Update 2.8 Known Issues

Maybe I’m wrong but I think that tron’s white skill acts like a projectile and Wasabi “Blade Block” can block it

And instead of bringing Mr. Big you use Zurg so maybe Wasabi block Zurg’s basic attack before Tron’s launch white skill

Here by not carrying Zurg, the only possible projectile is Tron’s white skill which Wasabi could block (Nick’s basic attack is very slow)

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But the funny thing here is that the image with Wasabi using his green skill is the image where Tron did remove buffs

Wasabi was stunned when Tron didn’t remove buffs.

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I don’t have the Master Collector quest available, yet I do have 5 heroes I’m able to score Collection points on. :man_shrugging:

I had the same thing happen last month when all I had left to do to complete my collections was Platinum III in the Princess collection.

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Right you are. If only there was another Inside Out character to maintain the master collection.

They still need to be at 6 stars, or what would be great is that we could use another new character from the princess collection.

And that will be help… how?



Maybe like Bing Bong, Rainbow Unicorn, or a 0% chance of Riley.

My thoughts exactly.

Probably works like Slinky’s red and will trigger every 5s, whether he is disabled or not.

@Polaris So is this considered a bug or not? Is Tron’s white skill a projectile?

Mega-Virus isn’t affected by debuffs and disables. Has icons of Stun, it’s not stunned. Has Slow, isn’t slowed.
All when below Rage Level 20 (which gives immunity to disables) and 25 (which gives immunity to debuffs).

No, he must do the animation.


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So Wasabi is blocking Tron’s white skill?

No. The projectile blocking is a skill, not a passive.

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I don’t know if this is a problem born after the update. I realized only now that to open the diamond crates there is no longer “open 10” and “open 100” but it is possible to open only one at a time. Is it possible to resolve as soon as possible? opening the crates one at a time becomes boring :sweat_smile:

also, when i choose the team for the attack in war or at the colosseum, my characters appear slightly off screen (ios phone)
as in the photo that I am attaching



The issue is already known

About the disoriented coli/war teams, I think that issue has been posted in other topics, but I don’t think the team have said anything about it


@Polaris Its red invasion again?:thinking:


And again armor upgrades? It just was 2 weeks before…


@Polaris Can you please have them reset this invasion for server 1 because I’d like to do blue invasion this week as intended and possibly get another reward besides armor… because like Musk said we got them two weeks ago :disappointed:

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Are you both on S1? I’m on S21 and it is Blue Team invasion

I’m pretty sure only Server 1 is only being affected by this :thinking:

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