War matchups are fatally flawed

Why are we getting top 3 on server and in legendary in war matches when we are at #2 in gold league? This is unacceptable and again we won’t hit legendary 3rd month in a row.This system causes people and teams to outright quit.I lost 2 good players this last month cause it’s a losing battle to even try . Either fix the system or cap the top guilds for power.


The system has been flawed for quite some time now. Unfortunetly, attention towards it is mostly not long-lasting.

If you want to see how I would fix it, you can look at a topic I made on this problem:

sadly, perblue can’t really make any money off of guild war, so I think that’s part of the reason why they ignore it. Just keep going, y’all will be fine.

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We are matched against teams with high MMR but are now dying or only have 25 members. It needs an overhaul for sure.

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I’m just gonna say this that whenever we get to matchmake with a guild with higher power than the low powered guild, we tend to get overpowered and there’s no fair fight and match here. Not only that, but ppl tend to leave the red heroes to go with their weaker heroes and it unbalances the lineup resulting locking ppl with less power out and/or preventing them from attacking in war or in other words, not allowing ppl to participate in war by not attacking other than sabotaging. I know I had this problem before and I said that not participating and not attacking in war will not let or allow us to win in war and hit legendary rank before the war season ends. All I know is that make guild war a fair fight and match by matching up the guilds within same or lower MMR and not to mention same or lower guild overall power too.

From the Dev Q&A this past December:

We’ve taken a lot of time in the past 2 years to look at Guild War matchmaking, and I’m sorry to say that we’re out of low hanging fruit or even medium sized changes that would make a positive impact on this. There’s a lot of technical challenges we would need to overcome. However, that doesn’t mean we’re giving up! It just means we may need to think more outside-the-box.

I doubt we’ll see any attempts to address this problem for quite some time, since (1) it only affects a few hundred players per server, (2) given the lack of responses to this topic and Lucas1999’s topic, it’s not considered an urgent matter by players anyway, and (3) whether or not it’s ever corrected will have minimal impact on how much money PerBlue gets.

Personally, I’d like to see some further suggestions from players about how to address the problem, so that maybe the developers at PerBlue might see something they think is worth trying. Previously I’ve suggested having guilds that reach Legendary play against other Legendary guilds as much as possible, which I still think could work even if it’s a bit clunky; I’m also wondering if it might be possible to adjust the formula for MMR so that fights against guilds with at least 50% more total power would result in a greater change in a guild’s MMR than normal.

While that would solve the problems with MMR matchmaking, as well as potentially making guild contests less prone to being dominated by the same 5 guilds, I really, really hate the idea of PerBlue restricting who can join which guild.

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I refuse to believe that they absolutely cannot come up with a better system that doesn’t fundamentally prevent half the top 10 guilds per server reaching Legendary every season. Tons of ideas have been suggested before. :thinking:

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Well can’t and aren’t willing are two things I guess. As @Jody_Caviness explained above, it would not bring PB more money in any way.

And they’re a business after all…

true, but some of the suggestions offered should be as simple as adding a few lines of code to the algorithm, and since War is the only interesting guild mode it would be a huge benefit to the players affected - moreso than any kind of hero management UI changes that are having time spent on them

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Yes, but given points 1 & 2 that I mentioned, I expect PerBlue doesn’t think it’s very important to the playerbase. Maybe if players mentioned it more in the forums or voted for “war” en masse for the next poll, that would change, though I suspect most players affected by the shortcomings of MMR are just resigned to it by now.

And I’m sure one of the reasons (if not the main reason) why the developers don’t want to try one of the proposed solutions that would require changing or adding a few lines of code is that they’re worried about what problems that change could cause. Though I really doubt having Legendary guilds fight only other Legendary guilds could cause worse problems than what we’re experiencing now.


Regardless this kills morale in the mid power guilds .We used to be able to get legendary but now with this flawed process,we get first, second,third then 4th in legendary when we are only in gold designation.I see 2 guilds in Platinum and challenger fighting each other and they then have a Chance to reach legendary. This happens and lost 2 long time members as well as top player to another guild. Cap the top guilds or change algorithms to not fight said order all in a row and 2 times each cycle.We have 0 chance too progress.


Another easier solution is to add code that when teams reach legendary the lower designations would not have to battle these top guilds to get to legendary.So otherwise get there and done except fighting within that designation cause they are already there.Fighting #1,#2,#3,#4 on server and in war in a row is not acceptable and of the 4 teams we could best 3 are ranked above us and 1 in legendary.


I like how war matches are made, based on MMR. Understand MMR, and you will understand how war matches are made. What I don’t like about war are the prizes, basically the same prizes since the beginning of the game. It’s almost like why bother with war, so much effort for so little reward.

I understand algorithms and regardless of understanding,a guild in gold designation should not be fighting 12345 power guilds on server in that order…10 days no chance specially after we start the season the same way…it is flawed and is not conducive to fairness nor quality experience.


Or like I said in other post, they just need to decrease requirement to reach legendary. If it is 5, not 7, things will be easier for EVERYONE!

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you could also look into spreading the power of top guilds to other lower guilds so the disparity between guilds are not too great. meaning restricting guilds having too much high powered players hence giving room for upsets …

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Would love a response from PB for a logical reason that guilds with lower mmrs are getting more rewards than guilds with higher mmr. A flawed match making system is to blame. The system is literally rewarding rng rather than actual power or strategy. Please fix this system.

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I don’t know how the matchmaking works but seriously, there needs to be some change on this. There is no reasons for our guild to face stronger ones 3 TIMES IN A ROW!!! That’s just simply horrible!!!

We are 30th+, yet we faced 20th then 15th (lost to strong guild and faced a stronger guild later, are you kidding me???) and now 17th???

What in the world is this??? How on earth can we win???

Also, the guilds we face are the same month after month after month! We barely face any one new. How is that possible??? @Polaris, do you guys set the opponent before then issue them to us? I feel like we are being dealt the most horrible cards here, with zero consideration to us players!

I always thought the war matchups were kind of set by power at the start of the month.
In theory there should be 6 or 7 wars between repeats. Teams in the top 4 are likely to have to fight the top 8 teams over and over again all war season unless there are top guilds that sit out some wars.

Which puts 4th to 8th placed guilds in a terrible position.

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