in Diamond Crates
  • Shan Yu will be available in the Elite Campaign

Existing Heroes

  • Linguini & Remy will be available in the Elite Campaign
  • Pleakley will be available in the Elite Campaign

This is a full update (app store & server) which is currently planned for Tuesday, August 25.

Slinky Dog © Just Play, LLC.


At least, I can say, yay, new TV show hero.



Yeah! Slinky :grin: at last! But why doesn’t he have a friendship with Woody?


I’m so excited for Slinky! One of my favourite Disney characters. Only downside is that he’s an event exclusive.

I’m not overly keen but she does seem rather interesting.


Given I use Shank a bit this should be a nice addition.

Yes. Hopefully this will make crafting badges far easier now.

Sounds decent enough.


Wow. Never accepted to be this early to released the note


Darkwing, slinky, and angel, this is to good to be true!!!


Woody already has 6 friendships including his own. I don’t think he was in need of another friend.


Is it just me or does angel look waaaaayyy better than slinky?


But he’s crate exclusive… :sob:


I’d rather have angel than slinky


No, Slinky looks kinda weird


@Polaris will the changes to Invasion Rewards take place IMMEDIATELY after the update is done = during the red invasion?

If so, is it thus better to wait a day before doing anything in it?
Or, if it is possible to somehow sum up the overall increase of rewards to find out if we even have to bother.

Can you also look at the bundles before the next update, PLEAAAAAAAAAAAASE?


I won’t have one of them in the near future…


I love Slinky’s look.


Yes slinky and Angel finally made it


It looks like slinky but something seems off about it for some reason, then again they all look off.


Really? It’s nice but it could be better… At least it’s not as bad as Belle😅


I agree that it looks off but I personally like it.


I knew Slinky Dog is gonna be in the game he one of my favorite character in Toy Story And he’s gonna be friends with woody because he cares for him


Congrats :roll_eyes:.

Except he isn’t…

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