Update 2.7.10 Known Issues

Here’s a thread for new issues that pop up after the 2.7.10 update.

  • After enhancing a Battle Badge, XP Drink totals can show as negative on the enhancement screen. It is only a display error and no XP Drinks were lost.
  • The rank of the Guild Bosses increased following the 2.7.10-B update.
  • The promotion FX for Yellow Rank are blue.
  • Using Auto Add when enhancing a Battle Badge will crash the game if you don’t have enough XP Drinks.

These issues are resolved:

  • Some players didn’t receive their keys in Arena and Coliseum Challenger.




A bit more of 500k HP is nowhere near ‘‘great’’.
Jumba is older and still have 5M more HP, Amelia by 3M.

And the SP and BD increase is also very poor, she doesn’t make it from the lose of 600k BD from RS.

And her study duration was reduced from 12s to 5s… gosh.


Unfortunately, it seems like Kim Possible’s refresh ended up being more so a dis-refresh than an actual refresh, if dis-refesh is something one could say.


36% more Skill Power from Base+RS could be described as quite significant, but the rest seems pretty pants. I doubt it’s a bug, though :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, it IS a known issue, so…


Dash’s and others (in the update) RS stats were bugged tho…

and this isn’t ok for a refresh, Mim’s HP was doubled…


@Musketeer Just to ask though, have you tried Kim Possible in an actual battle yet and see how she does?

Like if she hasn’t gotten some better even if it isn’t reflected in the stats a 100%.

Kim only targets one enemy with her dart now


I was promoted to challenger in the war and did not receive the rewards of the war and the surge

I had this battle just now in Arena

The end came down to Nick & Tron vs. Kim, and Kim just stood there doing nothing (literally) for a long time and was eventually killed. I don’t think she was charmed. :bug::man_shrugging:


I have tried many many times right after the update was completed. She is worse, much worse than she used to be before the refresh.

Her damage is WAY better than it was.
But she lost utilities and her dart is useless cause it only hits one enemy.

So… she’s better but not by THAT much


Basil It is too small after he was upgraded


So what I understand Kim Possible’s refresh is like taking 1 step(damage) forward, but like 5+ steps back right afterwards given how many utilities she lost.

Not ideal and if so it seem to be better to reset Kim Possible to her previous skillset with some higher values rather than altering a lot like in this case.

And for Basil cool :-). More so actual small sized now like a mouse, like promised.


Not a bug. Polaris told us that it wouldn’t be available immediately.

She is better… BUT worse.


Exactly what I need :slight_smile:

Anything will be said why Kim’s base stats were barely increased, and not as said by ‘‘great’’ amount?


People are saying she got a massive damage increase though

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