Are there going to be Star Wars characters added to the game in the future?

Hello, I just want to know if Star Wars is in this game’s future. I love Star Wars and I would love to see Luke or Han or Rey battle with the rest of the characters in n the game. Thank you so much!!

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No. There will not be any Star Wars characters added to the game.

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i hope they do it will be amazing!

It’s still got disney and pixar only. That one is unlikely


During the Dev Q&A this question was asked. Here is the given answer:


I would like Mavel characters.

I hope they do.only the new ones though.

In fact, if you want star wars characters,check out my star wars concept series!(not trying to change the topic)

Star wars concept series pt1(poe and BB-8)

Star wars concept series pt2(C3P0 and R2-D2)

Star wars concept series pt3 (kylo ren)

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Dont revive topic.

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Most likely not, though it would be cool

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I though it was 20th of Feb not Feb 2020 maybe

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I understand, but you should’ve gotten a message to the side of your post saying how no one has posted here in 4 years

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so ‘only’ around 9 months old? :stuck_out_tongue:

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