5.3 Delayed

Hey, everyone! Just a quick note here that the 5.3 update is being pushed back 2 weeks to give our team extra time to wrap up development for the new Emerald Rarity. We are so excited to introduce the new rarity to you!


What will happen with patch season 9 and 10?
Like, there will be a small update instead for refreshes and season 10?


Who is joining in 5.3?!


So for the bad side we aren’t going to have a 5.3 update until August 22 (approximately)

The good side is the new rarity comes in 5.3 update.

The weird side is… What’s going to happen to next patch Season (already spoiled by accident 2 times)?


Appreciate the note

Although just to echo what we have already mentioned many many times, we are definitely not excited for Emerald


No, you’re not. Others are…


Well isnt someone a grumpy goose


Delayed?! You gotta be kidding


Or refreshes heroes that does the same things or are so high on defense that you time out.


My entire life is Disney Heroes so I’m a little sad but the employees deserve a break!

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So, what will Update 5.3 have? Could you just announce it with the delayed installation?

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Most likely the next prize wall hero after Pegasus.

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I don’t know what you’re saying, but this is going to be a very huge update, and someone is going to bring in the scrunch gif, or the suspicious Louie gif for this…

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I meant I thought we were gonna get it today

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It all comes back to planning
But what do we know?

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No A lot of people thought we were gonna get it today and I just went along with it

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I predict that new heroes should also come to the Battle Pass. Here is the rotation!

Prize Wall Rotation

Prize Wall —> IAP Exclusive —> Challenger Rewards —> VIP Crate —> Diamond Crate —> Elite Campaign/Gold Crate

Battle Pass Rotation

Battle Pass —> Contest Rewards —> Guild Crate —> Coliseum/Arena/City Watch Crate —> Elite Campaign/Gold Crate

New Characters
• Kuzco (The Emperor’s New Groove) (available as the September Battle Pass Hero)
• Bing Bong (Inside Out) (available as the next challenger hero)
• Mirabel (Encanto) (available in the next prize wall)

• Pegasus —> IAP exclusive
• Negaduck —> VIP Crate
• Tiana —> Diamond Crate
• Phoebus and Statler & Waldorf —> Elite Campaign
• Sweetums —> Contest Rewards
• Cogsworth & Lumiere —> Guild Crate
• Monkey Fist —> City Watch Crate
• Abu —> Elite Campaign

  • Anna —> Elite Campaign
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No prediction needed

Someone else has done the rotations for the last 6 months

Also, these are wrong



We are only 1 week into Y30, but you thought we should be getting E0 today (three full weeks earlier than a normal cap raise)…?

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Can’t read Update 5.2.02 for yourself and see that next Patch season is still coming on August 8…?

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