Update 5.4 Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 5.4

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 5.4 Update! This release features Rose and Patch Season 11 plus a number of improvements and bug fixes.

Also, a quick reminder that we have a scheduled Live Dev Q&A tomorrow, from 11am - 12pm CT, with a special focus on our new rarity, Emerald. We’re looking forward to chatting with you!


New! Rose from Disney’s American Dragon: Jake Long!
Update! Battle Pass Hero, Shop Heroes, and Elite Campaign Heroes.
● Patch Season 11!


Rose is a Front-Line ”Damage” hero on the Red team. Rose will be available in the Prize Wall starting September 14th.


Rifting Impact
Rose leaps into the air, spinning her spear and lands on her enemies. All enemies are dealt True Damage and gain a debuff based on their role for a few seconds. Damage: Damage dealt with their Basic Attacks and Skills are reduced by a percentage Tank: Armor + Reality reduced Control: Silence Support: Limit- for a duration, Rose will Distract the front-most enemies. During her Distract, Rose will Heal for a percentage of the damage she receives.

+True Damage

Nimble Leap
Rose swiftly leaps and kicks off of the nearest enemy before landing back in her original position. That enemy is dealt Normal Damage, is Pierced and Drained for a duration.

+Normal Damage

Valiant Slash
Rose slashes her spear, dealing Fantastic Damage to all enemies. For each enemy hit, Rose will deal an additional 20% Fantastic Damage to all enemies with this Skill. All enemies lose Energy. For the next few seconds, all enemies are Cursed and Shattered.

+Fantastic Damage

Swift As Light
Any damage Rose deals removes buffs from enemies hit and applies stacks of Decay and Fatigue for each buff removed. For each stack of Fatigue or Decay Rose applies, she deals Fantastic Damage for a percentage of her target’s Max HP. When an enemy uses a stack of Fatigue or Decay, that enemy is dealt True Damage and gains stacks of Weakness.

Rose can deal True Damage and provide stacks of Weakness this way every few seconds, after a cooldown.

+True Damage

Dauntless Journey
Rose’s Basic Attacks Drain enemies for a duration. Rose now Cleanses herself and gains stacks of Hardy for each buff she removes with any of her Skills. For each stack of Hardy she has, she gains Basic Damage and Skill Power and each time she uses a stack, she gains Armor and Reality for a few seconds.

+Bonus True Damage to “Rifting Impact”

Battle Badge

  • Charge Condition: Shatter is applied to enemies
  • Stat Buff: +Skill Power
  • Lineup Buff: +Basic Damage per Damage Ally
  • Effect Buff: Precise


  • Jake Long
  • Jumba

New Buff! - Drain
Drain is a new Debuff being added to the game that is exclusive to Rose! Enemies lose 50 energy per second while Drained.

Patch Season 11 Information

As we approach the conclusion of Season 10 of Patch, we are delighted to share our exciting plans for Season 11!

The eleventh Season of Patch will begin after the release of the 5.4 update and will run for 4 weeks. After the update goes live, you’ll be able to see the season’s Featured Franchises but the Franchise Trials won’t be available until 9:00 AM CT the next morning.

This season introduces 19 new Heroes into the Patchable Hero pool, spanning 5 Franchises:

  • The Incredibles
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Tangled
  • Snow White
  • The Emperor’s New Groove

Hero Improvements & Bug Fixes


  • Max HP, Basic Damage, and Skill Power increased
  • Rage of the Beast: Heal amount increased
  • Brutal Blow: Attack number to trigger skill reduced
  • Leaping Claw: Increased Damage, reduced cooldown
  • Beastly Brawl: Increased Armor removal amount and additional stat boosts
  • Dinner for Two: Increased Reality to scared allies and Max HP to team, added Armor and Reality
  • Work’s a Beast: Increased Damage and Armor buffs, increased armor, added Reality

Mrs. Incredible

  • Max HP, Basic Damage, and Skill Power increased
  • Iron Fist: Increased Damage
  • Element of Surprise: Increased Damage and Slow amount, decreased cooldown
  • Roundhouse: Increased Damage, decreased cooldown
  • Stretch Goals: Increased Skill Power
  • Super Stretch: Increased Damage Reduction percent and additional stat boosts
  • Drool’s Errand: Increased Skill Power, added Armor and Reality
  • Tough Cookie: Increased Skill Power, added Armor and Reality

Evil Queen

  • Max HP, Basic Damage, and Skill Power increased
  • Enchanted Apple: Increased Damage
  • Baleful Box: Increased HP stolen and decreased cooldown
  • Perfect Disguise: Increased additional stat boosts
  • Fair Sight: Increased Basic Damage and Skill Power gained when enemies are Stunned, added Armor, Reality, and Max HP
  • Witch’s Delight: Increased Skill Power and Reality lost for enemies, added Armor, Reality, and Max HP

Flynn Rider

  • Max HP, Basic Damage, and Skill Power increased
  • Roguish Strike: Increased Damage
  • Thief’s Opportunity: Increased damage, decreased cooldown
  • The Smolder: Decreased initial cooldown
  • Done Deal: Increased Basic Damage amount lost for enemies and additional stat increases
  • Street Smart: Increased Max HP and Basic Damage to Yellow Team allies, added Skill Power, Armor, and Reality
  • Cozy Light: Increased Skill Power and Armor, added Reality


  • Max HP, Basic Damage, and Skill Power increased
  • Push Your Luck: Increased Damage range
  • Llama Drama: Increased Damage, decreased cooldown
  • Scary Beyond All Reason: Increased Debuff Duration, decreased cooldown
  • Wardrobe Change: Increased Splash Damage and additional stat boosts
  • Vile Vial: Increased Armor and Armor lost by Cursed enemies, added Reality and Max HP
  • Bad News: Increased Basic Damage and Skill Power, added Armor, Reality, and Max HP


  • Core Stats

    • Increased Max HP
    • Increased Basic Damage
    • Increased Skill Power
    • Sally now gains an increased amount of Energy from her Basic Attacks and Skills
  • Deadly Nightshade

    • Increased Fantastic Damage dealt every second for each stack of “Poison”
    • Increased the maximum amount of stacks of “Poison”
    • Increased Fantastic Damage dealt per stack of “Poison” to poisoned enemies
  • Frog’s Breath

    • Increased Fantastic Damage dealt
    • Increased the amount of stacks of “Poison” applied to enemies with this Skill
    • Reduced cooldown
  • Something in the Wind

    • Increased HP gained
    • Increased the toxic cloud duration
    • Reduced the cooldown for Sally to apply stacks of Poison to enemies within range with this Skill
  • Stronger than She Seams

    • Increased Max HP received from this Skill
  • Fog Juice

    • Reduced the cooldown for Sally to reduce incoming damage and release a toxic cloud
    • Increased the damage dealt per second with the toxic cloud
    • Increased the damage reduction percentage
    • Reduced the cooldown for Sally to apply stacks of “Poison” to enemies within the toxic cloud
    • Increased Basic Damage
    • Increased Skill Power
    • Increased Reality
  • Corpse Flower

    • Increased Reality provided to Tank Heroes on Sally’s team
    • Increased Reality provided to Sally and allies
  • Trouble Brewing

    • Increased the amount of stacks of “Poison” that Sally applies with her Basic Attacks
    • Increased bonus damage to “Deadly Nightshade” per stack of “Poison”
    • This Memory Disk now provides Armor to Sally and her allies
    • This Memory Disk now provides Reality to Sally and her allies
    • This Memory Disk now provides Max HP to Sally and her allies


Changes to Emerald Rank

Thank you all for the feedback on the initial launch of Emerald Rank. We’ve read through everything you’ve shared with us so far and we’re excited to announce the following changes to the Feature!

  • Ambition is being removed
    • There will no longer be an effective hard reset of Level Scaling stats when Heroes reach Emerald Rank
  • All Heroes will be assigned to Tier 1 Emerald Stats
    • This ensures that all Heroes are gaining the best stats from the new Rank
  • All Tier 1 Emerald Stats are getting buffed
    • Tenacity + Evasion are getting buffed from 50 to 90
    • Normal + Fantastic Crit are getting buffed from 90 to 100
    • Armor + Reality Negation are getting buffed from 50 to 75
    • Crit Damage is getting buffed from 50 to 75
  • Info about Ambition has been removed from the Emerald Rank How-to-Play

Please note that there will still be some old UI and Info about Emerald visible in the game. The most notable one being the effectiveness breakdown of Level Scaling Stats on the Detailed Stats screen. Now that Ambition is removed the effectiveness of a Hero’s Level Scaling Stats no longer depend on the Rank of your opponent so you should see that these are identical now. We’re planning to clean this stuff up in a future update.

We think these changes hit the majority of the feedback we saw about the feature and we’re excited to see what you think once they go live! These were the changes that we could make on a short timeline but we’re still looking into other topics that were discussed and may make additional improvements to the feature in future updates. Please continue to give us your feedback and patience while we work to make Emerald Rank the best it can be.

New Guild Perk Levels

Besides adding the next batch of War Car perks, we’ve added more levels to other already existing guild perks to keep them relevant and exciting! Please note that some of these perks may have extra levels that unlock with later Team Level raises.

As a reminder, at the start of every new war season, there will be 5 more levels added to each Car perk (1-6) and 1 added level to the Guild Influence Storage perk. To help guilds who were not able to purchase these perks during the previous season, the previous batch of Car Bonus Guild Perks will decrease in Guild Influence cost. We will be making these Car War perk additions through 2024.

  • War Car Perks
    • Added 5 levels to Car Bonus 1-6, starting from Car perk levels 22 to 26
    • Added 1 more level for the Guild Influence Storage perk
    • Reduced previous batch of War Car Perks cost down by 80%
  • Guild Level 1
    • Added 8 levels to Stamina Storage perk from 5 to 12
    • Added 6 levels to Skill Point Storage perk from 5 to 10
  • Guild Level 2
    • Added 1 more level to Guild Influence Storage perk
  • Guild Level 3
    • Added 2 levels to Skill Upgrade Discount perk from 4 to 5
    • Added 2 levels to Diamond Crate Gold perk from 4 to 5
    • Added 2 levels to Team XP Catch Up perk from 8 to 9
    • Added 1 more level to Guild Influence Storage perk
  • Guild Level 4
    • Added 2 levels to Increase Stamina Quest perk from 4 to 5
    • Added 8 levels to 2x Drop Chapters perk from 23 to 30
    • Added 5 levels to Extra Skill Help perk from 5 to 9
    • Added 3 levels to Extra Stamina Help perk from 3 to 5
  • Guild Level 5
    • Added 2 levels to Guild Crate XP perk from 4 to 5
    • Added 8 levels to 2x Drop Elite perk from 23 to 30
  • Guild Check-In
    • Added 7 levels to the 10th Person Extra Stamina perk from 4 to 10
    • Added 2 levels to the 40th Person Extra Stamina perk from 4 to 5
  • Mercenaries
    • Added 5 levels to the Reduced Hire Cost perk from 4 to 8
  • Invasion
    • Added 6 levels to the Breaker Quick Fights perk from 5 to 10
    • Added 2 levels to the Boss Quick Fights perk from 4 to 5
  • Guild Contests
    • Added 8 levels to the Stamina Storage perk from 5 to 12
    • Added 6 levels to the Skill Point Storage perk from 5 to 10
  • Merchants
    • Added 2 levels to the Discount perks of the following shops, from 4 to 5:
      • City Watch
      • Arena
      • Coliseum
      • Surge
      • Heist
      • War

Display Remaining “Paid Resets” for Trial Events
Added additional UI to display remaining “Paid Resets” for Trial Events.

A Video Game Day Trial?! What could that be? Better keep a lookout on September 7th…

Bug Fixes

Please note that we’re continuing to implement fixes for hero skills, and app performance. If you know of any in-game bugs, please submit a support ticket.

  • Resolved Fozzie’s Green Skill Loop by adjusting it’s Cooldown from 2 seconds to 4 seconds
  • Fixed issue where “Saved Lineups” weren’t graying out current Heroes
  • Fixed an issue were numbers weren’t getting comma separated for localized languages

September Shop Refresh

Heroes will appear in Shops after they refresh on August 31st.

New Hero Locations and Content Adjustments

Please note the heroes in the Elite Campaign have been slightly adjusted.

Existing Heroes

  • Pegasus is the next Battle Pass Hero!
  • Kermit replaces Sisu in the City Watch Shop
  • Sadness replaces Judy Hopps in the Surge Shop
  • Hades replaces Shank in the Arena Shop
  • Maleficent replaces Fairy Godmother in the Coliseum Shop
  • Megara replaces Kevin Flynn in the Heist Shop
  • Animal replaces Stitch in the War Shop

Additional Changes after September 5th

  • Sally is the next Challenger Season Hero!
  • Anna replaces Olaf in the Heist Shop
  • Olaf is returned to the Elite Campaign

Servers 1 & 13 Update

  • Chapter 2: “Fishing Line” Update!
    • Ralph, Fairy Godmother, Frozone, Vanellope, and Mrs. Incredible
  • Chapter 8: “Stage Line” Update!
    • Violet, Mr Incredible, Shank, Rocketeer, Calhoun, and Chief Bogo
  • Chapter 9: “Counter Line” Update!
    • Jasmine, Buzz, Calhoun, Scrooge McDuck, and Shank
  • Chapter 14: “Top Line” Update!
    • Baymax, Eeyore, and Olaf
  • Chapter 16: ”Unfinished Business” Update!
    • Scar, King Triton, Shank, and Genie
  • Chapter 23: “Lamp Light” Update!
    • Anger, Rafiki, Beast, and Kevin Flynn
  • Chapter 36: “Just Beachy” Update!
    • Powerline, Madam Mim, Stitch, Manticore, and Disgust
  • Chapter 40: “The Portal Room” Update!
    • Li Shang, Donald Duck, Ian Lightfoot, Judy Hopps, and Slinky Dog
  • Chapter 42: “Servers Up” Update!
    • Slinky Dog, Basil, Go Go, Demona, Judy Hopps, Kim Possible, and “Lock, Shock, and Barrel”
  • Chapter 43: “Sun’s Out…” Update!
    • Demona, “Simba and Nala”, Gadget Hackwrench, Sisu, “Russell and Kevin”, and “Kristoff and Sven”
  • Chapter 44: “Day At The Park” Update!
    • Gadget Hackwrench, Sisu, Clawhauser, Robin Hood, and Winnie The Pooh
  • Chapter 46: “Dead Ends” Update!
    • Shego, “Chip and Dale”, Sisu, Hamm, Flynn Rider, and Swedish Chef
  • Chapter 64: “City Cinder” Update!
    • Alice, Kevin Flynn, Milo Thatch, Pleakley, Yzma, and Captain Hook
  • Chapter 68: “Cooking Servers” Update!
    • Agent P, The Mayor, Stitch, Meilin Lee, and Shan Yu

Servers 21 & 25 Update

  • Chapter 10: “Park Line” Update!
    • Mike Wazowski, Fairy Godmother, Maui, and Ursula
  • Chapter 12: “Data Line” Update!
    • Shank, Mickey Mouse, Mr. Incredible, and Scar
  • Chapter 13: “Bottom Line” Update!
    • Jack Skellington, Ursula, Duke Caboom, and Olaf
  • Chapter 16: “Unfinished Business” Update!
    • Alice, Carl, Megavolt, “Ducky and Bunny”, Hector Barbossa, Kevin Flynn, and Joy
  • Chapter 17: “Hacker Station” Update!
    • Hector Barbossa, Kevin Flynn, Yzma, Belle, Darkwing Duck, Kronk, and Esmeralda
  • Chapter 23: “Lamp Light” Update!
    • Gizmoduck, Powerline, “Linguini and Remy”, Donald Duck, Colette, Captain Amelia, and Stitch
  • Chapter 26: “Theater Crowd” Update!
    • Fred Frederickson, Jafar, Megavolt, Judy Hopps, Cheshire Cat, and Daisy Duck
  • Chapter 27: “Snow Yourself” Update!
    • Gonzo, Madam Mim, Kim Possible, Judy Hopps, Li Shang, and Ian Lightfoot
  • Chapter 28: “Theatrics” Update!
    • “Timon and Pumbaa”, Stitch, Barley Lightfoot, Belle, Ian Lightfoot, “Lock, Shock, and Barrel”, and Slinky Dog
  • Chapter 30: “Reflections” Update!
    • Slinky Dog, Demona, Moana, Sisu, Barley Lightfoot, and “Kristoff and Sven”
  • Chapter 31: “Never, Never” Update!
    • “Hank and Dory”, “Mr. Big and Koslov”, Tigger, Sisu, “Russell and Kevin”, and Jumba
  • Chapter 46: “Dead Ends” Update!
    • MagicaDe Spell, The Underminer, Demona, Sisu, Hamm, and Moana
  • Chapter 47: “Dune and Gloom” Update!
    • Scrooge McDuck, Shank, Quorra, Clawhauser, and Swedish Chef
  • Chapter 51: “About The Oasis” Update!
    • Sulley, EVE, Pacha, Fairy Godmother, Queen of Hearts, and Belle
  • Chapter 55: “The Oasis” Update!
    • Buzz, Mike Wazowski, hector Barbossa, Agent P, Olaf, and Kevin Flynn

Heroes will not appear in Shops until they refresh.

This is a full app and server update that is currently planned for Tuesday, September 5th, 2023.


Well… that was unexpected for me… nice to see more Disney show characters


I’m just happy Rose has a friendship campaign with Jake, because he’s her boyfriend.


Fantastic! More TV characters are always welcome.

What do you mean 6? Incredibles alone has 9 characters.
And it’s really all the refreshes too?

Thank you pb. Thank you for listening.


That’s useful. Thanks, never knew before how much left.

Something exciting! I hope we will be able to get steampunk border, finally! Please…

Now all what left is Hercules and Anna.


Fantastic update!


Thx samm for the update, you did a good job

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This is really a nice update to get, so thank you to the team


Surprise patch note!

You tricky people you.



No way Another American Dragon Jake long yes it’s his girlfriend


Waldorf: Say, she just came in out of blue. How did she do that?

Statler: Like any ninja, she probably uses some kind of smoke screen, like this.

(A puff a smoke envelopes around Statler. When the smoke clears, Statler was gone)

Waldorf: Well, that’s probably how she did it.

Statler: (Suddenly appears behind Waldorf startling him) Guess so.


Ok this one… actually sounds really promising

Don’t care too much about the refreshes this time, but some of those guild perks sound great and emerald should at the very least always be worth it now… and probably very good for a lot of heroes

Oh and Rose is nice


You mean The Perblue Team? Samm isn’t the only one who works on this game


Yeah I meant the perblue team my bad


Top shelf update!

Along with this though, is there a possibility you can add the ability to make a saved lineup in the main hero screen? It’d be easier, for me at least to have a look at my heroes and select exactly who I want with ease.


Omg… omg… I really hope this will be fixed. It was frustrating reading numbers high as 850B.


Really got your brain moving to read all those numbers


It was basically like this…


Then you miss one and either he deals an additional billion or he’s weak :sob: commas are genuinely the only thing that keeps communication going

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I’m glad that Jake and his girlfriend having friendship with each other


Wow. Wasn’t expecting that.

I highly doubt it’s sora, because of square enix(prove me wrong, I don’t know if it’s possible or not). It might be a character from a movie that was based from video games(wreck it Ralph, Tron, etc.)

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