Update 5.7 Patch Notes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Update 5.7

Welcome to the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode 5.7 Update! This release features Shere Khan, plus a number of improvements and bug fixes.


  • New! Shere Khan from Disney’s The Jungle Book

Shere Khan

Shere Khan is a Front-Line “Damage” Hero on the Blue team. Shere Khan will be available in the Prize Wall starting December 11th.

New Debuff! - Corruption

Corruption is a new Debuff being added to the game that is exclusive to Shere Khan! Corruption stops a unit from Healing past a certain percentage of their Max HP.


Ruthless Swipe
Shere Khan swipes at the closest enemy, dealing True Damage to that enemy and those nearby. Enemies hit also gain stacks of Corruption and are Cursed for a few seconds.

+True Damage

Nightmare Roar

Shere Khan becomes invisible for a duration. When this happens all enemies are Scared and take Fantastic Damage per second for a duration.

When Shere Khan becomes visible again he Distracts the nearest enemies for a few seconds

+Fantastic Damage

Hunter’s Prowl

Shere Khan begins to prowl, Cleansing and granting himself stacks of Hardy. For the following seconds, Shere Khan’s Basic Attacks deals bonus True Damage, apply stacks of Corruption, and Curse for a duration.

Any time Shere Khan uses a stack of Hardy, he and his Allies Heal for a percentage of their Max HP

+True Damage

Cruel Resilience

When Shere Khan reaches a percentage of his Max HP, he Cleanses himself, Heals some HP, and goes Invisible for a few seconds. Shere Khan can do this once every few seconds after a Cooldown.

Shere Khan can cast “Cruel Resilience” even if he is Stunned, Silenced, or Frozen.


Claws of Destruction

Anytime Shere Khan goes Invisible he applies stacks of Corruption to all enemies.

Shere Khan deals Bonus Damage to Corrupted enemies, and takes Reduced Damage from Corrupted enemies.

While Invisible from any source, Shere Khan gains Movement and Attack Speed and Heals for a percentage of his Max HP per second. Shere Khan’s Basic Attacks also deal bonus Fantastic Damage and grants Extra Energy.

Enemies are considered to be Corrupted if they have at least one stack of Corruption.

+Reality +Armor +bonus True Damage to “Ruthless Swipe”

Battle Badge

  • Charge Condition: Curse is applied to enemies
  • Stat Buff: +Basic Damage
  • Lineup Buff: +Skill Power per Damage Ally
  • Effect Buff: Berserk


  • Scar
  • Bagheera


  • Campaign quick fighting
    • Unfortunately needs to be pushed out due to stability issues
  • Use X functionality for stamina consumables
    • A slider has been added to stamina consumables to open up to max on hand all at once
    • This feature does not apply to premium stamina consumables
  • Updated Patch Season 14 enemy hero pool to no longer include certain heroes preventing 3-star completion
  • Changes to friendship campaign difficulty
    • With new hero refreshes, we’ve noticed a spike in campaign friendship difficulty
    • As a temporary fix to disproportionate power within this mode, we have decreased the max rarity of enemy heroes to a cap of Orange+0
    • We’ve also made adjustments to allow all 5 heroes in a friendship campaign to be chosen from each battle
      • for example, players may choose to use a full lineup of Kevin Flynn, Hector Barbossa, Merida, Vanellope, and Mrs. Incredible in the “Number One Princess” Friendship Campaign
    • Friend stamina caps and regen rates have been raised
    • Amount of times you can purchase friend stamina with diamonds per day have been raised
  • Banning certain problem heroes from campaign enemy pool
  • Memory Disk quick swap for chat sparring
    • Tap-and-hold functionality to swap memory disks for chat sparring has been added for ease of use
  • New Guild Perks
    • Added 5 levels to Car Bonuses 1-6
    • Added 1 level for the Guild Influence Storage perk
    • We reduced the cost of the previous 3 batches of perks by 80%
  • Streamlined raid all reward window
    • Raid all reward window no longer shows every raid, but instead compiles all rewards into one

Bug Fixes

Please note that we’re continuing to implement fixes for hero skills, and app performance. If you know of any in-game bugs, please submit a support ticket.

  • Fixed a visual bug where heroes are defeated, but don’t disappear from the screen
  • Updated VIP 3 Perk wording to match functionality regarding PvP cooldowns
  • Resolved a visual issue where stat percentages displayed 0% for heroes below Emerald rarity

Winter Events

We are so excited to announce some information about this winter’s upcoming events! Starting on December 15th lasting up to January 7th, get your heroes ready for some fun throughout the city! Events will include, but are not limited to:

  • Wintery Weekend Trials every weekend, with an end of the year flair!
  • Olaf Campaign Trial revealing a brand new cosmetic border, Elsa costume threads, and a surprise extra cosmetic border?!
  • A special invasion AND trial event to start off the New Year!
  • Double drops, bonus buys, discounts, special crates, giveaways and more!

This is a full app update planned for next week, date to be announced.


Finally after years of waiting we get Shere Khan!! And with a new debuff!! Friendships are also a 10/10


Uh oh. Looks like we have another villain, Shere Khan.


Missed opportunity to put Tigger or Jasmine…Would have loved to see their interactions! Though glad scar was chosen! That sounds like fun lol


Isn’t this just curse, but weaker, especially as with talents curse blocks all healing too, no matter the enemy’s HP.

And still no Mowgli
And still no Oliver & Dodger

We’re still getting one more hero this year, or as the next prize wall would start 01/01.

Well, this sounds too easy, but actually, it will allow new players to get these too, so it is ok.




Elsa COSTUME? Woah.

Sounds good.

Lastly, snow will be added to the main screen, can’t see this info? @TheGrillFather


Two great additions! And will overall increase the flow of the game massively.

Though this seems a little much? I would still like friendship campaigns to be tough not too easy.


Super excited for the disk change for chat spar option! Thank you!

Sounds like Khan will be counter to Eda.


Cool! Shere Khan join the battle! 5th characters from The Jungle Book series, last time of seen in The Jungle Book 2, trap in giant head stone around lava lake.

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i can´t wait to get new character!!!


Shere Khan’s Prize Wall will run for an extended period.



I wasn’t expecting Shere Khan but I’m glad we got another villain


This means no? So no new hero until… February?



I’m not a graphic artist, but Shere Khan’s eyes look slightly off; maybe one of his pupils needs to be adjusted slightly? Anyway, setting that aside, he does have an interesting skill set, though it looks like it might be game-breakingly OP. I guess time will tell. His friendships are… obvious, but probably entertaining, even if I would have preferred to see Kaa as one of his friends.

My main worry in this regard is heroes with patches that allow them to pretty much stay invisible for the entire battle, since the only Ducktales hero with Precise is Donald, and that requires so many basic attacks to trigger that he’ll probably never use it in the trials.

Well, maybe; the numbers are so out of whack now that some heroes can still wipe out opponents at Emerald rank while they’re still on Orange ranks. It’s a good initial attempt, and maybe it’ll do the job.

As drastic as this measure is, it might be for the best; there’s a few heroes that one might not expect to cause problems that might need to be considered as well, such as Simba & Nala, whose initial charm can cause problems.

This is a very welcome change; thanks!

These all sound promising, especially the special invasion. And while I know we’ve had a Frozen-themed trial before, I think there’s still a lot of comedic potential yet to be mined with Olaf; maybe the Frozen heroes can interact with some of the newer heroes in this trial. (I’d love to see Eda’s reaction to Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven…)

Also, on a slightly-related note as this is the sort of change usually announced in Patch Notes: Was the Delayed Arrival sabotage removed from the pool of available Guild War sabotages a couple of updates ago? I don’t recall seeing it during the past two seasons, and wasn’t sure if it was just less common now or if it’s gone altogether.

EDIT: Upon re-reading my comment, this does seem more negative than I actually feel about the update; it’s less that I’m unhappy with it than my reactions to much of it range from “cautiously optimistic” to “wary but curious”.


Isn’t it supposed to be 3 weeks like the other prize wall heroes?


It is 2 weeks, with 1 week gap.


That is not at all the case! Prize Walls typically run for 2 weeks. We are extending that time. It has no effect on the release of the new hero afterwards, because we will be entering a new release cadence in 2024. As of now, we are aiming for late January.


Thank you for the full Jungle Book team!


It’s not full yet because Mowgli and those birds are still missing


Then that means Shere Khan is the last hero of the year

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Thank you so much @TheGrillFather and the rest of the team!!!
ONE OF THE BEST PATCH NOTES EVER!!! :tada::tada::tada:

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