Update 2.3 Known Issues

Here are some issues we’re tracking following the 2.3 update.

These issues have been resolved:

  • Some players may be missing Creep Surge rewards. These were delivered via the game mailbox.
  • Kim Possible’s friendships are disabled. These have been activated now!
  • The Buy More Stamina numbers were not increased with the update - we are working to get that corrected.
  • The Mission Update text is still showing on the Friend wall, when it should be hidden. In some cases it’s displaying strings instead of text.
  • It’s possible to get into a state where some areas of the game will not respond to taps. We are working on a fix.
  • It’s possible to spend Mission speed ups on Memory Missions and earn more memories than you need to max out the disk. If you spent mission speed ups on unneeded memories, please contact support and we can reverse this transaction.
  • It’s possible to get into a state where memory missions are paused but there are no rewards to claim.
    • To get out of this state, cancel your missions and restart them. Be sure to have 1 mission running that isn’t a memory mission.

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What, this isn’t about Mickey Mouse…


Amazon must be hard to work with feel so bad for everyone that has an Amazon device


I hope amazon update can do fast


Hey at least she in the game. Progress!


And another 17 months to get her friends? :joy:



Yes, YAY, let’s just wait till March of 2022 to see her friendships!! :slight_smile:

Besides, if her friendships appear at the end of the day, it wouldn’t necessarily affect me since I haven’t unlocked her…yet.

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Ummm I can’t login? Anybody else I’m in iOS

If I am correct, the update still hasn’t finished so no one can get in currently? :thinking:

I was just confused because they never take 1hr+ ( once I’ve been active anyway)

It’s ok, sometimes they take more than an hour when the update is massive, but don’t worry, the update will finish soon :slight_smile:

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Ok that’s good the game is not about the vanish before my very eyes

It is nearing midnight and yet the servers aren’t up. Let it come before i go to sleep lol

I wonder if the long-er duration of the server update is due to trying fixing Kim’s friendships, if so, great, I can wait another hour! :smiley:

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It better not use delay

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

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Added to the list above:

  • Some players may be missing Creep Surge rewards - we are working to get a list together and will be sending those out via the game mailbox.
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