Agent P - Perry The Platypus Concept

Perry The Platypus (Agent P)

Description: Perry uses his egg laying mammal action, OWCA training and his beaver tail and duck bill to stop any Creeps

Stars) :star:
Role) Damage
Position) Front
Team) Red


Entrance) Perry jumps into the field from his jetpack into his classic pose

Victory) Perry chatters and smiles

Defeat) Perry takes off his fedora and assumes his regular Platypus appearance

Quote) “Chatters”


Basic attack) Perry punches closest enemies

White skill) Furry Fists Of Fury
Normal damage

Perry punches the closest foes to him twice, dealing X damage with each punch. The enemies are then knocked back for long distance and are stunned for 10 seconds

Green skill) OWCA Ray Gun
Fantastic damage
Perry uses his quick witted mind to pull out a OWCA Ray Gun and blasts the enemy with the least HP multiple times, damaging them for X damage and studying them with each blast

Blue skill) Poisonous Ankle Barb

Normal damage
Every few seconds, Perry dodges an enemy’s basic attack and counter kicks them by swinging from a rope in the air, studying them

Purple skill) Fedora-Wearing Fighter
Whenever a studied enemy attacks Perry, he steals 20 of their energy

Red skill) Semi-Aquatic Secret Agent
Perry gains energy when he crits a studied enemy. Every few attacks, his attack speed also increases by 15%, +10 for every Control enemy


  • Perry The Platypus/Kim Possible
    Allies: Darkwing Duck, Nick Wilde, Basil
    Campaign: “Keep It Undercover”
    Description: Perry and Kim use their secret agent skills together to outsmart Creeps
    Disk: Baseball Naco Launcher
    Whenever Perry uses OWCA Ray Gun, he also freezes the enemy with nacho cheese for 5 seconds and removes all debuffs from himself
    +It also slows the enemy for 10 seconds
    +X basic damage

  • Perry The Platypus/Gizmoduck
    Allies: Scrooge McDuck, Phineas & Ferb, Hiro Hamada
    Campaign: “Bird Technologies”
    Description: Gizmoduck approaches Perry for help on crime fighting technology from OWCA
    Disk: McDuck Funding
    Whenever Perry gains energy, he also goes Invisible for 3 seconds and his max damage increases by 10%
    +Perry is immune to studies while Invisible
    +He can attack through enemy Invisiblity while Invisible

Hero Mastery Collections

  • Damage

Don’t forget to check out my Doofenshmirtz concept, I had to do Perry after Doof, I mean they go in hand in hand, I have had so much fun doing this, let me know how I can improve my writing and abilities though, I appreciate any and all feedback. I’ll prolly do some other Disney TV characters next. Avenger out, peace!

Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated!


I don’t have an issue with this (Free Advertisement!), but next time please ask if you do this again. Just I know beforehand.

Sure Pass The Gravy, my apologies. If I ever do plug yours, (And I most likely will, yours are amazing!) I’ll ask first :sweat_smile::+1:


Sorry to bump this. I have updated this to have my own P&F concept included as one of Perry’s allies for his friendship campaign. This concept and Doof will be reworked very soon.

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